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Monday, October 5, 2015

How do you really inform the uninformed, when they don't care...

I have got a problem. I spend my days keeping myself informed, even listen to CNN in the mornings to see what the uninformed watch, I try to understand their thinking.

Like I said, watch CNN in the morning. At Noon, Tune in to Rush till 3 PM, AT 3 either get Savage or Listen to the night be fore's Mark Levin. I feel I am getting a well rounded stream of info. Not to mention the Internet searches on Drudge.

Some of my relatives, which I will remain unnamed , have drank the whole DAMN  Tanker of Obama Kool-aid, every bit. The other day someone took a picture of a plate of Ice and my cousin remarked that with all the Global warming it would be rare. Come on, give me a break. I have another Cousin in Mass that was buried under snow last winter, I mean buried. How can anyone who endured that Icy Hell even think about warming.

I have thought about engaging them on the issues, but I am wasting my breath. This is the direction our Country is headed and I am frightened for my Kids and really for the Grandkids. I have done my job with them and I think they are educated enough to not buy into crap.

When I write, I enjoy listening to Spotfly, Right now BOSTON is rocking the speakers. Helps me think faster. "The Man I'll Never be".

Deanna is recovering from about with pneumonia, it really drained her but the Anti-Biotic was terrible. She is coming around though and the  good thing is she is hungry.
Well, two posts today, maybe I can get into some kind of rhythm, I need to vent, My Doctor told me I hold too much emotion in, and he is right. I just wish I could get this out more. Like Rush said, It's difficult to inform those that already know...More to follow, Mitch...

The World on Fire, even in Tennessee.

       Even though our President did not consider The  massacre in Oregon a Terror attack, or an attack on Christians. It was. The Shooter telling Christians they were going to see God in 1 second made it clear as crystal, at least to me.

It says in the Bible, that a time will come when Christians will be persecuted for their faith, even to Death. It takes Bravery and Faith when the Shooter has just killed a Christian to stand up and profess their belief, knowing well what was coming. The Shooter took his own life and I have faith he is simmering in Hell, even though he stated he thought the Devil would embrace him, yeah I bet he did.

It is easy to tell somebody to go to Hell, but I am happy to say he is there. I haven't even mentioned his name.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Thoughts from the Chattanooga area, The Fallen Five

Being from Chattanooga. I cannot help but be absolutely furious. The spectre of Terrorism has darkened the skies, It DID happen here.

Chattanooga has had it's 9-11. When events were unfolding, live, Nausea came over me. I saw the Chattanooga Police and Hamilton County Sheriff's Office rush in when everyone else was running away. I even saw my Son on TV as he took more officers in. He is former Swat with HCSO and though he is a Detective, It was all hand s on deck. I am very proud of him.

Today on the news it was announced that Defense Secretary Carter and The Secretary for the Navy are coming to the one month tribute. It is all fine and good, But, The true story, that this was a Muslim's Jihad, Seems to be absent. He targeted the United States Military, period.

He is Dead. It is terrible that 5 UNARMED Military members died. The Commanding Officer of the installation returned fire with a personal weapon, It was talked about that he might have faced military criminal charges but the backlash from the public made that go away.

The Local news, National News. all sidestep the Jihad part of the story. What the Hell are they afraid of. Tell the Truth, Period

Monday, August 10, 2015

How many times Have I WARNED that TERRORISM WAS COMING TO CHATTANOOGA, WELL It has arrived 7/16

                 I am Sorry that I have neglected my writing to my blog. Facebook lures a writer away because everybody is waiting, and you can look on the right hand side and know who will see it right then.

Blogs are long term writing. The readers have to "come across you" or you have to announce like on Facebook that I will be writing further on Blogs and encourage the reader to go  there.

I have neflected many subjects from my Blog, whil
There have been multiple issues that have came up since some of my earlier posts. The problems you expect have fell to the wayside. I am going to take some of the issues and problems each by each and in order of importance.

1. The Terrorist Attacks in Chattanooga. 7/16/15. It is almost impossible to deter a Lone Wolf, But, Of the Check in Gate at the Naval Reserve Center, An Armed Guard, and I am not talking about a side arm, a full M-4 full Automatic rifle would have stopped the entire attack. As soon as it was obvious he was seen charming the Gate, he Security, issued a M-4 could have opened fire on the Mustang and the Threat would have been Eliminated.

As for the Strip Mall on Lee Hwy, Officers could have the M-4s on hand, somewhat secured but could have opened fire and neutralize the Threat. 5 lives would have been saved with a simple armed Guard with 60 rounds available.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

I am coming back

I just decided to get with the program on my blog, so it's coming very shortly. I also read the comments, which for some stupid reason I never knew how to do, so, I will be answering every body and being responsible, you want answers and comments from me so they will be coming, MS has been pretty rough as of late put I am going to fight back, MORE TO COME, Mitch

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Shingles Virus is NEEDED for MS patients and the results (CRAP)

Last week I went to my new Primary Care Provider (PAP) who is fantastic. He is not going to manage my MS but watch me and tell me if I need to go to a Neuro. I brought up do I need a Shingles vaccination or not. He advised me that it was needed because my auto-immune system is in such bad shape. He told me Shingles could cause the MS to escalate and to get it done. Due to the fact that the vaccination goes out of date quickly, he does not do it. I checked with my local pharmacy and they do the injections. I checked with Humana Gold Plus and they do pay for the injection but there is a $ 95.00 copay ! Here we go. I contacted the manufacturer, Merck, and they have a Patient Assistance Program for the vacc. They inj must be given at a Doctor's office and they advised me the closest was the Hamilton County Health Department, 60 miles away. What a Damn Joke. I called Hamilton County and first, you have to be 59, I am 2 years too young. Then they were not aware of the Merck program, they do not accept the insurance and worse, the co-pay there is over $ 255.00. They advised me to go to my pharmacy, when I told them I could not afford $ 95, she said to save my money. The reason because of my urgency is a dear friend just had a severe bought with Shingles and she is only 40, yes 40. Well, I called Merck back and told them they need to remove these useless people from their list. I am not going to sound racist but here is what she implied at the Health Dept.. If I had no insurance and lived in the 4th street projects, living on food stamps and welfare, I could get it free, everyday. I hope Many of my fellow MS'ers read this and pay attention. Get this vaccine, somehow. I am trying to figure out something, just don't know what. This is ridiculous. I pity folks that don't have computer connections and just listen to what these "Government Agencies" have to say. I get the impression that we are simply left to our own devices. I even ask Merck to send it to me, If I can give myself a shot every other day, why can't I pop one more or go to the Drugstore with my own vial. Common sense should come in somewhere. More to come, when I cool off. I wrote this maybe too quick but, I am pissed....Mitch