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Monday, October 5, 2015

How do you really inform the uninformed, when they don't care...

I have got a problem. I spend my days keeping myself informed, even listen to CNN in the mornings to see what the uninformed watch, I try to understand their thinking.

Like I said, watch CNN in the morning. At Noon, Tune in to Rush till 3 PM, AT 3 either get Savage or Listen to the night be fore's Mark Levin. I feel I am getting a well rounded stream of info. Not to mention the Internet searches on Drudge.

Some of my relatives, which I will remain unnamed , have drank the whole DAMN  Tanker of Obama Kool-aid, every bit. The other day someone took a picture of a plate of Ice and my cousin remarked that with all the Global warming it would be rare. Come on, give me a break. I have another Cousin in Mass that was buried under snow last winter, I mean buried. How can anyone who endured that Icy Hell even think about warming.

I have thought about engaging them on the issues, but I am wasting my breath. This is the direction our Country is headed and I am frightened for my Kids and really for the Grandkids. I have done my job with them and I think they are educated enough to not buy into crap.

When I write, I enjoy listening to Spotfly, Right now BOSTON is rocking the speakers. Helps me think faster. "The Man I'll Never be".

Deanna is recovering from about with pneumonia, it really drained her but the Anti-Biotic was terrible. She is coming around though and the  good thing is she is hungry.
Well, two posts today, maybe I can get into some kind of rhythm, I need to vent, My Doctor told me I hold too much emotion in, and he is right. I just wish I could get this out more. Like Rush said, It's difficult to inform those that already know...More to follow, Mitch...

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