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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The way things "really" are.

I spend alot of time listening to talk radio. Not because I am a right wing nut locked in his basement in his underwear. Because, I cannot seem to get enough information about our country, our lives, and our futures.

The main stream media spouts the Obama agenda, the Kalifornia way of life. More money spent equals a better government is their mantra. I remember growing up as a kid, I thought Walter Cronkite, Huntley and Brinkley, and the other guys on ABC were really telling the truth. We only had three channels and I thought they all told the truth. Walter Cronkite was "Uncle Walter", he reminded us all of a family member who knew the truth. Back then I did not even know what a Liberal or a Conservative was. I do remember that when Barry Goldwater was running for President, the Big Three protrayed him as a raving lunatic, and I believed them.

This is the way it was in the late 60's and 70's.

I finally woke up in the early 80's. I was already retired with the MS and was spending alot of time listening to radio. I did not care for some of the music and by a miracle, I stumbled upon AM talk radio. I heard Rush Limbaugh for the first time. I could not believe what I was hearing. You mean to tell me that Bill Clinton is something called a Liberal ? What was a Liberal. I began my education in Government that Maryville High School never touched upon. Even now, As I type this, I am listening to Rush via Inernet Radio, thru some station I have never heard of, What a deal.

Now to the way things Really are.
There is a rebirth of Conservative Government that is going to make 1994 look like Kid's Play. Tha American people have had it and are standing up, speaking out, and will not be denied. Average Americans, who never dreamed about being in Politics, are jumping into the fray. They are average people, they are just like you and me. If I would not get in extreme trouble with Social Security I would run for something, anything. Maybe the Hamilton County School Board, I can see it now, Thurman and Thurmer are going crazy.

The Imaculate Conception of Barrack Hussein Obama caused Americans to think, If he can be President with no experience, I can be a U.S. Senator too. Obama has crammed "stuff" down our throats for 20 months and we are now sick to our stomachs. Americans are going to vomit the residue of Obama's Cram down November 2, right in the faces of Obama and his minions. You know what a Minion is, it is a Demon that assists Satan, at his beckon call. Obama has bowed down to Muslim leaders in the Middle East and turned his back on Israel. Israel is God's chosen people, If you want God's blessing, back Israel. Turn your back on Israel, God will turn his back on you.

We are in a Holy War with Muslims. There is a potential right now for a Mumbai type attack in this country. Is our Government all over these potentials, no. Let's just make nice and they won't hurt us. These people want us Dead, Period. According to the Quarn, ot however they spell it, If you don't convert, you die. There is one solution to this threat. Turn Iran, Afghanistan, Irag, Syria, and a few others, into another Ocean, The Cruise Lines need somewhere new to go anyway.

The Seasoned Citizens, you know, us folks on Social Security, we are the current cash cow for the Obama Administration. Keep taking money away from us, more to spend on Stimulus and Obamacare, which they still have not read.

I pity the less educated of our population. Those Senior who don't know how to negotiate thru the rough waters that you just daily work just to survive. I spend 20 hours a week working on either Medications, Bills, Benefits, and doing other peoples work. When I say other peoples work, correcting mistakes that Doctor's Offices and Fed Ex and other make and they leave it up to you to fix the mess.

I don't have the solution for any of this, but I know, the first step is cleanout the swamp called congress. The rest will follow.

Remember, Listen to Boortz, Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Thompson, and Karl Rove.

More to Come, Have to go work on some problems that someone else caused.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Erlanger North Er Problems

On August 19, My wife flipped our Jeep Cherokee on the W Road. Thank God she was not injured. She drifted off the right shoulder and over corrected, striking the rock wall and then flippling. She was not entrapped but could not get out of the vehicle on her own. Walden's Ridge Emergency Service (WRES) responded and Jody Clift and another member went inside and cut her down.My Sincere Thanks for these gentlemen. When I arrived, she was sitting on the gaurdrail, shaken but no cuts and bruises. Regardless of her appearance, she could have suffered some internal injuries and myself and other family members thought she should be checked out. She refused an ambulance ride because we were about 5 minutes from Erlanger North and she did not want the added expense.

When we arrived at Erlanger North we informed the lady at the counter that she had been thru a rollover. She did not show any sign of concern. There was no Triage, no pre qualification, just have a seat and we will be with you. The waiting room had several patients ahead of her, even though you would think a rollover might move her up thru the Triage System. She waited and waited, watching the "patients" ahead of her. Most were complaining of back pain, others anxiety. They exhibited systoms of withdrawal, extreme sweating, agitated and such were obvious. We watched as the steady parade of patients entered an came out rather quickly with a script in hand. One Anxiety patient, after one hour, started cussing and stormed out of building, I am sure to enter the traffic flow with a pre set case of road rage.

One patient was so alarming, my daughter in law called my son, a Hamilton County Deputy and had a Deputy dispatched to the Hospital. He was standing outside and beating his chest like Tarzan. When we left, the same Deputy was still talking to this gentlemen. After 3 hours, Deanna was called back to see a Doctor. This man was a wreck, totally overwhelmed. He was in the room maybe 2 minutes. He listened to her chest and when Deanna commented on the groups outside as drug seekers, he said "Yes, he knew". Deanna was discharged and that was it.

No security was visible execept for an elderly black man in uniform without a weapon and really he did not stay around much. The news shows shootings at Hospitals on a regular basis, These individuals do pose a risk and my wife and family felt at risk. This was Erlanger's responsibility, to provide a safe environment for patients and workers alike.They have failed.

After my wife communticated all this to me, I tried to wade thru the maze of upper management, to find someone to complain to. Finally I got a name , Mickey Lilitta. I called his number 2 times and his secretary stated he wasn't in the office much, to try his cell. One eveing about 4:45 PM I contacted Mr Lilitta on his cell, he advised he would be home in about 15 minutes and would call me then. No Call. I have tried sveral times to contact Lilitta or just someone to listen to me.

I now have the bills, so far.$ 350.00 from Erlanger and $548.00 from Emergency Physicians. I have NO intention of paying these bills. Now exactly what did we receive from these people, nothing. Just a trip to Erlanger North and an exposure to the Drug Seeking world we live in. An Emergency room out of control. I was not satisfied that she walked out of there safe. She could have dropped dead from an internal injury, NO Thanks to these people. To my knowledge, Triage has been around a long time, but not there. It appears Erlanger doesn't not provide an avenue for Customer Complaints, Maybe the Court of Public Opinion will wake them up. Access to upper management should be very simple, an open door policy, unless Upper management simply does not care.

If they cannot secure the ER, have a Triage in place, and give quality patient care, close the ER !

Mitchell Thurmer
Signal Mountain