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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Time to Take Back Our Country

I have written numerous articles regarding the state of our nation. I have written about Obama, Biden, the Clintons, and the liberal Democratic Senate and House.

I have been told I have no right to complain. I am on Social Security disability from a 20 year battle with multiple sclerosis. I am a registered Republican and a Conservative, proudly.

Being that I am part of the system, doesn't that mean I have insider view of all this? I can speak as to the pitiful cost of living increase, or the lack of one. I can give you the real feeling of "those people."

The Medicare system, the plain old Medicare has served well. Yes, I get hammered at the first of the year with deductibles, and let's not forget the prescription donut hole.

I remember being healthy, on the corporate ladder, climbing quickly, chasing the American dream. I was bulletproof and I looked down on people like me, the undeserving. I was one of the critics of the disabled and retired.

Now, I see through a glass, clearly. I am under the control of the government, they think. Well, let me assure you, I still have the right of free speech and I will make use of this glorious blessing.

Therefore, all of you must not take this right lightly. You have the power to change this spiral of destruction we are in. It is never too late to fight and speak the truth.

The United States must be saved and there is only one way to do it. This primary season and on to the general elections we must qualify each and every candidate. Study their history and positions. The best cure to fix our ills is to rebuild from within.

We must repeal this crazy health care bill and try to overturn other mistakes, such as the upcoming VAT tax and cap and trade, which is on the horizon.

I support Tommy Crangle for the Third District House of Representative seat. He has passed my test and is qualified. Study for yourself, and make the right decision.

Mitch Thurmer
Signal Mountain

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why Does No One pay Attention to the Senate Throwing the Seniors and Disabled under the BUS..

I have laid out the information to the best of my ability. The previous post explains everything, What more proof does anyone need to have that the Seniors/Disabled are going to bear the brunt of Budget Cuts.

For those of you who wanted Change, well BY GOD you got it. This is only the Start. President Obama and His Minions have worked their way around everything the American people do NOT WANT. They are making plans to not even have a vote on Healcare Reform (Destruction).

America, your very survival is at stake, Wake up, Tell your Senators and Congressmen to have some guts and act like a Patriot, not mind numbed Zombie that falls on their Sword for the Fearless Leader.

Mitch Thurmer

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wanting to write about MS but everything else is Bad

When I started this Blog, I had followed some great bloggers, such as Tara,(Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis), who really has a great site and stays on topic.

Before being diagnosed 20 years ago, I was in the corporate world, Typa A all the way. I still have alot of that in me, can't help it. When I see something in the news or on Talk Radio that cranks me up, I have to let it fly.

Here is todays, REALLY PISSED ME OFF.
Senator Bernie Sanders, (I) Vermont, wrote a bill giving each of us SSDI recipients $250, to help with the increased cost of living since we are not getting a cost of living allowance (COLA) for at least the next 2 years. The Senate, In their divine wisdom, voted this down 50-47. Damn these people. Senators, at my last count earn $ 176,000 per year, and after 2 terms, have retirement for life. They stated they were holding down the deficit. Crap. If the Govt can pass Porkulus, bail out banks, buy Car Companies, Fly Air Force 1 to Hawaii for vacation, I think they can spare a small $ 250 for us. The cost of living has gone up, dramatically. I challenge anyone, to prove to me their cost of living has not gone up, period.

$250 is what these Senator probably pay for a family steak dinner at one of DC'S finest Steakhouses. The Health care plan calls for cutting Medicare by 500 Billion dollars, who does that effect ? ME and others like me.

I called the Senators office in Vermont and praised him on his attempt to help us. I also requested a list of the 47 gutless porkers who voted against this bill. The Staffer, who was great, is going to send me a list of the no voters next week.

I am going to email these patriots. I am going to make them famous. I want to know how their standard of living is. I want them to go on Medicare. I will hit the Donut Hole in April/May and will have no prescription covrage. One medication I take for the MS is $ 1800 per month, but thanks to the manufacturer, I pay $ 75.00 every three months, but thats not even easy.

I am a Conservative Republican, kind of an oddball on SSDI, Medicare, and all the other mess. I feel our taxes should help the people and this wonderful country we live in. Instead of denying SSDI a small check, They spend 1 million dollars sudying the mating habit of fruit flies, and crap like that. I am going to list the pork as well. These people waste money like there is no tommorrow. I have been told it takes $ 22,000 per hour to operate Air Force 1, Obama uses it like a Taxi, 2 trips to Copenhagen which was crap. Trying to get the Olympics for Chicago which would have enriched his buddies and then the trip for the fake Global Warming Summit, which was a flop.

Stand by for more, I am not going to let this drop. I am going to make some Senators famous. I hope they sleep well at night after living the lavish lifestyle of semi royalty they live.

Mitchell Thurmer
Signal Mountain