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Thursday, August 22, 2013

What to Do ?

I know I have not posted/worked on my blog like I should. When your world is on fire it is difficult to think of running in here and sitting down. I am too young to feel as bad as I do. My Dear Deanna is too young to go thru the Hell she does. I usually can figure a way out of a mess. I can't figure these out. Of course, First and foremost, I pray. Next here is what I deal with, monthly. Dealing with two Primary Care Physicians, One for Deanna, One for me. Co-Pays X 2 Dealing with a Neurologists, Me. Specialists Co-Pay Dealing with a Dermatologists, Deanna Specialists Co-Pay Dealing with 4 different Patient Assistance Programs for Medications. Thank Goodness they are free. Dealing with over $ 325 average in medication co-pays, even after PAP's. Yes MONTHLY In 2012 and so far in 2013, Deana and I combined have over 10 Hospital stays. Just recently 7/25 I was transported via ambulance to Wood's Memorial with a Partial Onset Seizure, again. The new Neuro did a new EEG on my Brain, trying to see what's up. I really don't what they can do, after 23 years ? Anyway, just had to vent, More to Come, Thanks, Mitch

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Great Loss to the MS Community

Brad Peterson, A MS patient himself and fundraiser was killed this week in a Farm Tractor Accident. Brad held Fish Fry's to support The National Multiple Sclerosis Society semi annually. He had just returned last week from a fishing trip in the gulf. The MS Society and the Community has Lost a Good Man. Rest in Peace.