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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some people think disabled means brain dead.

I recieved an email from someone with one of those weird screen names today. I am going to try and post it now.

"You can launch a boat, operate a boat, fish, spy on soccer mom's at Pruitts, write, edit and publish opinion letters, but you're too sick to work and are forcedto draw disability? ! ? "

This really pisses me off. Because I have MS, I am not supposed to have an opinion, voice the opinion, or fish, or go to the grocery store, and such.
Just because I am disabled, and was forced to go on disability 14 years ago, I don't know what this person expects of me. I am not brain dead. I can only assume that she picked me up me off of one of my posts to, which is a online newspaper, opinion site, etc. You are supposed to put your email on your post, so I do. I guess I opened up myself to the lunatic fringe when I did so.
I responded to the writer by telling her first she needed to be educated about MS. I assume it is a woman, based by the name "Queen". I told her to go to the MS society website and see what really is going on. I look at this as not only an attack on me, but any person disabled with MS who still uses their brain. I have spoke out about the selling of classroom naming here on Signal Mountain, very strongly against it. Where else can you get a classroom named after you for $ 35,000 ?
Maybe that was it. I also had written a post to Chattanoogan about a new high speed boat the Tennessee Aquarium operates on the Tennessee River. There have been numerous accounts of boats being swamped with it's wake. It operates at 50 MPH and according to their website, the captain said it handles like a jet fighter, wonderful. My stepson and a friend was trying to make it to shore as it approached and was swamped 20 feet from shore. Maybe my telling the story upset her. I was not in the boat even though she said I was able to fishing. I guess if you are disabled with MS, you are not allowed to go fishing.
I hope that this is not a sign of things to come. MS has caused enough problems in my life, now I have to worry about attacks because I still can think and express opinions.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pencils for sale....

I have been on Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) since 1994. I was employed by U-Haul Company when MS forced me to go on their disability when I cojld not work the 60 hours workweek mandated when you were on salary. I did as told. Luckily, I had enrolled in the optional disability policy when I was hired. They payed me 60% of my salary for 6 months, then I was told I had to file for SSDI. 1 month after filing, I went to the mailbox on day and there was a check form SSDI. I was so confuse, I called SS and told me that was my benefit and I was approved, wow. Well, U-haul reduced my benefit to $ 277.25 and have paid it every month since.

I jumped the hoops as required. Yearly paperwork to take to my doctor and for me to fill out. I always sensed that they would love to get rid of me. After working for these folks, I knew I was considered a waste of money. The big difference is that their Insurance co is owned by U-Haul and funded by U-Haul. They pay the benefit out of the general fund, just like an electric bill.

Back in 2004-5, After the State of Tennessee killed Tenncare, which paid for my prescriptions and my wife Deanna's coverage was for health and scripts. Our scripts balloned to over $ 800 per month. I kept getting paperwork for SSDI telling me I qualified for a "ticket to work". I stated that I could work and not affect my benefits, as long as I did not make a "meaningfull wage" over $800 per month. I did not go looking for a job. I was contacted by people I knew at Signal Mtn Police Dept, they needed dispatch/9-1-1 help on weekends. A total of 16 hours.

Knowing what was coming with Tenncare, I took the job. After 3-4 months, The office was closed to save money, dispatch was transfered to Hamilton County 9-1-1. Well, nect I was contacted by the Sequatchie 9-1-1 District. Their office was not yet open and the director needed help getting everything done and ready. Knowing I was supported the SSDI to try, I accepted the job. We got open, and because I was a state certified operator, The director put me on some shifts while going operational.

After a few months, one night night I had a partial onset seizure on duty. I could not anser the radio or phone. I was in a semi concious state. The director cam ena dunlocked the building and I was relieved. They let me go home. I barely remeber the trip. I ran out of the road several times, driving like a drunk. Being I was driving a curvy mountainroad, it is a miracle I made it home. I resigned because of the danger of me trying to dispatch..

About a year later, I got a letter from SSDI. They wanted why I was working.....
I wrote a letter saying pretty much what I said here. They started all this. Anyway, I got a letter back, everything was ok..

I recieved a letter a few weeks ago where U-Haul is transferring management of their disability to Met Life. Nect I recieved a large envelope from Met, and know have to go thru a hoop jumping session with them. I fear that my brief attempt to save our home, which failed, will cause either a temp loss of benefits or they may try to kick me off completely.

I have read the policy over and over. It does not say you cannot try. So, I guess I am at their mercy. Met life has probably been hired to see if they can get rid of the disabled U-Haul is paying. I am sure they are tightening their belts.

So again, this Damn Disease, my intentions of trying to save our home, will hurt me again. U-Haul unofficaly told me one time if you could sell pencils on a street corner, you were not disabled.

Any body want to buy some pencils ?

Thanks, Mitch

Can you sell pencils?