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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Time to complain about another frigging symptom

For the last month, I have a had s Neuropathic Pain (NP) issue in my left arm, at times almost to the point of tears. I have toyed with my Lyrica, increasing a dose here and there. The hydrocodone does not touch it. The first time it nailed me for 3 weeks, I tried to tell my Pain Management Dr. about it and they just kinds of glazed over it. like I was out of my head. I started back with PM for the purpose of paying for someone to work on my pain and dot screw with me. Well, I go again in about a week and maybe I look too good as usual, I guess I need to not take a bath, trim my beard, not comb my hair and wear a toboggan, crap. I don't want to look like a homeless person but maybe that is what they want, Any input ? More to come, when my arm and shoulder lets up, Mitch

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Yesterday, all the news including my source of a lot of info, Drudge, stated the government has calculated that the Cost Of Living Adjustment will be, ARE YOU READY ? ONE POINT FIVE PERCENT (1.5%) Whoopee Again, the government is screwing the Social Security recipients for extra funds for other things..( How about helping Obamacare, or how about the upcoming push for un-documented aliens) I am beside myself. I fear I have taken to the keyboard before taking the time to calm down, AGAIN ! What sane person, no matter their position in life, can believe that the Cost of Living in this Country has only increased by 1.5 %, Crap. For instance, Unleaded gas in this small town was $ 3.10 per gallon the evening that Congress got together and prevented the "Cliff" we were going over. Well guess what, the next morning Gas increased 12 CENTS per gallon ! No explanation and much to my dismay, the public is so de-sensitized by this trauma, they do not even notice, ! HELL ~ When our Commander in Chief was elected the FIRST TIME< Regular Unleaded was $ 1.89 Per Gallon ! WE have been over $ 3.00 for so long, the shock is worn off. I guess the under $ 2.00 Per Gallon Gas Prices will be the Good Old Days. If you walk with a rock in your shoe long enough, you will get used to it, that is where we are now. I have to take a walk and try to figure out what expenses I can cut now, simply, We are losing our Ass's Get a good grip, we are going down the pit, some one must speak up, Maybe You ?????????????????? Later., Mitch.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I have changed the Blog name again and this why..

Over the last few years, My Blogging attitude has evolved. First I was Mad, just plain Mad at the the Disease, The Government and all the endless red tape, the Doctors and their inept way of doing things, Nashville, for their Medication Enforcement whatever up my Butt and up my doctor's butt as well and I can go on and on. Well, Now it is simply going to be a commentary on survival. The citizens of this country on SSI or SSDI like Deanna and I or whatever alphabet soup agency "helps" us, are spiraling down into oblivion with the cost of living. I am going to expound more on this but I must get my thoughts together. More to come, Mitch

Thursday, August 22, 2013

What to Do ?

I know I have not posted/worked on my blog like I should. When your world is on fire it is difficult to think of running in here and sitting down. I am too young to feel as bad as I do. My Dear Deanna is too young to go thru the Hell she does. I usually can figure a way out of a mess. I can't figure these out. Of course, First and foremost, I pray. Next here is what I deal with, monthly. Dealing with two Primary Care Physicians, One for Deanna, One for me. Co-Pays X 2 Dealing with a Neurologists, Me. Specialists Co-Pay Dealing with a Dermatologists, Deanna Specialists Co-Pay Dealing with 4 different Patient Assistance Programs for Medications. Thank Goodness they are free. Dealing with over $ 325 average in medication co-pays, even after PAP's. Yes MONTHLY In 2012 and so far in 2013, Deana and I combined have over 10 Hospital stays. Just recently 7/25 I was transported via ambulance to Wood's Memorial with a Partial Onset Seizure, again. The new Neuro did a new EEG on my Brain, trying to see what's up. I really don't what they can do, after 23 years ? Anyway, just had to vent, More to Come, Thanks, Mitch

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Great Loss to the MS Community

Brad Peterson, A MS patient himself and fundraiser was killed this week in a Farm Tractor Accident. Brad held Fish Fry's to support The National Multiple Sclerosis Society semi annually. He had just returned last week from a fishing trip in the gulf. The MS Society and the Community has Lost a Good Man. Rest in Peace.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Is 2013 the year Social Security Disability recipients finally fail ?

I have written before about the pitfalls that Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) recipients face daily, but, 2013 looks like the year we may slip away into the darkness that simply not having enough income to survive. In fall of 1994, I was forced by U-Haul/Oxford Life to apply for SSDI. My last day at work was 10/31/1993. I drew a check for 1 year from a disability policy I had chose to enroll in, with continued encouragement from my Marketing Co President/Boss, Rusty Sparks. I was 30 or so and could not imagine a situation where I could use that, My goodness, I was at my peak, bulletproof, Assistant to the President and in line for my own Marketing Company. Well, I had numbness develop in my right fingertips, weird. My Dad had a history of Bone Spurs in his neck and I assumed (Never do that) I had something like that. It kept spreading up my arm and eventually to the left side of my face. I went to a great local country Doctor in Loudon Tennessee, Dr. Sam Harrison. He was familiar with my entire family and was affectionaly know as Dr. Sam. He examined me and had a very troubled look on his face. During my exam, I had a hour of Vertigo set in and he put me in a private room in his office and called a Dr. he thought could help. Me, The man was a Neurosurgeon, unknown to me. I went to the man and his first fear was a Brain Tumor, that was bad and I did not tell Deanna yet. He referred me to Dr. Thomas Higgins, a very well respected Neurologist in Knoxville. As I getting worse, he put ne in Fort Sanders Hospital in downtown Knoxville. They put me thru the drill. Finally after being discharged a couple days earlier, I was called to come see Dr. Higgins. He started with the good news, "You do not have a Brain Tumor" Yeah, it's all good from here. Then he told me I had MS. I was sent home and had to tell Deanna. After seeing commercials about MS, she thought I had a Death Sentence and collapsed in the floor. I remember sitting in the floor, holding her while she bawled, thinking I was dying. Eventually I convinced her that MS would not kill me (usually See Annette Funicelo). After improved symptom's, I went back to work. With limited use of m left arm, I had real problems trying to do my job in he Inventory management area, know as traffic. My Assistance to the President job went away and I was made manager of the Traffic Department. Even for a fully able person, it is the Job from HELL. I eventually asked to be sent back to a moving center un Chattanooga. A salary position at U-Haul requires a 60 hour work week, As I worsened, I could not pull the 60 hrs. My Boss would not help me with less hours, as the ADA law was 2-3 years out. I was forced into the U-Haul Short Term disability system and as I said earlier, walked out the door for the last time 10/31/1993. I rested at home and then I received a letter from U-Haul stating I MUST file for SSDI. Well, this was new to me. I made an apt and took all the requested forms to the Cleveland, TN office. May I sat, those folks are so nice, not like trying to talk to a National number. He went over my medical records, my last 5 year income at U-Haul and politely told me he would get back with me. one month later, I walked to the Mailbox and there is a check for over $1200 from the US Treasury. I was confused and I went in the house and called the Cleveland TN office. They informed me that was my first SSDI check. You could have pushed me over with a feather I was in shock. The only negative they overlapped the U-Haul checks and I had to go 2 months with no U-Haul because of something out of my hands. I get a letter every 7 years for me to ask a few questions, no problem. There was a form that my Dr.Anthony Aviatabile had to fill out, much to his complaint. The last request cam 2 months ago but they advised me after 10 years, a Doctor form is no longer needed. Thank God, He raised Hell every time I handed him one of these forms. Now, Let's review the situation. Years ago, my pay, as meager as it is, enabled Deanna and I to have dinner sometimes, or buy some gas to go visit someone say 100 miles away. But now, The cost of living has run away. We cannot have a moment of relaxation for our entertainment. We have free food some churches deliver. It takes some of the edge of. Yesterday, I paid $444.15 for one months script expense/co-pays with our Humana Gold HMO. I paid the Drug Bill yesterday, pay day. I paid a $ 400 house payment, and the [payments I have set up for 8 different hospital visits this year will have to wait here comes the collection calls. That is all I have left in m right now, This flares my MS.. More to come. Someone find the money tree for me, SSDI is not going to make it anymore. Mitch

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Being Disabled is now a DRAIN on The Country !

As many of you know, I have been an avid supporter of Rush Limbaugh. Up until yesterday, I thought he and I were pretty much on the same page. Well, Shit, it don't look good. Rush went into a monolouge about Social Security Disability Insurance recipents. I have never heard him go into this subject, at least of note. He proceeded to anounce that 14 Million SSDI recpts were somehow not worthy. He hinted around that many were not "disabled". Today, after writing him an "on fire" email yesterday, I was cruising the Drudge report. I found exactly, almost word for word where he got the info and how he repeated it. It is located at I must admit, the case laid out in the NPR article is probably on the money. Many people, approaching 60, who have been working hurt or disabled. After losing their jobs and being unable to find work, they choose at the advice of MANY SSDI Lawyers that is their best option. I am not going to make an opinion on the above, that is something each person must look at themselves. I will make this statement: I have Multiple Sclerosis. I tried to work. I could not work. U-Haul made me go on their Short Term Disability. One year later U-Haul MADE me file for SSDI. I was accepted in one month. NOBODY is accepted in one Month, it is unheard of. I wonder,what influence did U-Haul Company have with SS and getting me accepted so their out of pocket would drop over $ 1,000 per month. Rush, before you read the NPR article, almost verbatim, to YOUR listeners, which many being that they listen to you in the middle of the day may be retired and or disabled. You should have thought before you really pissed me off.. Mitch

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It is time to get on the Ball !

It is a stormy, very warm day here in Polk County. So abnormal, it is obvious we are getting ready to get hammered, either with Storms or maybe Snow ? We have not had any his year to speak of so I guess we are due. On March 12, 1993 we had a 23 inch snowfall in a blizzard. That was an experience of a lifetime. So, it's a good afternoon to write. I need to explain all the gaps and brief entries. Last year, the month of October saw Deanna in the hospital 3 times and me, once. She had a Bowel Obstruction (again) first, then Lapro surgery for adhesions 10/26 and then the emergency srgery for a perforated bowel with sepsis 10/29. I about lost her the last one. To all who read this, If a loved one starts talking out of their head, do something. On 10/28 I called an ambulance to our home, knowing something was bad wrong. She refused transport, and they had to respect her wishes. On 10/29, I called them again and told them the Doctor said to rush her to Erlanger, they beleived me and transported her. No matter how they fuss, get them transported. She had the surgery at midnight and was in ICU for 5 days and step down for 2 days. I cannot stress how serious this can be, trust old Mitch ! Finances still suck as usual. We received a 1.2% raise at the first of the year. Deanna lost 1 Dollar. What a load of crap. This morning I read we are giving Pakistan 37 Million Dollars, yes $ 37,000,000.00 But our SSDI and Social Security retired are sufering. I recently read where one of the Obama administration geniuses said that SSDI recipents might have to go from Steak to Ground Beef. Hell, I haven't seen a steak in 4 years. How's that hope and change working for you ? I have a serious bit of information to pass on. A dear friend of ours, who went to Hell and back, has started a blog telling of her experiences. It is called "Medical Malpractice, A Survivor's Story". This is a marvelous read, and if it was fiction, would be something you could not put down, BUT, It is ALL TRUE! She had Epidural injections with 2 prevous childbirths, same hospital, no problems. THIS TIME, the Epidural went "UP". She quit breathing, was bagged for 1.5 hours. She knew EVERYTHING and died over and over and over..... The desception that can take place, when under the care of someone you trust with your life, is shameful. Those of you that read he story and hopefully follow it, spread it far and wide, this a story everyone, especially us BOOMERS, Need to know. Life has been such a challenge, of course, NO ONE promised our lives would be easy. I am not asking for much I don't think. When Afghanistan recieves $ 356 Million +, and I already spoke of the Pakistan. Country after Country receives Billions in US aid, BUT, The American Public is suffering. I do not expect the Govt to pay me $ 50,000 a year, far from it,. I just want to be able to pay my bills, cover the expensive Medicines and Doctor bills. Medicare D is getting gutted, co-pays are skrocketing. What was a good plan to when it began is I fear, being influenced by lobby representing the Pharma Companies, and want a higher margin. If WE buy groceries, you can't pay for your Medications, If you pay for your Medications, you can't buy groceries.. I never thought In my lifetime, I would face this delima. My Mother, God rest her soul, forsaw what was ahead and warned me, but, I never thought it would happen, Not in: The United State of America,,Instead, The Peoples Republic of Obamastan ? Kind catchy for you LOW INFORMATION VOTERS...HA More later and I PROMISE, a more devoted writing..Keep the faith and Beat MS, Mitch

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Well, It has been a while

I guess as we get older, our Health becomes an aspect of our lives we take for granted. October 2012, Deanna was in the Hospital 3 times, once with an Emergency Surgery due to a perforated bowel. I was in for three days with pnuemonia. Now as I finally write, it is Jan 26 and Deanna is facing surgery 2/1/13 to remove a re-occuring infection site that started 1 1/2 years ago as a Surgical Site Infection. Deanna's brother Jack is fighting Squamous Cell Carcinoma, has completed 18 radiation and 2 21 day chemo treatments. Quite Frankly, I am exhausted. Life goes on/ For those you you that might stumble upon my ramblings, whatever your age, do not take things for granted.. The Fight Continues.. Later, Mitch