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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An appointment at Vanderbilt MS Clinic

After so much frustration with Neurologists in Chattanooga and with my worsening Cognitive problems, I decided to request a referral to the Vanderbilt MS Clinic in Nashville. The appt is set for July 20. I can't wait.

I am ready to go to someone who understands MS, as it really is. I have had too many Doctors try to minimize the symptoms and wish away the pain. Now I am on pain meds that I see no way off of. I am looking for help. The worsening cognitive issues may be due the meds as well, I just don't know. Periods of appearing "Drunk" and having no memory of these episodes is terrifying.

If I stayed in that condition, I would have to go to a nursing home, there is no way Deanna could keep me out of trouble.

I will post the outcome of this new chapter..Mitch

Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's Been Too Long Since my Last Post, And Why

I had written in the last couple of posts that I was having MS problems, it has been rough. Since my last post I had one episode that lasted three days and took two more to get over.

The new word for these I think is Complex Partial Onset Seizures. The decriptions fit what I am doing. I found that the closest MS Clinic is at Vanderbilt University hospital In Nashville. Evidently no one in East or Southeast Tenn thinks MS is a serious enough problem to devote the resources.

I have got to get an answer and try to recieve treatment to this worsening problem. I always have new cuts and bruises, Deanna is a wreck, and I fear I am really going to get hurt bad or killed during one of these if it is not treated. Usually I have no memory, but this last one I remember for a unknown amount of time trying to stand up out of my office chair and my legs not working, they would not work, period.

Deanna came home and found me in the floor, still trying to get up.

My Cognitive issues are worsening, can't remember much of anything, even the little things during the week. During one of the episodes one friend came by and stayed here three hours. In his words, I always appear Drunk. Anyway, he thought I was some better and left me in the basement with my radios, me promising I would stay there until Deanna got home. Well, you can't believe a thing I say. that was the day she found me in the floor.

I plan to write more, when I remember to...