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Monday, December 20, 2010

Our buddy Zach sticking it to the Conservatives

I read with great dismay Zac Wamp's comments regarding Fox News. I have known for a long time MSNBC, for whatever viewers they have, has been Obama's Network, all Obama all the time.

Zach has claimed conservative roots, principles, and such. Now, to speak out against Fox News. the one voice in the wilderness, shocks me.

I know now the Governor's Race turned out exactly as it should. I cannot imagine if he had won and then turned into a Obama Liberal before our eyes.
Below is a quote from the Chattanooga Times Free Press
He knows how to burn bridges, he seems very bitter for his age.
"The Chattanooga Times Free Press reported that Wamp told the group that views expressed on "MSNBC and Fox News — we’re right and they’re dumb — is not good for the country."

He said shows on those outlets are ratings-driven, with a "he said/she said" perspective that is "divisive."

"We are not looking at what the real problems are and what the solutions are," the 53-year-old Wamp said. "We’re an alienated culture now. Americans know that at a certain point we have to cooperate."

Representatives from MSNBC and Fox News did not return messages seeking comment Wednesday.

Wamp said in a telephone interview Wednesday that he is in discussions with television network executives about possibly becoming a moderator of a new show that would take an "unbiased and unvarnished look at the issues of the day."

He said the show would be modeled after "The McLauglin Group" that airs nationally.

There is a need for a "mature, responsible dissection of the anatomy of policy," Wamp said.

Wamp said he wants to provide an alternative to news shows that fail to provide insight about "where reasonable people can disagree on major issues and still cooperate."

"We’re not cooperating enough with each other," Wamp said.

He said MSNBC’s "Morning Joe" with Joe Scarborough, a former Republican congressman from Florida, is "the closest thing to that kind of a show" and there is nothing similar that airs weekly or during evenings.

Wamp said he recently participated in a yet-to-be aired ABC World News show with several other outgoing members of Congress.

"I didn’t pull any punches about the mistakes both parties have made," he said.

Wamp told the newspaper that he’s committed to working in the private sector and "being on television" is a possible career choice."

I hope conservative Republicans will read this and see how duped we were and how Wamp is turning on us because he was not elected.

If he does a show on MSNBC I guess he wants to speak to the lowest rated audience.Fox has more than MSNBC,CNN, and all the others put together. They will welcome his conversion and " fresh outlook " Ha-Ha.What a career choice for a man I once supported in his first term. He sure talked a good game.

Mitchell Thurmer
Signal Mountain
from an undisclosed non-descript location

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


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McDonald’s chief attacks children’s meal ‘food police’
By Greg Farrell and Hal Weitzman in Oak Brook

Published: December 13 2010 22:33 | Last updated: December 13 2010 22:33

The chief executive of McDonald’s has described critics of the company who have tried to curtail the sale of Happy Meals aimed at children as “food police” and accused them of undermining parents in making decisions for their families.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Jim Skinner responded to last month’s vote by the San Francisco board of supervisors to forbid restaurants from offering toys with meals unless the food complied with limits on calories, sodium, sugar and fat.

McDonald’s vows to keep it simple - Dec-13EU pays McDonald’s in Sweden - Dec-01“We’ll continue to sell Happy Meals,” said Mr Skinner, in the face of a ban that does not become effective until December 2011. The new rule “really takes personal choice away from families who are more than capable of making their own decisions”.

Mr Skinner’s message was aimed beyond San Francisco, at the growing legion of “food police” who blame McDonald’s for contributing to an epidemic of obesity in the US and other developed nations.

“We’ve seen many years of someone trying to dictate behaviour through legislation,” he said. “Our Happy Meals have been supported by parents since the 1970s. The nutrition of Happy Meals, which include apples, meets FDA guidelines. We sell choices on the menu that make our customers feel better about their lifestyle.”

In the past 20 years, McDonald’s has moved beyond hamburgers and Chicken McNuggets to offer healthier options ranging from salads and wraps to fruit-based smoothies.

However, as the world’s largest fast-food restaurant chain with 32,000 stores in 117 countries, McDonald’s remains synonymous with junk food in the eyes of many, in the way that Altria became a proxy for the tobacco industry.

McDonald’s thus often finds itself in the crosshairs of ­regulators and activists who portray it as everything from the root cause of the US obesity epidemic to the primary culprit behind the problems associated with globalisation.

The company might win some battles over Happy Meals, but the larger direction of the “healthy food” war is not in its favour, said Eric Dezenhall, a communications consultant.

“Even though I think their approach to pushback is a good one, in the long run, it’s hard to fight what is really a cultural movement,” he said. “As with cigarettes or Humvees, that ­never-ending drumbeat takes a long-term toll that will force a company to be more nimble about its product offerings, which they are doing.”

US should stop funding FALSE GLOBAL WARMING studies

The global warming prophets and propagandists, who enjoy living in style on other people's money, gathered last month in the plush resort of Cancun, Mexico, where January temperatures usually hover around 80 degrees. God must have a sense of humor because Cancun was hit by its coldest temperature in a hundred years.
The first day of the conference featured an address from Mexico's President Felipe Calderon, who spoke with much concern about global warming and the damage that humans are perpetrating on the planet.
He cited the deaths of 60 people in Mexico because of weather extremes, but didn't mention Mexico's 22,000 deaths caused by the illegal drug trade.
U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon announced that "we need to fundamentally transform the global economy, based on low-carbon, clean-energy resources." Barack Obama's announced goal of fundamentally transforming the United States has morphed into transforming the world.
This 16th annual conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), called COP 16 (Conference of the Parties 16), attracted some 20,000 delegates from 194 countries.
It had little to do with any science about climate change and everything to do with trying to get the United States and other industrialized nations to redistribute their wealth to the poorer nations under the supervision of eager United Nations bureaucrats.
Like previous climate change conferences, COP 16 deliberately pitted the poor countries against the rich countries, encouraging the poor countries to demand what the rich countries have without earning or paying for it.
This is the internationalist version of the basic Marxist tactic called the class war.
COP 16 propagandists blame every human tragedy on the high standard of living enjoyed (and earned) by the rich countries.
Our over-consumption is alleged to cause global warming. We are guilty because we are prosperous, so we supposedly owe reparations to the poor nations.
At COP 15 in Copenhagen a year ago, the poor countries ganged up on us and agreed that the United States should create a $30 billion "Fast Start" global climate fund by 2012 and reduce U.S. greenhouse gases by 17% below the 2005 levels.
This Fast Start climate fund would be committed to grow to $100 billion by 2020.
Fortunately, the Copenhagen proposals were never formally adopted. President Obama came and left empty-handed, Communist China refused to limit its emissions, and the Third World dictators didn't get the $100 billion handouts they expected.


As I told in one of my previous posts, I had been chastised for not Staying on Topic. Well, if you have Multiple Sclerosis or any other disabling disease in this day and time, I am on TOPIC. We are under attack from the Government, period. We are not going to receive a SSDI cost of living increase in 2011. he notice I received stated that the Cost of Living had not increased.

When you take out Gasoline and Food, then calculate, what exactly is left. I don't know where these people get their numbers. The average Gov't employee has received high raises in the last two years, now they talk about freezing their wages. That would be OK with me if I had gotten into the 6 digit brackett, freeze it, please !

Read the Drudge Report daily, investigate everything that has something to do with you.

I received my yearly anal exam from Met Life last week. They administer my U-Haul disability policy, which pays less than $ 300 per month. This year they want to know how much Deanna is receiving from Social Security. What business of their is it if she makes $ 10,000 per month ? Which I assure she does not. I am awaiting a call from my case manager as I type to protest this, of course, don't ask questions, they could just cut me off..

More to Come from an undisclosed location, Mitch

Glenn Beck supports my theory on Shortwave Radio

This morning, while listening to our Brother, Glenn Beck, he brought up Shortwave Radio. I could not beleive my ears.

For three years, I have stocked up on Shortwave Radios. I have purchased 5 over E-Bay. I have Radio Shack's older units, the DX-160. One of the best Shortwaves ever built. Heavy, made of real metal, lights that have not burnt out in over 30 years service. I have older tube units, small electronic units. I have shortwave antenns ran to a tree as in the U.S. Army Ranger handbook.

I have 4 CB Radio Base Stations. Base Station Antenna, a good one. CB Radio in my pickup and a Radio Shack 800 MHZ Scanner as well, fully functionable. I can pickup Weather Alerts direct from the National Weather Service while Mobile.


I have expressed my theories with other friends on the mountain. Several have followed my ideas and we now have a radio net in which to work. I can monitor SW and re-broadcast on CB as needed, to less informed citizens.

In short again, There may come a day, when our true information may come across SW. The Obama Adm efforts to take control of the Internet and Talk Radio may force some information underground.

Get Ready

Mitch Thurmer
From an undiclosed location

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I re-wrote this trying to get it on Chattanoogan, did not work, Rome Burns

The Wikileaks revealing all types of sensitive information on the Internet has played into the hands of the Obama Administration, who would love to regulate the Internet, Cable News (FOX), and Talk Radio.

Obama and his Minions in his Administration has made it no secret they would love to silence Fox News.

"Fox News pushes a point of view that I disagree with. It's a point of view that I think is ultimately destructive for the long-term growth of a country that has a vibrant middle class and is competitive in the world," Obama said.

Now what exactly does his opinion of a vibrant middle class allude to. This exactly, class warfare. He is cloakingly saying that you have it this good with things like they are. If you keep watching Fox News and listening to Conservative Talk Radio, those of you in the "middle class" will suffer. Obama is insinuating, fall in line, keep the status quo, be quiet, don't question, listen to what we want you to know, thats enough !

The December 21 meeting of the F.C.C. is going to mark an opening salvo across the bow for Internet Bloggers. Online outreaches of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and other Conservatives whose revealing of Obama's true intentions is a thorn in the side to Obama and Company. Freedom of Speech is at risk with the attack on the Internet. Countries such as China and Venezula are prime examples of being able to pull the plug on "risks to the Regime".

I never thought as Americans, we would ever see the President of the United States and his "supporters" try to save their Regime by shutting down Media, Internet, and Radio. Believe me, This is happening, Now.

Will we one day have to listen to Talk Radio on underground Short-Wave Radios, broadcasting late at night from an undisclosed location.
A plain non-descript building in a rural area. This brings back visions of the French Resistance during WWII, broadcasting information in code. I do have some Short-Wave Radios I have purchased that can operate on 110 Volt or a Car battery. Be prepared.
What darkness awaits us cloaked under the title of "National Security".

Mitchell Thurmer
Signal Mountain
From an undisclosed location ?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Conspiracy Theory or just maybe possible

Before you write this off as a complete conspiracy theory, read and say, what if.

You, are the President of the United States. Your approval numbers are plummeting. There are groups such as the Tea Party rising up, communicating and organizing as never seen in past administrations. Your every move is under a microscope. Your'e party just took a butt-whipping in the mid term elections, and partly due to instant communications. Your'e entire circle of advisors are nashing teeth and some are abandoning ship, without a life preserver.

The Cable News outlets are on your case 24/7. Hope and change have transformed into just maintain what you had. You have passed Obamacare, raised the deficit beyond human comprehension. Millions, Billions, Trillions and beyond are not able to be visualized.

What is the key to your regaining control ? The Internet, Talk Radio, both Am and FM, Bloggers with more followers than some Newspapers have got to be reined in
and the boot put on the neck of Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Liddy, Palin, and others.

What major event can help get you get this under control ? Sensitive information released on the " Uncontrolled Web ". That is the key. I find it extremely hard to believe that a Private, Corporal or some unknown NCo can get access to these sensitive materials. And Think, they have to be outrageous, embarassing, damaging, Top Secret,
and where were they leaked ? On the evil and uncontrolled WEB. Is it such a far fetched idea that Government would not put this together ? Yeah

The more severe, the more acceptable to Congress ! In Joint Session, The President comes forth and demands that the Web, Anti-Administration Talk, and Underground newspapers must be gotten in control and silenced, all in the name of National Security. This is the Perfect Storm against free speech and thought in this country. If by the Administrations's leaking these sensitive paper a few CIA, and other operative are in danger, the end justifies the means in the eyes of the Administration.

It will appear that the Administration is outraged, obtaining warrants for Wikileaks staffers, but how hard will they really look ? And a senario is in play already as to how the staffers will be handled if apprehended.

Shutting down Free Speech thru the FCC, making the Internet a tool of the Administration, keeping the Voices of the Right silenced, Only the State run Media remains.
We will be fed just what we are determined we need to know, not too much and not to little.

Before you write this off as nuts, re-read and think, please

Mitch Thurmer
Signal Mountain