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Monday, April 21, 2014

The Shingles Virus is NEEDED for MS patients and the results (CRAP)

Last week I went to my new Primary Care Provider (PAP) who is fantastic. He is not going to manage my MS but watch me and tell me if I need to go to a Neuro. I brought up do I need a Shingles vaccination or not. He advised me that it was needed because my auto-immune system is in such bad shape. He told me Shingles could cause the MS to escalate and to get it done. Due to the fact that the vaccination goes out of date quickly, he does not do it. I checked with my local pharmacy and they do the injections. I checked with Humana Gold Plus and they do pay for the injection but there is a $ 95.00 copay ! Here we go. I contacted the manufacturer, Merck, and they have a Patient Assistance Program for the vacc. They inj must be given at a Doctor's office and they advised me the closest was the Hamilton County Health Department, 60 miles away. What a Damn Joke. I called Hamilton County and first, you have to be 59, I am 2 years too young. Then they were not aware of the Merck program, they do not accept the insurance and worse, the co-pay there is over $ 255.00. They advised me to go to my pharmacy, when I told them I could not afford $ 95, she said to save my money. The reason because of my urgency is a dear friend just had a severe bought with Shingles and she is only 40, yes 40. Well, I called Merck back and told them they need to remove these useless people from their list. I am not going to sound racist but here is what she implied at the Health Dept.. If I had no insurance and lived in the 4th street projects, living on food stamps and welfare, I could get it free, everyday. I hope Many of my fellow MS'ers read this and pay attention. Get this vaccine, somehow. I am trying to figure out something, just don't know what. This is ridiculous. I pity folks that don't have computer connections and just listen to what these "Government Agencies" have to say. I get the impression that we are simply left to our own devices. I even ask Merck to send it to me, If I can give myself a shot every other day, why can't I pop one more or go to the Drugstore with my own vial. Common sense should come in somewhere. More to come, when I cool off. I wrote this maybe too quick but, I am pissed....Mitch

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Sincere Apology

I have neglected writing for too long. It seems sometimes my mind is too pre-occupied with issues and the news. We have had medical problems, both Deanna and I. She is currently recouping from pneumonia. It came up unexpectedly, of course I guess all illness is not expected. Thank God, after a one day stay in the Hospital she is on the road to recovery. A very close friend of mine called yesterday and told me today he was undergoing Heart Bypass Surgery. He told me he was having 3 done. His wife called about 2 pm and he had SIX. He is expected to recover ok but it is going to be a long hard road. Now to stay on topic. The rolling disaster that Obamacare has occurred is spilling over into the SSDI/Medicare world. It appears that Medicare Advantage plans, like ours, may be in danger. When Obama first announced is intentions, he demonized Advantage plans and as we all know, when he targets something, IT is in danger. I have not been thru a Social Security Disability review in several years, and ,as it goes, it is something to fear and worry about. The climate in D.C. is such that that anyone on disability is an expense the govt would love to remove. $ 16,000 a year is breaking this govt, really. Kerry can go promise One Trillion in aid to any country that hates us, but, we are a drain, really ? The cost of living is killing us. Currently, our bills are paid, no groceries have been bought, and we have $ 100 to last 2 weeks. This is really great, huh ?. We are barely getting by. Car insurance, homeowners, both keep going up. Utility bills have been high, due to the global warning winter that has been one of the coldest in 100 years. Crap. The myth of global warning is being pushed by govt efforts to control us further. Remember, Anything the govt gives they can easily take away, without remorse. One of the steps that is on the track of the govt is to install a meter for the electricity in your home that they can control. If they determine that you have your thermostat too high or low, they will remotely change the setting. Isn't that freedom. Enough for now and more when I can have a minute, Mitch