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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thoughts on our Society

I have a lot of time to think being disabled. I listen to the Talk Radio Shows, watch Fox News, read Blogs and of course read several times a day.
Being born in 1956, I witnessed the turmoils of the 60's, the Vietnam War, (which I barely missed), and the other decades. I have no memory of a more stressful time in our History than right now.
I think the average American Citizen is under a stress level that has not been experienced to this degree than any other generation.
We live in a time of instant news, from around the world. Back in the Vietnam War days, I remember sitting in front of the TV and hearing Walter Cronkite give the daily tally of American Deaths, VC deaths. Now, we know about soldiers dying before the dust settles. Baghdad, where we have worked so hard to help establish a democracy, a free standing government, some idiots blow up themselves in two truck bombs and kill 155 people with untold injured.

Our finances are shot. The government has decided there has been no cost of living increase, therefore SSI and SSDI recipients get no Cost of Living Increase for 2 years. But Medicare is going up $10.00 a month, Medicare D about the same, so really we have gotten a cut in pay. And of course we find this instantly. The Congress voted in a raise for themselves and government employees are getting raises, I guess for the fine job they are doing.Gas prices are going up, fast, but we are reminded by the drive by media that it's alot less than last year. Who gives a hairy rats butt, money is money. We were in trouble then and we are in trouble now.

Health care is headed for a disaster, where someone like myself, who is not a contributor to society, may not receive the care I need. MS is an expensive disease to maintain and thanks to Medical Science, I am still walking around after 20+ years diagnosed.

Sick, Insane, worthless less than human animals are wondering the streets and killing kids, it's all over the news.

President Obama has played more rounds of golf so far in his term that W did during his entire term. Troops are dying in Afghanistan, while he decides if they need more troops, What a crock. Him and Miss Michelle live like royalty, flying around as if Jet fuel and all the security is free.
Chattanooga is basking in the VW plant building here,but, If people can't afford them, that won't last long. The local media is so eat up with the VW deal, the idea of looking if they can sell these vehicle is not mentioned. And let's not forget the Millions and Millions of dollars spent to bring them here. This plant was bought on the backs of the taxpayers. Does anyone wonder why Chattanooga is annexing more areas, they need more tax money.

No wonder so many people are on anti-depressants, We live in times like no other, how do you stay calm, unless you are on the "right" side and making money in some of the scams.
How's That Hope and Change working out for YOU ? Really look deep and ask that question

Mitch Thurmer
Signal Mountain

( This is a post to I have recieved emails from others who feel Exactly the same way, MT)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Talking to the Listeners

feel flattered that several Chattanoogan .com readers have requested that I post an opinion piece. I wonder sometimes if anyone reads my rants and it appears so.

I have several issues on my mind, so here we go.

Signal Mountain Red light cams and roving speeding cameras. I have stayed away from this issue for the fact that Chief Veal is a personal friend of mine. He is a man of integrity, but he is a Town employee.The pressure he is feeling is from above. The gentleman who put on the "safety" presentation was trying to "sell" an idea. I posted the income Red Bank received from their cameras, demonstrating what a cash cow they have in their fair town. It is simply amazing the amount of money they have received, with little or no labor required from the police department. That would be a dream job for an officer, reviewing videos all day.writing tickets. Monday thru Friday, 8-5, Take home cruiser, retirement, insurance, holidays off, all the other perks. Even with my disability, I could do that job.The citizens have no recourse, pay it or get a further citation, pay the price. I know of no one who has tried to fight it in Red Bank, They have you dead to right. Over $600,000 in 6 months is not bad, if Signal Mtn gets 25 %, they are rolling.Chief Veal will try to push back, but the Town Council and the powers that be will use him as a fall guy. He will take the heat and they take the money. Every officer has a take home car now, I honestly don't know how they will spend their days. Another note, Concerned citizens in a town up north which slips my mind, a group of 50 peaceful citizens surrounded a speed van, blocking the view. The van left. I am sure in Red Bank, They would have be escorted to the county jail, interfering with official police business. I guess civil disobedience is against the law.

One of the other contributors alluded that Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Haniity, and the other Talk Radio personalities are pushing for dangerous actions that their listeners may do. The freedom of speech is under attack by the White House targeting FOX news7. I am an avid listeners to these three patriots. I buy their books. The truth is always scolded, criticized, and pushed aside. There are Americans who still believe in the Constitution and free Speech. Wrongdoers, when subjected to the light of truth, scream discrimination. The "Chicago Way" of doing political business has come to Washington. I am not saying there was not corruption before,but it has grown by leaps and bounds. Glen Beck had a monologue the other day that struck home. With every issue that the govt is pushng, another person would say Why. This went on for 10 minutes. One Example, " we need health care reform now!" "Why" Because people are dying" "why" " Because they they don't have health care" "Why" " Because the govt wont act" "Why" " because the Republicans wont act" "Why" You get my drift.
Our Grandchildren and probably their children are saddled with Obama's "Emergency" actions.10 months in office, how is that Hope and change working for you ?

Bribery of the Social Security Recipients. I am on SSDI due to an illness, So is my wife We did not select this, nor did we want it. We were both on the corporate ladder of Major Corporations and had a very bright future. The Illnesses stepped in and slapped us in the face and we made sacrifices. This year, despite the govt spending money like it's going out of style.We received word that we would not receive any cost of living increases for at least 2 more years. I researched the Medicare site and their cost will increase and average of $10 per month. Medicare part D, for Scripts coverage will go up about $ 10 also. But the real kicker is the the co-pay for the meds, will go up also, with some meds moving into a different tier, which can greatly increase the cost per script. Bottom line, We are getting burned on Medicare. And with Obamacare coming, Who knows what will happen as we haven't seen the bill in it's final form. The Bribery that is sopposed to warm our hearts and endear our leader to us is the "proposed" $250 per recipient which yet has to pass Congress.

While on the subject of Congress, They have voted themselves a raise this year, increased the great Medical coverage they have.

Now to to the Obama's. It's the little thing that count. While trying to influence he I..O.C. with their charisma, They flew on two separate jet,s, to Paris. How about that saving and sacrifice

Mitch Thurmer
Signal Mountain

Monday, October 19, 2009

Social Security Recipts Beware

Social Security recipients are there because of two major factors. They either have retired and are drawing their handout and having medical care thru Medicare. The other group is the disabled. Thru no fault of their own, they are living on what the govt said they get and how to manage their medical care, of course remember, they know better.

The facts came out today. Medicare A/B is increasing almost $ 10 per month. I know Medicare D will follow it's annual increase.
The govt, in their wisdom has decided there is negative inflation, therefore for the first time since the annual cost of living increase was inacted, we get no increase. The total out come (final solution) is, we are losing money. I cannot help believe that is calculated and now, with the benevolence of our Supreme Leader, we May recieve a $ 250 handout to endear our Supreme Leader to our hearts and break even on Medicare A/B but not the evil drug expenses.

This is but one very small piece of a puzzle as large as the US Governement itself. I don't want to sound like a conspiracy nut, but, there are people paid, to study how to make changes and push the agenda in the direction desired. We are but pawns in a very large chessgame, with an end we do not desire.

Be aware

Mitch Thurmer
Signal Mountain

Monday, October 12, 2009

Where is the money for the Disabled, Obama recieved a Noble Peace Prize for this, must read.

I have a relative who has a wife and two young children. His Back is a wreck. I saw a MRI report from his last attempt to work, which ended in an Ambulance Ride to a Hospital. He cannot work any longer, period. He can't sit or stand for any period of time. He cannot lift objects of any weight. Too many years of heavy work in Sawmills and such have ended his career at 40 years of age.

His wife works for a local Hospice Service, going as hard as she can. The two children need medical care and last Friday, her Helath Insurance kicked in. She is paying almost $ 400 per month on the Insurance. The On job Injury, occured in Texas. The Workman's Comp has not paid the Medical Bills there and they are recieving ongoing threats of Lawsuits from there. No Attorney in Chattanooga is interested in pursuing the case in Texas for some reason I do not understand. They are living in a 1 bedroom effeciency in Sequatchie County.

She went to the local SETHRA Office and inquired about schedule 8 housing assistance, as they not going to make it. The Sethra Office says they have over 200 applicants for this assistance, but they have no money.

Well, I have gotten involved, heres the story.
SETHRA says they have not recieved any funds for the Housing. SETHRA covers 9 Counties in SE Tennessee. I asked the SETHRA rep where they get their funds. She advised me the Federal Government, HUD. I went to the HUD website, and researched funding for Schedule 8. The website advised that funds are sent to the "cities".
I called HUD's office in Knoxville. The lady I got on the phone did not want to even give her name. Finally she said something, but you could not understand it. She said, Money is available, thru the cities. I called, the City of Dunlap, and inquired about this information. The lady there, named Kathy, said The City, never has had that money, it all goes to SETHRA and they hanlde that.
I called Sethra back, could not get ahold of anyone and left another message for them to call. Of course, today being Columbus Day, I am sure all these offices are closed.

I noticed some glaring conflicts on the SETHRA site, which bother me.For an Organization which is out of money, why are they staffed and open ? If they can't do anything, where is the money coming from for the services.

Here is a list of their Services:
Community Corrections
Misdemeanor Probation
Community Services Team
Housing Team ( Who I talked to, two seperate people then)
Elderly Support Team
Executive Team
Fiscal Team
Youth Programs
Transportation team

Feel Free to visit their website at
It will explain how they work. I have a real problem when you have an organization taking Federal Funds, being Top-Heavy after looking at the Website.

If there is a situation where over 200 families are asking for help and no one is reacting, something is really wrong. The Obama Administration is spending money at a record pace. Why can't I get a simple answer to a question. Everybody I spoke with talked in circles and pointed at each other. It's not their problem. Well here's a newsflash, it is their Problem and I am going to turn up the heat.

Mitchell Thurmer
Signal Mountain.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Star Power fails the President, Michelle, and Oprah

Oh, the shock of it all. It was assumed that the Obama's presence before the International Olympic Committe in Copenhagen, Denmark, would cause the 2016 Olympic Games to be held in Chicago, would be an absolute slam dunk.

This morning on Fox News, The announcement site in downtown Chicago was being readied. A stage being errected, AT&T trucks everywhere, installing the needed miles and miles of high tech communications needed for the reporters, etc.. At this time, I haven't heard the expenses involved just in the preperation.( Update, see Below) There was even a giant Gold medal hanging around the neck of what appears to be a modern day abstract sculpture of a giant baboon.

I am sorry, I appreciare fine art and sculpture of true human beings, etc. This sculpture, made from medal, looks like a cross between a Transformer Character and some childs drawing of a monkey, converted to a metal sculpture. The Gold medal placed around it's neck, really had a strange look. Many protesters were villified for not wanting the Olympic games. Their favorite point was "Jobs not Games".

The recent crime video of the fatal beating of the 16 year old in Chicago could have weighed on the judges minds.

The Obamas thought the prestige and history making event of being the first President to honor the Olympic group would just cause the judges to be Star-Struck. Well, they may Royality here, in their own minds, but to these unbiased people, perhaps it was overexposure. The President, The First lady, suffer from a condition known as Celebrtyitius. If you speak amongst the masses, over 125 announcments, even the world can get weary of see you. Maybe the judges are as tired of seeing him as we are.

I would like to be a fly on the wall on Air Force 1, with Barack, Michelle, and Oprah. The knashing of teeth, the unbelief, the depression. Instead of returning as the "ONE" who makes all side with him, He has been defeated, and sent home. We have work to do and your'e not in it.

I am sure the throngs (12,000) that had assembled at the large baboon statue are in shock. The city spent 50 Million Dollars, yes, 50 Million, trying obatin the games. I guess there went the pot-hole repair budget.

Obama and Co now returns to the mundane life of a President fighting two wars, having to talk to the Commanders, evidentualy, deal with the Helth Care plan which is in trouble everywhere. The Public is fighting tooth and nail to stop the Health Care Overhaul, much to Obama's dismay. Even there, he thought his Telepropmter abilities would blow it thru. Now The Olympic Commitee has hurt him where it hust most, His enormous ego.

Congrats, the the I.O.C. on their not being star struck, not selecting Chicgo just because the Boss wants it. This may be not a chink but a gaping hole in Obama's shining Armor. He may have to adjust his taste for adoration, and accept the "Agony of Defeat" ( sports analogy ).

Americans with Brains will see this for what has happened. He can be defeated, it is not impossible. I can only hope, this armor defect, will be only the beginning.

Somebody is going to have to take all the decals "Chicago 2016" off the 747 that was specially prepared.

Have strength of heart my friends, this could be only the beginning. I bet Valerie Jarrett is having a stroke, all that Chicago property (slums) that was going to be used for this at ultra-premium prices is gone. She is going to have to fix them up and call in the Exterminators.

Visit my blog at for more insights as more stories develop..

Mitch Thurmer
Signal Mountain