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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Talking to the Listeners

feel flattered that several Chattanoogan .com readers have requested that I post an opinion piece. I wonder sometimes if anyone reads my rants and it appears so.

I have several issues on my mind, so here we go.

Signal Mountain Red light cams and roving speeding cameras. I have stayed away from this issue for the fact that Chief Veal is a personal friend of mine. He is a man of integrity, but he is a Town employee.The pressure he is feeling is from above. The gentleman who put on the "safety" presentation was trying to "sell" an idea. I posted the income Red Bank received from their cameras, demonstrating what a cash cow they have in their fair town. It is simply amazing the amount of money they have received, with little or no labor required from the police department. That would be a dream job for an officer, reviewing videos all day.writing tickets. Monday thru Friday, 8-5, Take home cruiser, retirement, insurance, holidays off, all the other perks. Even with my disability, I could do that job.The citizens have no recourse, pay it or get a further citation, pay the price. I know of no one who has tried to fight it in Red Bank, They have you dead to right. Over $600,000 in 6 months is not bad, if Signal Mtn gets 25 %, they are rolling.Chief Veal will try to push back, but the Town Council and the powers that be will use him as a fall guy. He will take the heat and they take the money. Every officer has a take home car now, I honestly don't know how they will spend their days. Another note, Concerned citizens in a town up north which slips my mind, a group of 50 peaceful citizens surrounded a speed van, blocking the view. The van left. I am sure in Red Bank, They would have be escorted to the county jail, interfering with official police business. I guess civil disobedience is against the law.

One of the other contributors alluded that Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Haniity, and the other Talk Radio personalities are pushing for dangerous actions that their listeners may do. The freedom of speech is under attack by the White House targeting FOX news7. I am an avid listeners to these three patriots. I buy their books. The truth is always scolded, criticized, and pushed aside. There are Americans who still believe in the Constitution and free Speech. Wrongdoers, when subjected to the light of truth, scream discrimination. The "Chicago Way" of doing political business has come to Washington. I am not saying there was not corruption before,but it has grown by leaps and bounds. Glen Beck had a monologue the other day that struck home. With every issue that the govt is pushng, another person would say Why. This went on for 10 minutes. One Example, " we need health care reform now!" "Why" Because people are dying" "why" " Because they they don't have health care" "Why" " Because the govt wont act" "Why" " because the Republicans wont act" "Why" You get my drift.
Our Grandchildren and probably their children are saddled with Obama's "Emergency" actions.10 months in office, how is that Hope and change working for you ?

Bribery of the Social Security Recipients. I am on SSDI due to an illness, So is my wife We did not select this, nor did we want it. We were both on the corporate ladder of Major Corporations and had a very bright future. The Illnesses stepped in and slapped us in the face and we made sacrifices. This year, despite the govt spending money like it's going out of style.We received word that we would not receive any cost of living increases for at least 2 more years. I researched the Medicare site and their cost will increase and average of $10 per month. Medicare part D, for Scripts coverage will go up about $ 10 also. But the real kicker is the the co-pay for the meds, will go up also, with some meds moving into a different tier, which can greatly increase the cost per script. Bottom line, We are getting burned on Medicare. And with Obamacare coming, Who knows what will happen as we haven't seen the bill in it's final form. The Bribery that is sopposed to warm our hearts and endear our leader to us is the "proposed" $250 per recipient which yet has to pass Congress.

While on the subject of Congress, They have voted themselves a raise this year, increased the great Medical coverage they have.

Now to to the Obama's. It's the little thing that count. While trying to influence he I..O.C. with their charisma, They flew on two separate jet,s, to Paris. How about that saving and sacrifice

Mitch Thurmer
Signal Mountain

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