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Monday, October 12, 2009

Where is the money for the Disabled, Obama recieved a Noble Peace Prize for this, must read.

I have a relative who has a wife and two young children. His Back is a wreck. I saw a MRI report from his last attempt to work, which ended in an Ambulance Ride to a Hospital. He cannot work any longer, period. He can't sit or stand for any period of time. He cannot lift objects of any weight. Too many years of heavy work in Sawmills and such have ended his career at 40 years of age.

His wife works for a local Hospice Service, going as hard as she can. The two children need medical care and last Friday, her Helath Insurance kicked in. She is paying almost $ 400 per month on the Insurance. The On job Injury, occured in Texas. The Workman's Comp has not paid the Medical Bills there and they are recieving ongoing threats of Lawsuits from there. No Attorney in Chattanooga is interested in pursuing the case in Texas for some reason I do not understand. They are living in a 1 bedroom effeciency in Sequatchie County.

She went to the local SETHRA Office and inquired about schedule 8 housing assistance, as they not going to make it. The Sethra Office says they have over 200 applicants for this assistance, but they have no money.

Well, I have gotten involved, heres the story.
SETHRA says they have not recieved any funds for the Housing. SETHRA covers 9 Counties in SE Tennessee. I asked the SETHRA rep where they get their funds. She advised me the Federal Government, HUD. I went to the HUD website, and researched funding for Schedule 8. The website advised that funds are sent to the "cities".
I called HUD's office in Knoxville. The lady I got on the phone did not want to even give her name. Finally she said something, but you could not understand it. She said, Money is available, thru the cities. I called, the City of Dunlap, and inquired about this information. The lady there, named Kathy, said The City, never has had that money, it all goes to SETHRA and they hanlde that.
I called Sethra back, could not get ahold of anyone and left another message for them to call. Of course, today being Columbus Day, I am sure all these offices are closed.

I noticed some glaring conflicts on the SETHRA site, which bother me.For an Organization which is out of money, why are they staffed and open ? If they can't do anything, where is the money coming from for the services.

Here is a list of their Services:
Community Corrections
Misdemeanor Probation
Community Services Team
Housing Team ( Who I talked to, two seperate people then)
Elderly Support Team
Executive Team
Fiscal Team
Youth Programs
Transportation team

Feel Free to visit their website at
It will explain how they work. I have a real problem when you have an organization taking Federal Funds, being Top-Heavy after looking at the Website.

If there is a situation where over 200 families are asking for help and no one is reacting, something is really wrong. The Obama Administration is spending money at a record pace. Why can't I get a simple answer to a question. Everybody I spoke with talked in circles and pointed at each other. It's not their problem. Well here's a newsflash, it is their Problem and I am going to turn up the heat.

Mitchell Thurmer
Signal Mountain.

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