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Friday, May 28, 2010

I have got to admit the truth about MS

I was diagnosed 20 years ago this month. I can honestly say the Doctors have done a pretty good job of managing the MS, what little they can do.

The truth is there is not a whole lot they can do. They can treat the pain with opiates, but, after 20 years the dosage gets higher and higher. The DEA and all the other government agencies have the doctors and pharmacists scared to death. I have to admit the meds all just treat the symptoms, period.

Sadly, you are judged by the others who don't have a clue as to what you are dealing with. You can't even tell your relatives what meds you are on or you will be classed as a druggy.

The last attack I had this week has till got me slowed down. Deanna had to call members of the WRES to come and lift me out of the floor, I could not stand up. I am scared what each episode may bring. If I stayed like that, she could not take care of me. I am getting worse, That is the truth.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What to do when dear friends still think you can do anything with Multiple Sclerosis.

Back in 2001, I was elected as Worshipful Master of Signal Mountain Lodge # 758, Free and Accepted Masons. I had transfered to this Lodge from My Home Lodge, New Providence # 128 in Maryville Tenn back in 1995 or 96. Since becoming a Mason in 1981, this was the Pinnacle at that time of my Masonic Membership.

Like the founders of this Country were mostly Mason's. the Masonic structure of internal Government is structured like our Governement. Each Officer is elected each year, based on his performance in his current position and his vision for the Lodge's success, within the guidlines set by the Grand Lodge of Tennessee.

AT the time, I was on Ritalin for hypersomeulence, in other words, chonic fatigue. In adults, it really turns your crank and there is not much you cannot do. I attack challeneges wide open, started a weekly School of Instruction, and did everything I could to promote the Lodge to the Community. Alot of people did not even know there was a Lodge here on the Mountain.

I also had the challenge of being WM when 9-11 Happened. I had to show the Masonic Family waas ready to step up and help others, if only just to have someone to talk too. The next year on the 1st anniversary, we handed out 500 American Flags at the local Grocery store here on the mountain, Eaach had a labed stating, " Courtesy of Signal Mountain Masonic Lodge # 758, We Will NEVER FORGET. It wwas a huge hit and for a time , we recieived some acknowledgement.

Let me clear something up right now, before anyone freaks, Masonry is based on the Bible. There is NOTHING negative, prejudicial, or otherwise wrong with this organization. The Motto is, " To make good Men Better ". The Master is a title that has been stated as such since King Solomon's time and does does show that this man is any higher up the "ladder" than any other Mason. We are all on the "Level". just someone has to lead for a year term. I had the honor of being the first Master to serve 2 years back to back, and hold that today.

The last 10 years has seen a worsening in my condition. I get tired quicker, fatigue kicks my but, The is also a Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star at the Lodge and they are experiencing a period of growth. They want the Masons to support them, of course we will. The problem I face is 1 practice/school a week and 1 stated meeting per month is about all I can handle, plus what I try to do at home.

My friends, based on my past performance think I can roll right into everything that's needed, some repaired, helping the ladies advertise a monthly breakfast open to the public every 4th Saturday. I can't participate. I may get to come and eat sometimes but I can't be the go to guy I was 10 years ago. I don't look much different, maybe a little grayer, But I am not the same fireball I was then.

MS causes this problem and I am sure there is not a one of those of us who have this mess who hasn't experienced what i am talking about. It's just something I am going to have to try to get it across. And then of course there is the feeling you are letting them down..

Just another episode in this Merry Go Round

More to come, Mitch