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Thursday, August 21, 2008

After the Doctor appt and now the heat plus cost of living !!!!

As most MS patients know, heat sensitivity can really be bad. My wife Deanna is cold natured. We sit out on the porch every morning before starting our day, drinking coffee and watching the squirrels play. If the humidity is just right, even though it's only 70*, I sit there sweating.
I talked to my doctor about this Monday, he said that was part if it, go inside and drink the coffee. Well, we have done this for 30 years, I can't remember a time where we haven't shared this time together. I will keep on.
Back to the Doctor's appt, it was just to get scripts filled. The State of Tennessee in their infinite wisdom will only allow pain meds to be written for a thirty day run. So in real money that is 12 unnecessary co-pays of $20 every year, not including the deductible of $250 at the first of the year.
Also, something else to complain about ( I am really primed today). The TVA, which furnishes power to a lot of the southeast decided yesterday that will increase rates 20% in October, due to increased expenses. The Electric Power Board of Chattanooga will raise their to pass this along.

I believe the 2.3% raise that Social Security recipients received last year is long gone. If I had the patience, I would really like to figure how much the overall cost of living has gone up.

Anyway, I am going to drink some Iced Tea and see if I can calm down, It don't look good but I will try.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Doctor Appointment Day

Well, today it is time for my monthly visit to my primary care provider. In the State of Tennessee, if you are prescribed any narcotics, i.e. Muscle Relaxers, Tranquilizers, or Pain Meds as part of your treatment, you must be seen monthly.
This causes added expense thru co-pays, fuel, everybody knows the drill. I was diagnosed 18 years ago last May, and have been on some type of Pain med since then. The Doctor also requests you bring your meds with you. I WILL NOT BRING ANY OF THE THREE LISTED ABOVE. I bring the empty bottles. Here's why and every MS paitent needs to know this.

My wife has Meniere's Disease and Fibromyalgia. She has taken the above medications for years.
She was arrested for D.U.I. in Maryville, Tennessee in 2006. She had a minor accident with the Human Resources manager for that counties government, strike 1. When the police arrive, 3 officers went to the HR managers car, 1 to her. When he asked her if she had any drugs, she said yes, my prescriptions, strike 2. I had just traded vehicles with her and had my 357 magnum pistol in the console. I have a carry permit but rushed our trade because I was going to recover our Boston Terrier which had been stolen 2 weeks earlier, strike 3, Get charged with D.U.I., possesion of "drugs" and going "armed". The Officer on finding the weapon said he could have shot her between the eyes.

Anyway, it gets much worse, but I am not going into now. One very important thing you must know, she told the Officer she had Meniere's disease and had bad balance problems. He did not care, she was drunk he said because she failed the field sobriety test. Hell, I can't pass it either.

The Judge threw all this mess out. But it did cost us $2500 in legal fees. Each of you, please review carrying your meds. We are in a catch 22.
Any questions, feel free to ask.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Election Day Aug 7, 2008, Signal Mtn.,TN

Well, being the responsoible person I am, I voted today. It was a State Primary and local Sheriff and School Board Seat election.
The reason I am so moved to discuss it is, The local schools here in Signal Mountain are growing. A new High School opens next week and a new middle school also. The biggest news is a group known as Friends of Signal Mtn. High School has sold the classrooms. Yes, I am serious. For, $35,000 YOU can have your name placed on a classroom. For $650,000 , you can your own stadium named after you. Well, I guess you see where this is going.
These people think they can make this their own private school. That is the mantra being spoken at the Soccer Mom corners. Those people will not be allowed. I am mad, yes mad. People struggling to live and these self centered, pompus, mule behinds are trying to take over.
Be afraid, Very Afraid.
I've got to go de-stress, I get worked up at the thought.