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Monday, May 16, 2011

A Open Letter I wrote for Laura's Graduation

What changes your life ?

Deanna and I were in our mid thirties when the glorious news came that Beth, Philip’s wife was going to have a baby. Becoming Grand Parents in your thirties is hard to wrap your mind around. Being that my Grand Parents were late in life when I was born, I thought all Grand Parents were grayed, very wise about all things and above all, had a Grand Mother’s house. It was also a must that a Grand Mother wear an apron, the mention of that to Deanna did not go well.The last must have, all Grand Kids have a Grand Mother’s house. It has to be on a farm or a least look
“ Country “, wooden framed, with a barn to explore and such. When I spotted the home in Loudon while Deanna was in Chattanooga that day, it was a “Grand Mother’s House”. I signed the paper that day and bought it while she was gone.

Don’t misunderstand, we were thrilled. Deanna went into a “nesting” mode. She decorated a room for the new baby at our home. The rest of the house was transforming, with a Teddy Bear here, another childlike decor item there, until the whole house was just so for the arrival of this wonderful new gift God had chosen to bring into our lives. Then she started on Philip and Beth’s home. There had to be wallpaper borders, the crib in a certain position, plenty of the best Battenburg linens you could find. I could walk thru the house and move a pillow a half an inch and her watchful eye would know it.

September 28 finally arrived. We rushed to Chattanooga from Loudon, breaking I am sure several Speed Limits on the way, we simply could not be late. We waited and waited, and did I mention waited. Finally, Laura was born. I remember when we were allowed into the room after the birth, Deanna holding Laura for the first time. It is impossible for me to put into words what I saw then. Deanna was cradling the baby in her arms and she simply glowed. People that know us both rarely find us speechless, but this was it. I will never forget the look of absolute joy on Deanna’s face. A baby so perfect, created by the almighty, was nestled in her arms. When it came my time to hold her, I did not know about babies. In my mind they they were like a piece of fine china. I was a wreck, was I supporting her neck right, enough pressure on the bottom, is she upright so she can breathe, what am I going to do wrong that will injure this perfect child ? But, I did not break her and looked deep into her eyes knowing something that I had read was now true. An author, whose name I cannot recall once wrote,” When you meet your Grand Child at birth look deep into their eyes. You have just met the person who will be holding your hand and looking into your eyes with immeasurable Love when it is time for you to pass on.”

The years have passed and the Birthdays, Christmas Celebrations, and other family events have come and gone. We have witnessed Laura grow from a baby thru the adolescent years, the freckles, and seeming to grow and inch every time we looked at her. The years have passed too quickly. We have pictures scattered thru the house of Laura growing up but they are simply moments frozen in time. Our minds have to fill in the blanks. One of my cherished memories is that when we lived in Loudon, we were probably 100 yards from a Norfolk Southern main railway line that had been used since the Civil War. We had the Grandmother’s House required Porch Swing and Laura and I would spend countless hours watching the trains go by. She was small enough that “safety first” me would always keep a hand on her stomach, fearing she would fall out. Every, and I mean every train that came by received Laura’s greeting. “High Train” when it appeared and “Bye Train’ as the last car went by. When it was time to go in, way after dark, she did not want to go, still waiting for the next train to appear.

Laura gave us both a precious gift when she was very young that has endured the years and will last forever. Soon after learning to say her first words, Deanna became “Nana” and I was named “Papa” The names have endured over the years and were passed down to each Grand Child. We Thank Laura for this and will always cherish it. Every time I am called Papa, I think of Laura giving me such a wonderful name. Deanna and I wear these Badges of Honor proudly and will keep them forever, regardless how old the Grand Kids are, there will always be a Nana and Papa’s house to come home to.

Fast forward thru the years. While excelling in Formal education, Laura was studying with a purpose. She has been called by God to work as an Missionary. She has already traveled the world to countries that her Nana and Papa can only imagine. She has spread the Good News about Jesus Christ everywhere she has been. She has been a strong Christian Force in our lives and guided us toward the knowledge that we must find the Church we had been searching for. We both now go to Sawyer’s Missionary Baptist Church and we know it was God Almighty working thru Laura that opened our eyes that the Power of Prayer is multiplied 100 fold when praying and worshiping with our Church members. Thank You Laura, Papa finally listened.

I have a video that was taken in Columbia, South Carolina.Mark was graduating from Basic Training in the Army and we drove down to see him graduate. Laura was still a toddler, maybe 3. I had the video camera out, filming everybody getting ready. Laura was all dollied up by Nana, with a beautiful Bow in her hair. She was laying across the bed on her stomach, still sleepy after all the work she had been thru. I was filming and she slowly raised her head, looked straight into the camera and simply said with a smile, “ I am sleepy Papa “ and her head went straight down back into the pillow. To this day, I still see this sleepy headed Doll-Baby.

The years have passed and now we celebrate the Graduation of Laura from Tennessee Temple University. The toddler fishing for moles, taking kittens out of the Garage as fast as we could put them back is all grown up.

We will not lose our cherished memories, any of them. We proudly face the future, a New Chapter in Laura’s life. What memories and moments wait us there, only God knows. I know with God directing her life, she will be wonderful. The future is a mystery yet to be unfolded and your Nana and Papa will be with you all the way thru this great journey.


May 15, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Obama re-election trip to TEXAS, ON OUR DIME

The public relations campaign for President Obama's latest revival of "immigration reform" makes one thing crystal clear: This is not, and never has been, about homeland security. This is not, and never has been, about economic security. It's about political security, plain and cynical.

In conjunction with Tuesday's renewed White House push in Texas for a "new pathway to citizenship" for millions of illegal immigrants, disgruntled Latino activists are ratcheting up their radical anti-enforcement rhetoric. Illinois Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez -- a persistent critic on Obama's left flank -- lambasted federal workplace enforcement raids this weekend. On Sunday, he repeated his hyperbolic attacks on homeland security agents "terrorizing" neighborhoods and ripping babies from the breasts of nursing moms. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano made no public effort to defend her employees.

On campuses across the country, unhappy ethnic college student groups have turned up the heat on Democrats to resurrect the "DREAM Act" nightmare for the 12th time in a decade. The legislation -- persistently rejected by a bipartisan majority on Capitol Hill -- would provide illegal aliens (not just teenagers, but students up to age 35) federal education access and benefits, plus a conditional pass from deportation and a special path toward green cards and U.S. citizenship for themselves and unlimited relatives.

Obama argues that his comprehensive amnesty plan would boost America's bottom line. But the open-borders math doesn't add up. The Congressional Budget Office score of the last DREAM Act package estimates that "the bill would increase projected deficits by more than $5 billion in at least one of the four consecutive 10-year periods starting in 2021." And that doesn't include the costs of the unlimited family members the millions of DREAM Act beneficiaries would be able to bring to the U.S. A separate cost analysis by the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Immigration Studies concluded that the illegal alien DREAM Act bailout would cost taxpayers $6.2 billion a year and "crowd out" U.S. students in the classroom.

To help gloss over those sobering realities and blur the lines between legal and illegal immigration, Obama summoned Latino celebrities such as actresses Eva Longoria and Rosario Dawson. The starlets -- deemed important "stakeholders" in the immigration policy debate by the celebrity in chief -- have served as glamorous distractions from the vocal complaints of Southwest governors, ranchers, farmers and other victims of continued border chaos. These are the real stakeholders whose lives and livelihoods are at risk. But none had a seat at the Hollywood-filled table.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Government in the Gas Can

The Government In The Gas Can
posted May 2, 2011

First, I cannot express my sorrow to the victims of all the tornadoes and straight line winds the area suffered Wednesday. This comment in some ways effects all those trying to get by with generators and such.

Yesterday, I went to the local chain hardware store to purchase a new two gallon gas can. For years they have averaged $4.99 or so. When I found the display, a two gallon can was priced $9.99. I was shocked first and then noticed plastered on the front a big sticker "EPA Approved."

Here's the deal. The can now has a "spill proof" plastic valve that you have to depress to allow fuel to flow. When you release this wonder it stops the flow. Here's the catch that one of our EPA wizards did not notice. When you realize the tank is full and you need to stop the flow, there is still gas trapped in the plastic provided spout. If you are close to full, the spout runs it over. The old design you simply leaned the can back and did not spill any gas.

As usual, the EPA has probably spent untold amounts of money to try and improve a product that has existed for years. There was probably even a lab mouse involved in this study.

Also, if you happen to be arthritic, you can't open the stupid valve with one hand.

I know in light of the tragedy that surrounds us this is small, but to those that are buying such cans by the hundreds for chain saws and emergency equipment, the EPA is in your wallet.

Can't these people just leave us alone?

Mitchell Thurmer
Signal Mountain

I apologige

To those of you that read my Blog, I apologize for no posts. MS and other personal problems have taken my time and I pledge to get back to it...Mitch

Bin Laden sleeps with the Fishes and other stuff

First, Bin Laden is Dead, Nay Seal Team Six blowed him away after years of searching. I congrat George Bush, Obama simply had the tools already at work. Glad the Man is Dead and Gone to Hell, Over.

On April 27, Tornadoes simple clobbered the area, with Death and Destruction. Ringgold Ga is almost off the map. People have no jobs and also most local jobs are gone. It is will be YEARS before these area's have any part of normal back. Prayers to all passed , injured, and without anything.