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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Government in the Gas Can

The Government In The Gas Can
posted May 2, 2011

First, I cannot express my sorrow to the victims of all the tornadoes and straight line winds the area suffered Wednesday. This comment in some ways effects all those trying to get by with generators and such.

Yesterday, I went to the local chain hardware store to purchase a new two gallon gas can. For years they have averaged $4.99 or so. When I found the display, a two gallon can was priced $9.99. I was shocked first and then noticed plastered on the front a big sticker "EPA Approved."

Here's the deal. The can now has a "spill proof" plastic valve that you have to depress to allow fuel to flow. When you release this wonder it stops the flow. Here's the catch that one of our EPA wizards did not notice. When you realize the tank is full and you need to stop the flow, there is still gas trapped in the plastic provided spout. If you are close to full, the spout runs it over. The old design you simply leaned the can back and did not spill any gas.

As usual, the EPA has probably spent untold amounts of money to try and improve a product that has existed for years. There was probably even a lab mouse involved in this study.

Also, if you happen to be arthritic, you can't open the stupid valve with one hand.

I know in light of the tragedy that surrounds us this is small, but to those that are buying such cans by the hundreds for chain saws and emergency equipment, the EPA is in your wallet.

Can't these people just leave us alone?

Mitchell Thurmer
Signal Mountain

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