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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Medicare Cuts, Really need some thought

I spend my spare time listening to Talk Radio, and only watch Fox News, to attempt to get the truth.
Being dependent on Medicare A,B, and D, also a recpient of SSDI, I depend perhaps too much on the Gov't for my very exstsence.
I have an unique situation, though not a pleasant issue, still very worrysome.

My father died at 58, with Colon Cancer, before public awareness was high. When diagnosed he demanded his brother and 4 sisters be checked. Well, His brother had it then, 2 other sisters had polyps. In the end a total of 4 have died of Colon Cancer since 1982.

Needless to say, I am at risk. I had my first Colonoscopy at 25 and have had one every 3 years since. I have had various polyps removed thru the years. One Doctor tried to talk me into an exam every 5 years instead of 3, I switched doctors.

If Obama makes his cuts in Medicare to pay for this explosion of spending, will I be cut back to 7 years or more. If they find a polyp, even a small one, do they have to leave it until "next time".

If they make cuts just on this one issue, how many thousand of lives can be affected, who knows.

Being that I will have no alternative to do as they say, will I face the possibility of an early death to a very preventable disease.

Everyone over 50 must have this done, it's not bad, believe me. The prep is uncomfortable, but the actual procedure is nothing. I have gotten off the table and gone to Cracker Barrel for Breakfast, due to the advancement in meds that bring you out quickly.

Please look at this one example and see if there is a condition that requires maintenance. Look, really hard. The "Death advisors" might be at your home for a reason that could have been prevented.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The US 127 Yard Sale and it's review, 634 miles

The World's Largest Yard sale and what it means to the local residents

U.S. Hwy 127 Stretches from West Unity , Ohio to Gadsden, Alabama. A total of 634 Miles.

U.S. 127 is not some 4 lane highway that moves along quickly, It moves through rural areas of states. Kinda gives you that homey feeling. Money, as in all things, seems to be the driving force behind this enterprise. Residents and small businesses along the route profit from dividng their road frontage into rentalable spots, That is the first income.Next, you have other residents who collect "stuff" all year for "the sale". Some towns, such as Signal Mountain, TN and Walden, TN have passed laws forbiding sales in their areas. But, when you clear that town or city limit, it's Katy bar the door. I live in a pure county area, open for all to set up. About 1/2 mile from me there is a gentleman who has a beautiful, large yard, he has been setting up tents for 2 weeks. Then there is the Lone Oak Civic Center/Fire Dept/And I even think there is a church meets there too, I don't know. They have all kinds of space and are more that happy to rent all they can.

The victims of this fiacso is the residents that live along US 127. I can't speek for Alabama or the other states. but this mountain is a great area to live in. The sale was only supposed to start last Thursday and end today because school starts, but it really got wound up about a week ago. Believe it or not I even saw someone selling a 2 holer seat out of an outside toilet, that would be nice to hang in you home, I guess.

For 1 week, It has been near impossible to get around up here. I was coming home yeasterday and got in site of my driveway, I jumped the ditch, drove down the bank, got my mail and defiantely got in my truck and parked as usual. The Traffic Friday Was Bumper to Bumper from here to the Signal Mtn Traffic Light. I had to go to the drug store and used the back trails to get


The headquarters for this sale is in Jamestown, Tn. I am sure it has become a cash cow for many. I would love to know how the powers that that be charge profit from this, I assure it is not out of the goodness of their hearts. Three years ago ago they tried a weeklong sale, weekend thru weekend, it did not work out.

They say when you complain, have a solution. Why not have it the fall of the year whe it's not in the 90's. also, run the route thru areas of sale. Like VERY rural areas where farmers would be happy to rent a 30 acre field, not in my front yard.

I guess I am the talk of the Mtn, I posted a yellow caution tape on stakes driven into the ground, surrounding the property. Two reason, One morning my first year here, I woke up to have a front yard full of vehicles, the next morning, was sitting on the back porch with my wife about8 o'clock drinking coffee when 4 people came walking around the house. That was it.

My yard looks like a crime scene, sorry, last time I chacked it was mine, not the Jamestown powers that be,,,

Have a good day, Mitch

And the Health care rages and My Fears !

And the Healthcare battle rages

Being the fact that I am the odd combination of Conservative and Social Security Disability Recipient (SSDI), my observations on the Obamacare bill are a little different.

I am totally dependent on the government for my survival, not to mention my wife, who is also a SSDI recpeient. Mine is due to Multiple Sclerosis and her's a combination of Meniere's Disease and Fibromyalgia.

I am an avid listener of Neal Boortz, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Fred Thompson, with a smattering of Monica Crowley mixed in. I am an avid, almost addicted to Fox News, knowing that I can believe what they say, nothing can be more obvious because I make it a point to watch one of Major Networks each evening during their nightly broadcast. By keeping them accountable, the bias and love affair they have for Barrack Hussein Obama is very obvious. Sometimes it is unbelieveable the stark difference that appears.

Alright, lets get to the Healthcare bill. I have two trains of thought on this. 1, the provisions and vague wording they have written can be interpreted in many ways, Which is really scary. You read the wording one way, and it is all good, If you read it from a controlling stand point, the American Public will become pawns, their lives and exsistence based on their age, are they worth being saved, etc.

The second thought I have is this is all a cover. Bring the full attention of the American People to something they will be consumed with, and underneath, pass all the legislation you want, changing everything. Then, without a fight, the Obamamites have slipped you a mickey and you liked it.

I have had critics read my opinions and critize me for being on SSDI and having enough since to take note and voice and opinion. They have said that they resent the fact I am on SSDI and have the gall to speak out against the very government that supports me. I DID NOT ask to be in the position I am in. I do have cognitive problems at times, but I have a right to a voice and a right to speak for myself.

A 1300 and growing page bill, with every commitee and his dog adding their goodies, has no end. I am concerned naturally about what cuts Medicare will face. For instance, I have to have an MRI every 3-4 years to compare disease progression in my brain. I recently had one and am very proud to announce that thanks for Betaseron ( Which I qualify as a hardship case on), has kept me from having no progression in the disease. They cannot undo the damage that has been done, nor can they prevent the worsening of my symptoms, but these people are angels. Betaseron runs between $1800 and $2200 per month. When I saw my co-pay under Medicare D, it was going to exceed $ 500 per month. I contacted Bayer/Betaseron and they did not bat an eye, $ 75.00 per for three months supply. They have saved ny life.

I want to know, not it Lawyer Language, what is the paln for Medicare A,B, and D.Our co-pays on fixed income. If the choose to cut our benefit d, Increase co-pays, we are thrown to wolves.
My doctor, who is Hell on wheels, urged me to write everybody, stop the insanity. He has a max percentage of 30% Medicare. He looked me in the eye and told me, I don't make money seeing you, I do it to help you. He makes his money on private insurage clients, period. He knew a female doctor who allowed her Medicare to go to 50%. she is no longer in practice.

He told me to stay in practice he may have to go to a retainer, like a Attorney. He threw a number up like $ 2500, that we would have to pay to keep him as our doctor. I will find a way if needed, don't know how, but I can't be withought a doctor. There is much in this bill we don't know and considering it's "urgency" that scares me to death. He has already rammed down bills, saying the world was going to end unless we act mow. We cannot believe this man any longer.

He is as slick as they come. He has hidden agendas, I know it. I don't believe their is an honest bone in his body..

I guess my speaking out will put me on the hot list in the White House, and quite frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.
Also, by the way, I receieved one of the emails that Major Garrett from Fox News brought up, much to the dismay of Robert Gibbs. And remember, Gibbs told Grrett not to make faces, bullcrap. Garrett is an excelent reported and if Gibss realizes the Love Fest is over with the press, he may not be able to kep his job much longer, Big Loss.

The very fact hat the White House would establish a website for people to Rat on Americans speaking their mind, is almost like the Third Reich, you squeal on the patriots, making them a target.

Well, I though about going to Flag. com or whatever it is and turning myself in as an American Patriot, what are they going to do? call me in for an SSDI audit every month? Probably.
They think they hold the cards, but the American Public has the keys to the Kingdon. I hope in 2010, every one of the Obamamites are voted out and replaced by conservatives. I am pissed and scared at the same time. I wish my communities would quit having Obamagasms over VW coming to town and stand up.The Federal Government, State of Tennessee, Hamilton County and The City of Chattanooga paid dearly for Chattanooga to be "chosen".

I am going to read the entire bill, If I can stay awake long enough.Then there are the ammendments coming from both houses, with their own twist on this.

But I firmly believe, this is a Smoke Screen for something else to slip under the radar. I pray there is a Conservative out there watching the ignored little back door sessions. Let's say the cut Med D down to nothing, My wife and I are destroyed at the hands of our own government.

One last VERY Important Point , Glen Beck mentioned he had 8 million radio listeners, 3.5 million TV watchers and various othere groups that follow his blogs and such. He assigned us a solem charge, pick one czar, and using the internet, review and verify everything this person has ever done. Considering our President has already aoppointed a confimed Communist to over see the "Green" movement, what other little dirty secrets have we yet to discover.

Let's do this in a professional manner, put out facts in a reasonable order, and when we are ready, forward the info return reciept requested. This could be end of the maddness.

I have given you my opinion on cash for clunkers, there are a lot of seniors who have paid what they had to get a vehicle as nice as I have seen the mechanics gleefully dispose of. Even if the senior had a 1968 Comet and paid 500 for a 1991 Lincoln President that was in great shape. Destroy the Comet, not a vehicle that is a getting 19 MPG and is in great condition. Why not just trade the Lincoln for the comet even and destroy the Comet. I guess that would have been too simple. If the Government was going to spend $4500, why not help someone. The damn government owned the vehicle they destroyed, alot of Americans couple have been helped...

Your Brother in Arms
Mitchell Thurmer
Signal Mountain

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Cash for Clunkers Program, Death by GOVT

Yesterday. My son Mark was interested in the Cash for Clunkers program and went vehicle shopping. They looked at some new vehicles and used as well. They had a 1996 Chevrolet 2 DR Tahoe, 5.7 litre V8, Type LT trim, Leather interior, Great looking and running vehicle. They did trade for 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 4.7 litre V8, Very nice vehicle and after I checked all the NADA info this morning, they got a very good Deal. This WAS NOT under the clunker program because they traded for a used vehicle.

I had asked Mark to find out what happened to the clunker vehicles under the program. For some reason, it made since to me to take the really good vehicles, which the govt had just put $ 4500 in to and given to the dealer, to send the good ones to some type of lot where those of us who are on Social Security, fixed incomes, or just plain poor could pick up a great vehicle for say $ 1000 and the money go back to the govt. I don't mean vehicles that smoke, rattle or are a piece of junk, good older vehicles that could for instance help a 16 year old get their first car without breaking the bank..

When he returned, with his trade, he told me ALL vehicles ran thru the program would have the oil drained out and a mixture of metal shavings, silica, and other chemicals put into the engine and ran until it destroyed itself. This morning I went to You Tube and saw repeatedly some very nice vehicles destroyed on video. The mechanics who did this really got a kick out of blowing the engines.

I am not an enviromentalist, but on more than one occasion, the prooduct added to the engine blew all over the ground, clouds of noxious gases were produced. Where is the EPA in all of this ? The ground is contaminated. Let you or I spill a quart of used oil on the ground and all Hell breaks loose.

I had thought about the program some when introduced. My wife and I have a 1994 Jeep Cherokee, purchased new, that has and continues to be a great vehicle. I recently had to re-tag it this year and the required emissions tester at the State of Tennessee station could not believe that it had so low emissions, she stated that it was better than some new vehicles she tests.

Our Cherokee has served us well, the paint looks new, really. Most people cannot believe it is a 1994. Our credit is bad, due to the State of Tennessee killing a State run Healthcare plan called Tenncare, where everyone was insured. (Sound Familiar). After Tenncare was killed, we were left with no insurance, and before you think I had free Healthcare, I paid premiums every month, ranging from $ 65 to $ 358, depending on their whim at the time. You did not dare ask why, because when you asked a question, you had just made an appeal and set in moition another nightmare. You would recieve a letter saying that your Tenncare would not be terminated right now, until after the hearing, just for asking a simple question. And now Obama tells me they can do a better job than the Medicare I am on, of course with cuts.

Back to the Cherokee. I have spent the last 2 hours watching gleefull mechanics applying the Death sentence to some really nice vehicles. Like I said, not all are worth keeping, but some SSDI recepients with really bad vehicles would have been very happy to buy some of these on a government financing of saying $ 1000 and the Govt would have gotten a little money back, but not Obamaworld. That would be too simple.

I am going to keep my 1994 Cherokee as long as I can. My wife loves it and would break my fingers at the thought of getting rid of her baby. I can do minor repairs. Some very well qualified mechanics have told me that engine should go in excess of 300,000 miles easy. My 1998 Ranger XLT Extended cab 4wd is the same way, it looks like new and runs like new. I will keep it until the wheels fall off, and then,probably repair it and keep going.

The real reason for the clunker program was to give the card dealers and manufacturers a shot in the arm, not for the enviroment or to improve mileage. It was a scam to sell vehicles and I guess make the highways more attractive with shiny new vehicles, making us all think under Obama's guidance, we are doing much better. Alot of people are adding vehicle payments they can not afford. What bailout comes next when they can't make the payments and the lots are full of repos. Sounds familiar there too, just look at the foreclosures.

The American people are thought to be gullible by our leaders. Just jump out there and help America, go more in debt, like Biden said, "spend money, pay taxes, it's patriotic".

The Tax cofers will increase due to sales taxes, the owners of their more effecient vehicles will drive more, increasing gasoline demand. Gas prices will go up, and so goes the spiral.

When I see all these new owners zipping down the road in the lawn mower with a cab and seats, I am going to wave. I have cold air, a good ride, 2 great vehicles. Being an old car guy, the destruction on video of some fine vehicles really bothers me. Something else could have been done. Another solution, if you saw an 70 year old woman driving her 1968 Buick to the store, she would have been very happy to have a 2001 Crown Victoria given to her with a working Air Conditioner.

This could have been a great idea, as usual, the gov't couldn't think it through and take the easy way out, The Crusher

Mitch Thurmer

Watch this video, bring the kleenex

Episode #165 - Death of a Clunker On You Tube