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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Medicare Cuts, Really need some thought

I spend my spare time listening to Talk Radio, and only watch Fox News, to attempt to get the truth.
Being dependent on Medicare A,B, and D, also a recpient of SSDI, I depend perhaps too much on the Gov't for my very exstsence.
I have an unique situation, though not a pleasant issue, still very worrysome.

My father died at 58, with Colon Cancer, before public awareness was high. When diagnosed he demanded his brother and 4 sisters be checked. Well, His brother had it then, 2 other sisters had polyps. In the end a total of 4 have died of Colon Cancer since 1982.

Needless to say, I am at risk. I had my first Colonoscopy at 25 and have had one every 3 years since. I have had various polyps removed thru the years. One Doctor tried to talk me into an exam every 5 years instead of 3, I switched doctors.

If Obama makes his cuts in Medicare to pay for this explosion of spending, will I be cut back to 7 years or more. If they find a polyp, even a small one, do they have to leave it until "next time".

If they make cuts just on this one issue, how many thousand of lives can be affected, who knows.

Being that I will have no alternative to do as they say, will I face the possibility of an early death to a very preventable disease.

Everyone over 50 must have this done, it's not bad, believe me. The prep is uncomfortable, but the actual procedure is nothing. I have gotten off the table and gone to Cracker Barrel for Breakfast, due to the advancement in meds that bring you out quickly.

Please look at this one example and see if there is a condition that requires maintenance. Look, really hard. The "Death advisors" might be at your home for a reason that could have been prevented.

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