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Monday, August 17, 2009

The US 127 Yard Sale and it's review, 634 miles

The World's Largest Yard sale and what it means to the local residents

U.S. Hwy 127 Stretches from West Unity , Ohio to Gadsden, Alabama. A total of 634 Miles.

U.S. 127 is not some 4 lane highway that moves along quickly, It moves through rural areas of states. Kinda gives you that homey feeling. Money, as in all things, seems to be the driving force behind this enterprise. Residents and small businesses along the route profit from dividng their road frontage into rentalable spots, That is the first income.Next, you have other residents who collect "stuff" all year for "the sale". Some towns, such as Signal Mountain, TN and Walden, TN have passed laws forbiding sales in their areas. But, when you clear that town or city limit, it's Katy bar the door. I live in a pure county area, open for all to set up. About 1/2 mile from me there is a gentleman who has a beautiful, large yard, he has been setting up tents for 2 weeks. Then there is the Lone Oak Civic Center/Fire Dept/And I even think there is a church meets there too, I don't know. They have all kinds of space and are more that happy to rent all they can.

The victims of this fiacso is the residents that live along US 127. I can't speek for Alabama or the other states. but this mountain is a great area to live in. The sale was only supposed to start last Thursday and end today because school starts, but it really got wound up about a week ago. Believe it or not I even saw someone selling a 2 holer seat out of an outside toilet, that would be nice to hang in you home, I guess.

For 1 week, It has been near impossible to get around up here. I was coming home yeasterday and got in site of my driveway, I jumped the ditch, drove down the bank, got my mail and defiantely got in my truck and parked as usual. The Traffic Friday Was Bumper to Bumper from here to the Signal Mtn Traffic Light. I had to go to the drug store and used the back trails to get


The headquarters for this sale is in Jamestown, Tn. I am sure it has become a cash cow for many. I would love to know how the powers that that be charge profit from this, I assure it is not out of the goodness of their hearts. Three years ago ago they tried a weeklong sale, weekend thru weekend, it did not work out.

They say when you complain, have a solution. Why not have it the fall of the year whe it's not in the 90's. also, run the route thru areas of sale. Like VERY rural areas where farmers would be happy to rent a 30 acre field, not in my front yard.

I guess I am the talk of the Mtn, I posted a yellow caution tape on stakes driven into the ground, surrounding the property. Two reason, One morning my first year here, I woke up to have a front yard full of vehicles, the next morning, was sitting on the back porch with my wife about8 o'clock drinking coffee when 4 people came walking around the house. That was it.

My yard looks like a crime scene, sorry, last time I chacked it was mine, not the Jamestown powers that be,,,

Have a good day, Mitch

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