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Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Death of Oscar, My Best Friend

On Thursday Night, Oscar Passed on after a short but courageous battle against lymphoma.

On Thanksging, he was his great self, the Gentleman in the Black tuxedo. I am forever endebited to my Sister in Law, Adeline for taking some fantstic solo photos of him that day. He was sitting up in a chair outside and to look at him, never would have guessed he was termnaly ill.

On Monday, when I got up, he walked as though he was lost. He was afriad to take a step except to walk toward me or Deanna's voice. I had no idea he was blind, even though his eyes had some white spots. On Tuesday we took him to the local vet, a very kindly lady by the name of Leslie. She examined him and found torn retina's, he was blind.

I knew, we could make it thru this. She said at that moment he was in perfect health. He was not even overweight, despite Deanna on me about overfeeding him. We brought him home that day and he seemed to adjust to surroundings. I read up on his condition and everyone said the Bostons are so smart, they will learn the house and do well.

We, Tuesday, I went to the Lodge for a monthly meeting and he started having severe seizures while I was gone, shaking so hard he was suffering, Deanna took him back to vet with him so sick and after pulling blood work, Diagnosed, Lymphoma. Deanna was heartbroken and well as Adeline who went with her. I called Deanna as I was Leaving Chattanooga and she gave me the bad news.

When I got home, Deanna was exhausted. We got ready for bed and his seizures seemed further apart. About 11:30 I heard him seizing and I picked him up and we sat in my chair in the Living Room.

He seized from 11:30 PM until 4:30 PM concastantly, you could not see where one ended and the other started, he fought it so hard. That morning, Wednesday, I had an Doctor Appt and Deanna watched him constantly. More Seizures. I don't know where he got the strength, he had the heart of a lion. All day he fought, with some breaks between. He did get up a little when I carried him out to pee . We put him to bed that night, both exhausted, just wanting to rest.

The Next morning I got up and he was gone, still laying in the same position he laid down in. Rigor had set up but I massaged his leg muscles and was able to lay him on his stomach, head resting on his paws like I had seen him a thousand times. We had to go to Chattanooga so we left him covered until we got home.

My Dear Sister in Law, Adeline and my Brother in Law, Benny, dug his grave while we were gone, so many thanks for so much work. We stopped and bought a strong tote that would allow him to lay on his cover, have his favorite toys with him and then his favorite blanket on top of him. After he was placed in the coffin, it was duct taped over and over, to seal it up. We had to dig the grave about 6 inches deeper to accomadate the coffin.

We are going to check with the local funeral home and see if we can get a small piece of Granite with his name on it.

There will never be another oscar, it would be unfair to compare him to a new puppy, Our hearts ache, But he will always be with US.
Rest In Peace Buddy

Mitch and Deanna

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Chnaging the Title of my Blog

After deep thought and consideration, I removed the Institute thing from my title. We don't live on Signal anymore, we live in Polk County, TN. I tried to create an Institute, hoping for feedback and deep thought. Never really got any. I feel alone on the Blog world, only have 2 followers. I need to write more and therefore be more visible. Get Ready, I will probably start ranting on a bi-daily basis, about everything I see and hear. Mitch

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Savage Media

I have been very interested in the Republican Presidential Candididate field since Obama was Immaculated.
My interest was really stirred by Herman Cain. Not a Damned Politician, A Businessman, a Gentleman, A guy you would like to sit down to Dinner with!.

Since the rumblings started of "Undisclosed Females" making claims, the Drive By Media has been panting anxiously for more and more. Remember the Eagles song "Dirty Laundry", this is perfect. It has grown to a Painted Lady and then on to #13, you know, 13 long years.

First, does anybody think you could hide an "affair" for 13 years, Yeah Right. I can't even hide who got the last Little Debbie. Maybe it's just my telling looks, Deanna knows me like a book. Being that it surfaced today that a female bodybuilder had to get a Stalking Restraint Order against #13, which way was Herman's Texts coming from.

We have had a Master woman chaser in the White House before, i.e. Mr. Clinton. He brought unknwon amounts of shame upon the Office of the President. When you take an intern into the broom closet and offer her a "Cigar", he sure isn't speaking up on this very important matter is he.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

How I discovered moving to Polk County was the Right Decision

Editor, Polk County News

September 15, 2011

How I learned moving to Polk County was the right decision..

Polk County has many advantages that will attract potential residents, Beauty, a slower pace of life, and many more attributes that I have not room to list.

On Saturday, September 10, I witnessed an event that cemented my decision on moving to Polk County.

I had just made my weekly trip to the dump and as I passed the Courthouse, noticed a gathering of people, a podium, and some individuals in suits. I assumed there was going to be a political observance of the 9/11 tenth anniversary, I was to be pleasntly suprised.

As I approached the group, Mayor Stephens was addressing the attendees, marking the anniversary but also announcing this was going to be a Religous Observance with a list of Ministers to speak. Even the Speakers were not regulated as to what they could speak on, they had Freedom of Speech.

On the Courthouse steps, under a clear blue sky, I listened to Minister after Minister, offering up their Thanks to God for our Country and our continued safety from Terror attacks since 9/11. Each Minister spoke from his heart, repeatedly asked for God's Blessings, and Thanked God for our Blessed lives we each live. I was very moved by each and even more by the location.

If this Prayer Meeting, had been propsed in most counties in this State and even Country, it would have been stopped before it started. I can visualize Police Officers being forced by "The Authorities" to remove each Speaker, The Mayor, and the attendees. The ACLU, the Courts, would have moved quickly to shut this down. The co called seperation of Church and State would have been their banner.

I spoke with Mayor Stephens after the event and Thanked him for sponsoring the event, he an elected offical. He told me " As long as I am the Mayor of this City, this observance and many others, will take place on these steps." I voiced my opinion, Even though I had just moved here, the steps, the grounds, the very building belongs to me. Mayor Stephens immediately agreed with me and supported my opinion that no one can prevent us from standing on these grounds, in peacefull gathering.

This is the reason that I know, I made the correct decision moving to Polk County. This County still has the common sense, the realization that citizens, from the poorest to the wealthiest, own this property. It is our Courthouse, our grounds, and if we as a people, gather on these grounds to display our Thanks to God, it is our RIGHT, not a privledge. The Constituion simply says " The Right to Peacfull Assembly" it does not say if some court aggrees.

I applaude Mayor Stephens, the Ministers, and each and every attendee for excercising these beloved rights. The United States of America was founded in these God given rights and God has shown his favor upon this land since it's beginning. If we, as a people, let these rights slip away, or be denied by a Judicial decision, we lose everything. If that day should come to Polk County, and I pray it never does, the Citizens of this County must stand up in defiance and stand our ground. The United States Governement, the current regime, may try to remove God from our public places, but here, in this Beautiful County, we must not allow this to happen.

If we stand our ground here, I pray it will serve as an example to others and bring others to stand up for their rights and to stand up for God.

Respectfully Submitted to my fellow Citizens, Mitchell E. Thurmer
I have been a regular contributor to, an online newspaper in Chattanooga. My opinions are well known, based on the Constituion, Anchored in Conservatism, and tempered for the disadvantged by a 21 year battle with Multiple Sclerosis.
I welcome comments at thePolk County News and at

Thank You Editor for your consideration..MT 299-9120

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's 2:54 AM, Another Sleepless Night and thoughts on it.

Since July, I have been trying to get Seroquel, a medication that in my case helps me sleep.
The Problem is not a greedy pharmacuetical company or The State of Tennessee Drug Task Force Intrusion. It is my Doctor.
I have been on the med for about 3 years. I advised my Doctor I had trouble sleeping, just could not turn off the thoughts in my head. He prescribed Seroquel, which works very well. It is manufactured by Astra-Zenaca and they have in place a patient assistance program that helps when Medicare Patients hit the donut hole because it is expensive, over $ 300 per month.

90 Days ago, or rather 90 days before the middle of July, I had been accepted into the Astra Zeneca PAP and my 90 day supply was sent to my Doctor. As I saw the medication getting to refill levels, I called A-Z and asked what they needed to refill. The advised me of the fax cover sheet, what must be on it, the script and what must be on it, word by word.

I gave my doctor's nurse, or should I say slave, the list. She does everything but wipe his Ass as it is and he keeps adding more. Anyway, when I did not receive it in the regular time I called A-Z, he did not fill out the cover sheet as I said, He did not see why they needed it. Again I told them, here is what is required. He calls the A-Z program and asks if they want all this, answer yes.

Well, today I checked on the meds with A-Z, something was left off the script. This is Aug 17-18. I emailed the Damn Doctor again withe what MUST be on the Fax. The last Fax/script he screwed up on 8/9 expired in 24 hours when the Doctor's Office would not return phone calls to the PAP. The PAP was trying to fix the problem over the phone to expedite to script, but the Doctor's Office never called them Back.

That is why I am up at 3 o'clock in the morning because my Doctor will not fill out a Damn piece of Paper he should have done right 45 days age.

Later, Mitch

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It has been awhile, so much to catch up on

As I write today, so much has changed. We do not live on Signal Mtn anymore. We have moved to Polk County, the county seat is Benton. We are in the farthest to the right and bottom of the State, Bordering on Georgia and North Carolina.

Now, I want to make something very clear, I am more involved and concerned about "stuff" than ever. National, State, County or City and neighborhood issues, I all observe. I am still going to post to as ever. They will probably say I don't have a right since I am not there , but I am probably not going to say.

Obama is Having Birthday Parties while the Nation is Burning, Like Nero was fiddling while Rome burned. This man is so inept, he has not a clue 1 , or this is his master plan to run the Govt into the Ground and then somehow say he will say it with another 4 year term, Bullshit.

The Plight of the unemployed, the peoples who have simply quit looking for a job is truly being estimating by those not influenced by the Govt to be close to 20%. Social Security Disability Recips like myself are scared to Death. We fear not only that we are again not going to receive a cost of living increase, but we could and will probably see cuts in Medicare and our monthly pentience.

This is really far than my worst fears 20 years ago. I never thought I would see the day when my family's entire exsistence depends on the whims of a bureacrat in Dc who has no idea what is real.

You cannot go to work, that is wrong, even if you could. Big Brother wants us to suffer. As Anthony Hopkins so properly said in "Legends of the Fall"

"Screw Em".

That is becoming one of my favorite expressions, I am afraid I am going to unleash it on a DC Employee

More to Come from Polk County Tennessee

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And Another Thing

Don't you just tired of people trying you what to do all the time

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Cost of Food is going up, Barry !

Well, I just returned from a dreaded trip to the grocery store. I think Mayonaise is made from crude oil. $ 5.69 for Hellmans. Everything is going up, let me make you a short list.

1. Corn Up 100% = this year so far. There goes the Cornbread. SIlos are reported to have the least backup inventory , ever.

2. Sugar, same price, just 3 lbs for the same price as 5, that is what 60%

3. Beef, Forget

4. Pork, used to be reasonable, not now.Organic Bacon, $ 8.99 lb, what the Hell ia an organic Pig, they are a Pig.

5. Obama wants to add a $ 1.00 per gallon tax thru EPA.

6. Any Cereal, All Grains, straight up.

7. Let's not even mention gas.

8. Cooking Oil, Granola Oil. Last year 1 QT was $ 1.29, now $ 3.99

9. Ice Cream, same price but if you hold the carton sideways, 2 inches thick, a Trick

10. Deodorant, Don't know why, regular can Arrid Extra Dry was $ 1.69, now $ 4
I guess we will be like the French, take 1 bath a week.

This was a true professional study, just a mad shopper ..


The MS HUG is not out of affection

After I went to my Dr to determine what was the source of the pain/snapping/rubber band stretching/weird stuff going on in my left flank, I really did not get help.

He sent me to get a CT of my Kidney to make sure I did not have a stone. Well, Of course, no stone. The tech at the CT said I was free to go. I drive back to the DR's office and see my nurse at the counter. Then I asked, what now, I need something for breakthru pain. She goes back to the Dr and he offers a script of Mobic, a sronger version of alleve.

I have Multiple Sclerosis. Why will people not listen. Alleve is like an M&M. It is not my fault that my Neuro started me on Narcotics 21 years ago. I take Oxycodone 40 mg ext every 12 hours. Quite frankly, it is not that great. I am not a raving drug fiend searching for my next fix. I take it as directed. I am not DUI, I am not Public Drunk, I am not even high. I have read in several MS blogs from other patients, their dr's give them meds for break thru.

The only explanation must be he is so scared of the TBI which monitors drug scripts out of Nashville. He is scared of an audit, investigation or something. If I as a Dr has been following the "LAW" as required, I would not fear an audit..

I feel as though I am paying the price in pain because of his fear of these people. This is not how it is supposed to be. The Patient comes first, period. If you can provide relief even to a MS patient, which he said he could not make pain free, maybe he needs to re-evaluate his desire to be a Dr.

I am the patient, in need. I beleive he took an oath to help me, Government be Da----.

That will do for now, More to come.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Something New kicking my Butt, Illness

For the past couple of weeks, I started noticing a weird feeling in my lower left side. At first it has came and went, with no real pattern. It has gotten worse over time and know has developed into a steady gnawing in my lower left side and back.

My father had kidney stones and later had to have his right kidney removed. The reason was "Kidney Disease". I was very young at the time and don't remember much about it. I do remember that dad had a scar from navel to backbone, he was cut in half.

I have read up on what this might be and first thing in morning I am calling the doctor to get it, asap. It might be a stone, or even worse some type of infection, don't know. The water pills I take for retention also can cause stones.

Wish me luck, I don't need another problem with MS riding on my shoulders.

Here we go < Mitch

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Open Letter I wrote for Laura's Graduation

What changes your life ?

Deanna and I were in our mid thirties when the glorious news came that Beth, Philip’s wife was going to have a baby. Becoming Grand Parents in your thirties is hard to wrap your mind around. Being that my Grand Parents were late in life when I was born, I thought all Grand Parents were grayed, very wise about all things and above all, had a Grand Mother’s house. It was also a must that a Grand Mother wear an apron, the mention of that to Deanna did not go well.The last must have, all Grand Kids have a Grand Mother’s house. It has to be on a farm or a least look
“ Country “, wooden framed, with a barn to explore and such. When I spotted the home in Loudon while Deanna was in Chattanooga that day, it was a “Grand Mother’s House”. I signed the paper that day and bought it while she was gone.

Don’t misunderstand, we were thrilled. Deanna went into a “nesting” mode. She decorated a room for the new baby at our home. The rest of the house was transforming, with a Teddy Bear here, another childlike decor item there, until the whole house was just so for the arrival of this wonderful new gift God had chosen to bring into our lives. Then she started on Philip and Beth’s home. There had to be wallpaper borders, the crib in a certain position, plenty of the best Battenburg linens you could find. I could walk thru the house and move a pillow a half an inch and her watchful eye would know it.

September 28 finally arrived. We rushed to Chattanooga from Loudon, breaking I am sure several Speed Limits on the way, we simply could not be late. We waited and waited, and did I mention waited. Finally, Laura was born. I remember when we were allowed into the room after the birth, Deanna holding Laura for the first time. It is impossible for me to put into words what I saw then. Deanna was cradling the baby in her arms and she simply glowed. People that know us both rarely find us speechless, but this was it. I will never forget the look of absolute joy on Deanna’s face. A baby so perfect, created by the almighty, was nestled in her arms. When it came my time to hold her, I did not know about babies. In my mind they they were like a piece of fine china. I was a wreck, was I supporting her neck right, enough pressure on the bottom, is she upright so she can breathe, what am I going to do wrong that will injure this perfect child ? But, I did not break her and looked deep into her eyes knowing something that I had read was now true. An author, whose name I cannot recall once wrote,” When you meet your Grand Child at birth look deep into their eyes. You have just met the person who will be holding your hand and looking into your eyes with immeasurable Love when it is time for you to pass on.”

The years have passed and the Birthdays, Christmas Celebrations, and other family events have come and gone. We have witnessed Laura grow from a baby thru the adolescent years, the freckles, and seeming to grow and inch every time we looked at her. The years have passed too quickly. We have pictures scattered thru the house of Laura growing up but they are simply moments frozen in time. Our minds have to fill in the blanks. One of my cherished memories is that when we lived in Loudon, we were probably 100 yards from a Norfolk Southern main railway line that had been used since the Civil War. We had the Grandmother’s House required Porch Swing and Laura and I would spend countless hours watching the trains go by. She was small enough that “safety first” me would always keep a hand on her stomach, fearing she would fall out. Every, and I mean every train that came by received Laura’s greeting. “High Train” when it appeared and “Bye Train’ as the last car went by. When it was time to go in, way after dark, she did not want to go, still waiting for the next train to appear.

Laura gave us both a precious gift when she was very young that has endured the years and will last forever. Soon after learning to say her first words, Deanna became “Nana” and I was named “Papa” The names have endured over the years and were passed down to each Grand Child. We Thank Laura for this and will always cherish it. Every time I am called Papa, I think of Laura giving me such a wonderful name. Deanna and I wear these Badges of Honor proudly and will keep them forever, regardless how old the Grand Kids are, there will always be a Nana and Papa’s house to come home to.

Fast forward thru the years. While excelling in Formal education, Laura was studying with a purpose. She has been called by God to work as an Missionary. She has already traveled the world to countries that her Nana and Papa can only imagine. She has spread the Good News about Jesus Christ everywhere she has been. She has been a strong Christian Force in our lives and guided us toward the knowledge that we must find the Church we had been searching for. We both now go to Sawyer’s Missionary Baptist Church and we know it was God Almighty working thru Laura that opened our eyes that the Power of Prayer is multiplied 100 fold when praying and worshiping with our Church members. Thank You Laura, Papa finally listened.

I have a video that was taken in Columbia, South Carolina.Mark was graduating from Basic Training in the Army and we drove down to see him graduate. Laura was still a toddler, maybe 3. I had the video camera out, filming everybody getting ready. Laura was all dollied up by Nana, with a beautiful Bow in her hair. She was laying across the bed on her stomach, still sleepy after all the work she had been thru. I was filming and she slowly raised her head, looked straight into the camera and simply said with a smile, “ I am sleepy Papa “ and her head went straight down back into the pillow. To this day, I still see this sleepy headed Doll-Baby.

The years have passed and now we celebrate the Graduation of Laura from Tennessee Temple University. The toddler fishing for moles, taking kittens out of the Garage as fast as we could put them back is all grown up.

We will not lose our cherished memories, any of them. We proudly face the future, a New Chapter in Laura’s life. What memories and moments wait us there, only God knows. I know with God directing her life, she will be wonderful. The future is a mystery yet to be unfolded and your Nana and Papa will be with you all the way thru this great journey.


May 15, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Obama re-election trip to TEXAS, ON OUR DIME

The public relations campaign for President Obama's latest revival of "immigration reform" makes one thing crystal clear: This is not, and never has been, about homeland security. This is not, and never has been, about economic security. It's about political security, plain and cynical.

In conjunction with Tuesday's renewed White House push in Texas for a "new pathway to citizenship" for millions of illegal immigrants, disgruntled Latino activists are ratcheting up their radical anti-enforcement rhetoric. Illinois Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez -- a persistent critic on Obama's left flank -- lambasted federal workplace enforcement raids this weekend. On Sunday, he repeated his hyperbolic attacks on homeland security agents "terrorizing" neighborhoods and ripping babies from the breasts of nursing moms. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano made no public effort to defend her employees.

On campuses across the country, unhappy ethnic college student groups have turned up the heat on Democrats to resurrect the "DREAM Act" nightmare for the 12th time in a decade. The legislation -- persistently rejected by a bipartisan majority on Capitol Hill -- would provide illegal aliens (not just teenagers, but students up to age 35) federal education access and benefits, plus a conditional pass from deportation and a special path toward green cards and U.S. citizenship for themselves and unlimited relatives.

Obama argues that his comprehensive amnesty plan would boost America's bottom line. But the open-borders math doesn't add up. The Congressional Budget Office score of the last DREAM Act package estimates that "the bill would increase projected deficits by more than $5 billion in at least one of the four consecutive 10-year periods starting in 2021." And that doesn't include the costs of the unlimited family members the millions of DREAM Act beneficiaries would be able to bring to the U.S. A separate cost analysis by the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Immigration Studies concluded that the illegal alien DREAM Act bailout would cost taxpayers $6.2 billion a year and "crowd out" U.S. students in the classroom.

To help gloss over those sobering realities and blur the lines between legal and illegal immigration, Obama summoned Latino celebrities such as actresses Eva Longoria and Rosario Dawson. The starlets -- deemed important "stakeholders" in the immigration policy debate by the celebrity in chief -- have served as glamorous distractions from the vocal complaints of Southwest governors, ranchers, farmers and other victims of continued border chaos. These are the real stakeholders whose lives and livelihoods are at risk. But none had a seat at the Hollywood-filled table.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Government in the Gas Can

The Government In The Gas Can
posted May 2, 2011

First, I cannot express my sorrow to the victims of all the tornadoes and straight line winds the area suffered Wednesday. This comment in some ways effects all those trying to get by with generators and such.

Yesterday, I went to the local chain hardware store to purchase a new two gallon gas can. For years they have averaged $4.99 or so. When I found the display, a two gallon can was priced $9.99. I was shocked first and then noticed plastered on the front a big sticker "EPA Approved."

Here's the deal. The can now has a "spill proof" plastic valve that you have to depress to allow fuel to flow. When you release this wonder it stops the flow. Here's the catch that one of our EPA wizards did not notice. When you realize the tank is full and you need to stop the flow, there is still gas trapped in the plastic provided spout. If you are close to full, the spout runs it over. The old design you simply leaned the can back and did not spill any gas.

As usual, the EPA has probably spent untold amounts of money to try and improve a product that has existed for years. There was probably even a lab mouse involved in this study.

Also, if you happen to be arthritic, you can't open the stupid valve with one hand.

I know in light of the tragedy that surrounds us this is small, but to those that are buying such cans by the hundreds for chain saws and emergency equipment, the EPA is in your wallet.

Can't these people just leave us alone?

Mitchell Thurmer
Signal Mountain

I apologige

To those of you that read my Blog, I apologize for no posts. MS and other personal problems have taken my time and I pledge to get back to it...Mitch

Bin Laden sleeps with the Fishes and other stuff

First, Bin Laden is Dead, Nay Seal Team Six blowed him away after years of searching. I congrat George Bush, Obama simply had the tools already at work. Glad the Man is Dead and Gone to Hell, Over.

On April 27, Tornadoes simple clobbered the area, with Death and Destruction. Ringgold Ga is almost off the map. People have no jobs and also most local jobs are gone. It is will be YEARS before these area's have any part of normal back. Prayers to all passed , injured, and without anything.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My latest post and you should read the responses

Remember the saying that came up recently, A Pig with lipstick on it is still a pig
North Chattanooga I am sorry to say is still Noth Chattanooga, even though on High Street some genius put a pink metal cow up

It seems all of us have our "after hours" story to tell about "North of the Border" encounters, here's mine.
My wife was in Erlanger recently with a 4 day butt kicking infection and I was in and out of the hospital at odd hours. Depending on the time
you encountered all types of folks, ranging from simply unknowing to predators on the prowl. I am not talking just about Coolidge Park but the bleed-over from it's boundries

The 7 AM to 3 PM group is mostly tourist, walking around with their heads in the clouds, with no comprehension of what danger lurks around them. They walk with pocket-books loosely secured, looking at their surrounding like they were in New York City for the first time. Easy Pickings for snatchers and such. During this time frame you do have the locals, eating lunch, rushing about their daily lives. I think some of the locals even buy the Chamber of Commerce ads that everything is good.

From 3 PM to 10 PM there is still the tourist groups, wanting to experience the "Chattanooga Night Life !". They appear to be somewhat more safety aware, but now there is a seperate split. The true "North of the Riva" bars and such and the more upscale "South of the Riva" establishments. The North of the River "NOR" is more Head Shops, and even the patrons of the area have a different appearance. Not taking a bath for a few days is in style, or at least not washing your jeans anyway. Tatoo shops, Piercings of various body parts(OUCH!), and more Avant Garde, Bohemian looks are in style. The Chattanoogan homeless community seem to favor NOR over SOR greatly. While sitting at Traffic lights, I witnessed a few homeless/over indulged thrown out of Bars. Nor has real Bars, you know, not very big, no flashy signs, just a neon Bud or other brand in the window and a front door.

From 10PM to 2AM. NOR:I stopped this group at 2 AM for a reason. Alot of the what you would call "classic" hole in the wall bars close about 2 AM. If you are coming Frazier about that time, it is a site to behold. It's like somebody opened up the drunk tanks at Chattanooga PD to early and all at one time. All these drunk, dirty, hairy, peope with no real destination in mind are cut loose. It is worth pulling over to the side (doors locked, vehicle in gear) just to watch. Some walk/fall down the steps going towards Coolidge Park, others head across the Walnut Street Bridge. I am glad they have a high railing on the Walnut Street Bridge, they would be fishing people out all the time. There is a percentage that head for alleys in pairs, I assume to conduct financial exchanges or perhaps plan criminal adventures for the next time period.
SOR: being that SOR businesses are fanchises and such, they have have regular hours. When passing thru at this time, the employees are making a bee-line to their cars. What I have witnessed the SOR patrons, even though loaded, leave the area. The streets are cleared pretty quick.

From 2AM to 7AM. In NOR, this is the time NOT to be on Frazier. I had left Erlanger at 3:30 AM, to go take a nap, get a bath and come back. I have a Hand Gun Carry Permit. When I left Erlanger, I laid the weapon in my lap, safety off. I crossed the Veterans Bridge which had 3 groups of 3-4 subjects each in them heading toward Frazier.Turning left on Frazier, I noticed one group of 5 subjects standing next to the side of a convenience store, and of course there is a light there. I was stopped in the center lane. I had my weapon now in my right hand, still in my lap. A late model Chrysler 300 with large rims pulled up next to me on my right side. A subject got out of the pasenger side and stepped towerd the front of my vehicle. He had a Hoodie on and both hands in his pocket.I turned my interior light on, pointed my weapon in his direction, swerved to the left, ran the next 2 red lights and never looked back. The reason I am telling this story is 1, I am not Dirty Harry but 2, If in danger as trained during my Handgun training, I will use the weapon if threatened.

If my observances during a few days on Frazier are as such, I can just imagine what Coolidge Park is like during the day and after sundown. I heard Mayor Littlefield on with Jeff Styles the other morning. He still maintains that the shootings and violence in Chattanooga are because the children are not trained well and all this hooey. He was blaming the parents. I don't give a Rat's Behind who did or did not train these children. They are semi adults now and subject to the LAW, let's get on with it.

The Chattanooga Police Dept needs to be unleashed and be allowed to do their job. These groups of thugs standing around after dark NOR, are there for one reason. They had picked me out as being alone, traffic was perfect at the time, and using their 2 way communications on their phones, set up a robbery on me. The fact that I had a weapon into the mix stopped them. Let me assure, if one had tried to pull my door open, even at gun point, I would have taken action. More citizens need to carry their weapons proudly, on their hip, as stated by law and some of there "thugs" might have second thoughts when they are out gunned and out trained.

Mitch Thurmer
Signal Mountain

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Time to get in gear

I have neglected writing to my blog, about everything. Hang on, I am getting ready to cut loose on a regular basis. I have ALOT to talk about and I want feedback

Friday, February 18, 2011

Doing what is right, Across time.

As we get older (oh no, not me) when we can reach out across time and miles and say what was left unsaid is important. I recently connected thanks to Facebook with a friend I had not spoken to in almost 40 years. 40 years is a very long time. But in some ways, not that long. Even with my MS I still have memories of that person, a new 1973 Camaro, and how as teenagers we were very typical kids. It is amazing that over time, what you have done as a teenager, comes to mind. With MS I can't tell you what I did last week but 40 years is available, weird. How perhaps you did not say the right words before moving on. You don't say those words now, thats crazy talk. What works is to reach out , connect, and say you were sorry. Life is so grand, and yes I say that with all the problems I have had. I have a wonderful (there are not words to describe) wife who is amazing in her devotion to me, great kids and of course 6 grandkids who just simply blow my mind. All they have to say is "please Papa" and the melting is complete. But going back to my subject. You must appreciate what lives others you have known have lived so far. Be joyful with them in their success and sad with them in disappointments. I don't mean to sound so wise about connecting with other, just a suggestion. In todays interconnected world, If you find a person who you mistreated in your actions, reach out and be a friend. You cannot undo what has been done, but in your older wisdom (Older?), you make a snile come across faces you have not seen.

Monday, February 14, 2011

MS, needing scripts, and the Insurance Co's telling us what to take.

As I write this, it is 11:30 at night, wy, because I can't sleep.

Beginning in January, I knew it was a new year on my Part D provider, Humana, and with dread, wondered what obstacles lay ahead. I have not read the 2700 page Obamacare Bill and do not know what provisions lay in wait for those of us on Medicare Part D.

Problem 1. I have been on Lyrica for over 2 years. It is a wonderful drug marketed by Pfizer. It is for Neuropathic Pain, Diabetes Nerve Pain a dn Fibromyalgia. I take it for the Neuropathic pain which is where let's say your arm has a point that hurts really bad, down deep, where you can't reach it. I have news for you, your arm is fine, the pain is in the brain from damage there. You can rub it, beat on it and do anything you please, no difference. Lyrica eliminates it in the brain, works great. I had been receiving Lyrica from Pfizer direct, in a program designed for those of us who have a limited income. Effective 12/31/10, I had to re-emroll for the program and therefore had to get a script filled locally until it went into effect. i received the script and took it to my pharmacy, Signal Mountain Pharmacy, a locally owned excellent pharmacy, walk in with a script and walk out 5 minutes later. CVS, takes forever and prefers you drop them off the day before, bad service.

I took the Pfizer apps with all requires papperwork to my doctor in January, wanting to get approved as soon as possible. In this case my Doctor dropped the ball. I printed off a sheet for him to fill out and he did not but mailed it anyway, same on my wife. I pasid $ 70.00 copay for one script for me and per the Pharmacist, Deanna and I should share until the Pfizer program meds are which should pretty quick. 2 weeks later, my app comes back with the page the doctor did not fill out. 2 weeks later Deanna's comes back the same..

The problem is the doctor's office is overrun with apps just like mine, causing errors and delays.

#2, The Biggie. I take a strong script fo MS pain, period. This year in Jan when I walked in with the script, it could not be filled, Humana said to call. I called and they said I had to try some alternatives first. Great. First option Codiene. Codiene in the PDR is described as a mild to moderate pain releiver.

Compare to what I was taking, M&M's were as good. after 2 weeks of agony, Humana says, Morphine Sulphate. Well, Morphine has a long list of side effects. For the last two weeks I have been week, had Insomnia,(like now) nausea, and other pleasant problems.

Today, I visited the doctors office and had to have them a excemption form for my regular med, explaing that this is not working. I am going to call these people tomorrow and hopefully get approved. This is Feb 15. 45 Days after this started.

I have MS, it is documented. Why, should I be expected to be a Gueina Pig at my own pain and expense so that some bureaucrat can sit at his desk and make oblect decissions about something he knows nothing about.

This is what is coming with Obamacare, patients waiting for a decision, suffering, for no good reason.. Be afraid


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life's changes we don't want

Deep down inside, regardless of what we learn in Church or from the passing and changes in our relatives, we think we are going to stay like we are right now forever.
Today, a very dear friend of mine, a man who has replaced my Dad in my heart since Dad died, had to go to a Nursing Home. It was not because he had dementia, or could not care for himself at all. He is in his mid 70's and recently did fall and crack some vertabre in his back.

It was for his own good, so he doesn't fall again and help him get his diabetes in control. We hope his stay may be temporary, that he can lose some weight and improve his health, that would be great.

I still have to get my mind around the idea that he is getting older as I am also. My balance is bad, ny MS seemes to be getting worse, time marches on.

Only God knows what is ahead for us all and we must trust him and accept what he provides. AMEN

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

According to FOX NEWS this Morning, Disability providers are checking our posts !

I heard this morning on FOX NEWS, as I watch every morning, that some disability insurers are checking BLOGS, FACEBOOK, and other networking sites to see what us disabled are up to.

Well, I am using proudly my First Ammendment Rights ! I speak what I beleive to be the truth. I still have a cognitive skill to have opinions. I WILL NOT be silenced or CENSORED by any threat of not being Politically Correct and drawing attention to myself, under threat of being examined and words studied.

So there, Now, The Pen is loaded and the Ink is real !


Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Truth will set you free, But First it makes you miserable

I have written on subjects in the past that someimes are unpleasant for some to read. But, I always try to say the truth, based on facts at the time. Weither it be City, County, State or National, you base opinions on what you know. The light of exposure can be blinding, yet helpfull.

The whole purpose im discussing problems is to somehow improve situations.

There, I may not always say things that make folks happy, but I hope somehow, when the dust settles, It will make an improvement in situations.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reading a History Book in 50 Years, I Hope

This reads like it is out of a History Book 50 years from now, If we have History Books then, Mitch

For more on the tyrant’s tactics read Chapter 5, “Wannabe Peers Strategy And Tactics”, in the book “21st CENTURY COMMON SENSE”.

When President Obama took office the “change you can believe in” was finally exposed to be just another name for tyranny. Spontaneous demonstrations of concerned patriots sprung up to protest the assault on our freedom. The tyrants were not very concerned; surely a huge majority would understand the advantages of security and unearned income over the freedom and the prosperity of Capitalism. Certainly, large crowds would shout down these reactionaries. All that was needed was a little encouragement. However, the movement was a distraction to the masses and the truth is always dangerous to the tyrant’s agenda. Immediate action was necessary.

The patriots had to be discredited before they could gain momentum. For years, the wannabe tyrants had incredible success discrediting the opposition by labeling it “RACIST”; this bunch of loosely organized malcontents, the “Tea Parties”, would be no different. After all, the new President was black. It would be easy to convince the populous that the opposition to his programs could only be base upon racism. Mr. Obama’s particular brand of tyranny was the culmination of over 100 years of slow methodical advances in benevolent coercion (tyranny). After all, the Progressive’s agenda had enjoyed over 100 years of popularity. There could be no rational reason to oppose the Progressive’s program now except that the advocate was black.

Having almost total control of the “main stream media”, the wannabe tyrants expected a quick resolution to the threat. They unleashed the preponderance of propaganda demonizing all opposition to the tyrant’s benevolent program and declaring the malcontents to be racist. The premise was that these benevolent programs were clearly in the public interest so that only an irrational personal defect such as racism could be the cause of opposition. The tyrants flooded the media with claims from politicians, celebrities and progressive organizations such as the NAACP that the tea parties were racist and evil by nature. Of course, the claims were bogus. Ayn Rand’s book “ATLAS SHRUGGED”, published in 1957, took issue with all of Mr. Obama’s agenda, long before Mr. Obama even had an agenda. With such a flood of propaganda, the destruction of the Tea Party movement was imminent.

The midterm congressional elections were approaching rapidly and the tyrants redoubled efforts to demonize the Tea Party. Even the Rinos, (Republicans in name only) reinforced the tyrant’s message. The Tea Parties had to be totally discredited before the election. The tyrants flooded the mainstream media with misinformation, how could anyone associated with the tea parties hold their head up in public after being branded as evil racist. But a strange thing happened; the Tea Party participation increased, as did the demonstrations supporting candidates that oppose Mr. Obama’s agenda. But the tyrants were not worried. They were confident that the people would people respond to the overwhelming publicity of the preponderance of propaganda? The tyrants were sure that the November 2010 elections would crush the Tea Parties, forever.

The November 2010 elections were a disaster for the wannabe tyrants and a victory for the Tea Party. The tyrants lost control of the House of Representatives, lost many Governorships and almost lost control of the Senate. It was an impossible victory for the Tea Party and freedom. Worst yet, the victory increased the Tea Party’s momentum.

Of course the tyrants did not admit defeat. Instead, they blame the poor results on the failure of the voters tounderstand their agenda. They vowed to correct the misunderstandings and explain the virtues of their agenda to the masses. The tyrants, undeterred from their objectives, continued to enact legislation to advance their agenda during the lame duck session that followed the election. Yet, privately the tyrants were in a panic, seeing that power slip away and the momentum of the Tea Party growing.

With almost total control of the mainstream media, the preponderance of propaganda was unable to demonize and destroy the Tea Parties. They must have been very surprised at how little truth it takes to counteract the false premises and lies.

In accordance with their tactics the wannabe tyrants have increase the repetition and quantity of misinformation. Their top priority is now to limit or eliminate sources of the truth. Distortion and lies will be used to convert any event into an issue that supports silencing the opposition. The propaganda disseminated about the assassination attempt on Congresswoman Giffords is typical of their efforts. They must silence dissent if the wannabe tyrant’s agenda is to be successfully implemented.

The wannabe tyrants will stop at nothing to silence the truth! Both Hitler’s and Mussolini’s first priority upon obtaining power was control of the media. So far, President Obama has been unable to totally control the media. Having seen how little truth is required to discredit misinformation, silencing the opposition is now the wannabe tyrant’s primary objective! Claiming that the violence from a left-leaning lunatic, with no ties to the Tea Party, is caused by the Tea Party’s rhetoric demonstrates their desperation.

If the wannabe tyrants are successful in using the government’s monopoly on force to silence the political opposition, the American Revolution is lost!

Flooding the mainstream media with propaganda trying to convert an event into an issue has a second advantage to the wannabe tyrants. Attention is diverted from the repeal of Obama care.