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Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Death of Oscar, My Best Friend

On Thursday Night, Oscar Passed on after a short but courageous battle against lymphoma.

On Thanksging, he was his great self, the Gentleman in the Black tuxedo. I am forever endebited to my Sister in Law, Adeline for taking some fantstic solo photos of him that day. He was sitting up in a chair outside and to look at him, never would have guessed he was termnaly ill.

On Monday, when I got up, he walked as though he was lost. He was afriad to take a step except to walk toward me or Deanna's voice. I had no idea he was blind, even though his eyes had some white spots. On Tuesday we took him to the local vet, a very kindly lady by the name of Leslie. She examined him and found torn retina's, he was blind.

I knew, we could make it thru this. She said at that moment he was in perfect health. He was not even overweight, despite Deanna on me about overfeeding him. We brought him home that day and he seemed to adjust to surroundings. I read up on his condition and everyone said the Bostons are so smart, they will learn the house and do well.

We, Tuesday, I went to the Lodge for a monthly meeting and he started having severe seizures while I was gone, shaking so hard he was suffering, Deanna took him back to vet with him so sick and after pulling blood work, Diagnosed, Lymphoma. Deanna was heartbroken and well as Adeline who went with her. I called Deanna as I was Leaving Chattanooga and she gave me the bad news.

When I got home, Deanna was exhausted. We got ready for bed and his seizures seemed further apart. About 11:30 I heard him seizing and I picked him up and we sat in my chair in the Living Room.

He seized from 11:30 PM until 4:30 PM concastantly, you could not see where one ended and the other started, he fought it so hard. That morning, Wednesday, I had an Doctor Appt and Deanna watched him constantly. More Seizures. I don't know where he got the strength, he had the heart of a lion. All day he fought, with some breaks between. He did get up a little when I carried him out to pee . We put him to bed that night, both exhausted, just wanting to rest.

The Next morning I got up and he was gone, still laying in the same position he laid down in. Rigor had set up but I massaged his leg muscles and was able to lay him on his stomach, head resting on his paws like I had seen him a thousand times. We had to go to Chattanooga so we left him covered until we got home.

My Dear Sister in Law, Adeline and my Brother in Law, Benny, dug his grave while we were gone, so many thanks for so much work. We stopped and bought a strong tote that would allow him to lay on his cover, have his favorite toys with him and then his favorite blanket on top of him. After he was placed in the coffin, it was duct taped over and over, to seal it up. We had to dig the grave about 6 inches deeper to accomadate the coffin.

We are going to check with the local funeral home and see if we can get a small piece of Granite with his name on it.

There will never be another oscar, it would be unfair to compare him to a new puppy, Our hearts ache, But he will always be with US.
Rest In Peace Buddy

Mitch and Deanna

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