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Sunday, December 20, 2009

A new Chapter for my Hopes, a voice, Finally

I am going to attend my first Tea Party Meeting. It is hosted by a group, Campaign for Liberty, they have a chapter here in Chattanooga. My last posting to drew the usual attacks from the Libs, but some very encouraging words from others. I have been told about this grassroots effort and Damn It, I am going to do something.

Back in school, you were taught typing with the following. "Now is the Time for all good Men to come to the aid of their Country."

In present time, can you imaging the uproar of allowing children to type such a patiotic statement. Now more than ever, the above is true. We must come to the aid of this Republic. I know I will be classified as a closet blogger, sitting in the dark with an M-16, typing and clutching my Bible. The attacks will come. We must stand up and be counted. I do fear the rath of the Government. They control my very exsistance with my SSDI check, Medicare, and everything else. I can dragged to countless examination after examination. Activison might be construed as a job, with no pay. If I am able to raise Hell why can't I work. I can see it now.

I can not be silent, na dI will take this chance, for the good of us all.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Of the People, By the People and For the People, I think NOT

What ever happened to our Representative Government.

It is very plain, a Large Majority of the Citizens of the U.S.A. oppose, Climate Change (Fake), Cap and Tax, National Healthcare, Stimulus on Stimulus, Higher Taxes, and basically, everything the Administration has done since day one.

Why, are the Elected Represenatives ignoring the very people who elected them ? In Bannana Republics such as Venezuela, this is what goes, but not in the U.S.A.. We are becoming a weak, passive, herd of Sheep who allow those who believe they know better to run our lives. And if we dare not speak up, We get what we deserve.

It sickens me, everyday it is so open, what they are doing. They are not hiding what actions are occuring in Washington. They have the gall to stand up in front of us and tell us what will be.

Weither it be the Tea Party Party, The Republican Party, or whoever, a group must stand for the Constitution.

Look in the Mirror, who do you see. We can organize, right here in Chattanooga. We must band together somewhere, why not here ? Do any of you fear the local Government ? Do you fear being denied the Right of Free Speech by the local Administrations. I hope Not. I hope and pray we could begin a peaceful organization right here, right now, to mobilize and speak back. We must expose the lies and corruptions and the loss of our Cherished Freedoms.

I welcome any thoughts, anytime, we must do something. Complaining is a form of change, but only a thought. We will be discounted as nuts, Revelutionaries, Right-Wing Lunatics, the Lunatic Bible and Gun Toters. Freedom of Speech, The Right to Assembly. The Right to Bear Arms, The Right to Practice Religion, These are Freedoms at Peril. The Government is enslaving your Children, Grandchildren and beyond with their ( To Borrow an overworked word from our President) Unpresidented Spending.

Let's speak together, as a voice for the truth in the U.S.A.. The time has come.

Mitchell Thurmer
Signal Mountain

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Head is Exploding, Again

I Heard on the news this morning, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had pledged
$ 100,000,000,000.00 (100 Billion), to the meeting in Copenhagen. This fund or rather re-distribution of wealth, is to see that the under developed countries get funds from us Big, Bad, Polluting Countries. We are going to pay our dues.
And it is a Damn Lie, All of it !

At a time when Americans are suffering, 10 % unemployment, Social Sec recipients not receive any increases for 2+ years, this is Crap. Tonight, The fearless leader is going over and speak to the Global Warming Summit tomorrow, probably to apologize again for the USA.

What is the end to all this. This is a disaster. Conservatives keeping gunning for 2010. I don't even know if we can make it to the elections of 2010. Obama has moved so fast and reckless, what will happen in the next 11 months. How much can be undone. If Obama really believes what he is doing, he is either Mentally Deranged or a true Socialist intent on destroying this country.

The Russians, during the Cold War, said they would destroy us from within. Is Obama the product of a 50 year plan and he is the Stealth Weapon ?

God Help us all.

Mitch Thurmer
Signal Mountain

Monday, December 14, 2009

News from Social Security and Big Pharma

Well, Here we go. Due to the fact that our cost of living has not gone up, (yeah right),Social Security Recipients will not have a raise in the next 2-3 years. Well, that means with the increase in Medicare A,B,D, and the increase of co-pays on prescription meds, I have calculated that we will be down at least $ 150+ per month.

I have known this for the last 3 months or so and was really relying on the Patient Assistance Programs I have with 5 different company's. I have began the annual renewal program with the PAP's and they are changing their rules. One provider, Purdue, Has decided that the medication they have will push you into the do-nut hole by April, then they will send it to you free.

This is a disaster. With Big Pharma scaling back and no COLA for 2-3 years, This is a plan that has been coming.

More to Come, Read the news, not the Drive bys...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rumsfeld doesn't stand still while Obama Lies

Rumsfeld Cries Foul on Obama Claim Troop Requests for Afghanistan Were Denied

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Wednesday lashed out at President Obama for claiming the Bush administration rebuffed commanders' repeated requests for more troops in Afghanistan.

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Wednesday lashed out at President Obama for claiming the Bush administration rebuffed commanders' repeated requests for more troops in Afghanistan.

In a rare break in his public silence since leaving the Pentagon, Rumsfeld rejected the claim as a "bald misstatement" and "disservice" that cannot go unanswered.

"Such a bald misstatement, at least as it pertains to the period I served as secretary of defense, deserves a response," Rumsfeld said in a written statement. "I am not aware of a single request of that nature between 2001 and 2006."

The president leveled the charge in his speech Tuesday night outlining his plan to send 30,000 more U.S. troops into Afghanistan.

In his speech, Obama gave a detailed history of the Afghanistan war starting with the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks. He argued that the Iraq war drew needed resources away from Afghanistan, allowing the situation to deteriorate since 2003.

"Throughout this period, our troop levels in Afghanistan remained a fraction of what they were in Iraq," Obama said. "Commanders in Afghanistan repeatedly asked for support to deal with the reemergence of the Taliban, but these reinforcements did not arrive."

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs explained Wednesday that Obama was referring to requests that came in during 2008, and suggested Rumsfeld was on thin ice with his criticism.

"I will let Secretary Rumsfeld explain ... whether he thinks that the effort in Afghanistan was sufficiently resourced during his tenure as secretary of defense," he said.

The former Pentagon chief said in his statement the White House should make public any such requests if they exist to back up the allegation.

"The president's assertion does a disservice to the truth and, in particular, to the thousands of men and women in uniform who have fought, served and sacrificed in Afghanistan," Rumsfeld said.

He urged Congress to review the claim in the upcoming debate to "determine exactly what requests were made, who made them, and where and why in the chain of command they were denied."

Unlike former Vice President Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld has kept largely out of the public eye since leaving the administration after the 2006 mid-term elections in which Republicans suffered huge losses, largely the result of setbacks in the Iraq war.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Climate Change Hoax and The Sate Controlled Media

The rising discussion which seems to be absent even in Chattanooga about the Climate Change Hoax, is gaining ground. The State Controlled Media has not even mentioned the emails from the Scientist which created this hoax. The also ignored issues such as Rev. Wright, Bill Ayres, 90 days to decide on Troop Levels, and the fact that a Terror Attack was perpetrated at Fort Hood.

This is the largest Hoax in the History of Science. The emails which were revealed, described how that the original data, from which these men of science had formulated their theories, were destroyed. They claimed, they needed the space. The also discussed that the information and errors could not be revealed to the world. The world has been suckered. Anything that causes the redistribution of wealth should always be viewed with a critical eye.

After the initial claims were made by the Men of Science (MOS) that the world was entering another Ice Age, the world listened. Then, the MOS said no, the world is getting hotter, and the world listened. The climate change hoax, created the opportunity for governments and others to profit greatly. Fees, penalties, and cleanup charges began to amount. Then, the ultimate fee, Cap and Tax as well as Carbon Credits have surfaced. Just ask Al Gore.

Even our current President has side stepped the issue of the revealing of the MOS emails. He is going to Copenhagen next month, to placate the world and continue this Hoax. He will agree and continue his leveling of the playing field for the World. The United States, as a leader, is going to be brought down, not raising others with this hoax. If this information had surfaced on President George W. Bush's watch, the news cycle would be covered, 24 hours, on the State controlled Media. Congress, would have called for investigations. Textbooks are going to have to be re-written. This changes everything.

Why do you suppose that the UN would swallow all this ? Power and control.

The Pursuit of Happiness:
Howard Hayden and other scientists have also reported that big money is behind pushing the global warming propaganda. The cause of the recent global cooling? The sun was reported to have little to no sun spot activity in the past few months. It has been the most spotless year since 1954. The sun is the cause of warming and cooling trends. Top environmental scientists are also reporting that the solar system as a whole warmed during this recent warming trend.

Most recently the government has been found lying and making up data, now being spun as mistakes, about this year’s global temperatures to make it seem like a warmer year rather than the colder year it has been.

My Granddaughter from SMMHS and I discussed the above. She was shocked. All these years she has been taught that the Climate Change Hoax was real and the Polar Bears were all drowning. Well, she is know informed and hates being lied to. Maybe we should all ask for refunds on our EPB bills and other utilites on taxes, surcharges, and fund for "Green" Power. Also, read more in the Wall Street Journal.

Mitch Thurmer,, Signal Mountain

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A First Hand Account of the Fort Hood Massacre

Email from good friend of mine stationed at Fort Hood.

> Subject: What happened

> Since I don't know when I'll sleep (it's 4 am now) I'll write what happened (the abbreviated version.....the long one is already part of the investigation with more to come). I'll not write about any part of the investigation that I've learned about since (as a witness I know more than I should since inevitably my JAG brothers and sisters are deeply involved in the investigation). Don't assume that most of the current media accounts are very accurate. They're not. They'll improve with time. Only those of us who were there really know what went down. But as they collate our statements they'll get it right.
> I did my SRP last week (Soldier Readiness Processing) but you're supposed to come back a week later to have them look at the smallpox vaccination site (it's this big itchy growth on your shoulder). I am probably alive because I pulled a ---------- and entered the wrong building first (the main SRP building). The Medical SRP building is off to the side. Realizing my mistake I left the main building and walked down the sidewalk to the medical SRP building.
As I'm walking up to it the gunshots start. Slow and methodical. But continuous. Two ambulatory wounded came out. Then two soldiers dragging a third who was covered in blood. Hearing the shots but not seeing the shooter, along with a couple other soldiers I stood in the street and yelled at everyone who came running that it was clear but to "RUN!". I kept motioning people fast. about 6-10 minutes later (the shooting continuous), two cops ran up. one male, one female. we pointed in the direction of the shots. they headed that way (the medical SRP building was about 50 meters away). then a lot more gunfire. a couple minutes later a balding man in ACU's came around the building carrying a pistol and holding it tactically. He started shooting at us and we all dived back to the cars behind us. I don't think he hit the couple other guys who were there. I did see the bullet holes later in the cars. First I went behind a tire and then looked under the body of the car. I've been trained how to respond to gunfire...but with my own weapon. To have no weapon I don't know how to explain what that felt like. I hadn't run away and stayed because I had thought about the consequences or anything like that. I wasn't thinking anything through. Please understand, there was no intention. I was just staying there because I didn't think about running. It never occurred to me that he might shoot me. Until he started shooting in my direction and I realized I was unarmed.
Then the female cop comes around the corner. He shoots her. (according to the news accounts she got a round into him. I believe it, I just didn't see it. he didn't go down.) She goes down. He starts reloading. He's fiddling with his mags. Weirdly he hasn't dropped the one that was in his weapon. He's holding the fresh one and the old one (you do that on the range when time is not of the essence but in combat you would just let the old mag go). I see the male cop around the left corner of the building. (I'm about 15-20 meters from the shooter.) I yell at the cop, "He's reloading, he's reloading. Shoot him! Shoot him!) You have to understand, everything was quiet at this point. The cop appears to hear me and comes around the corner and shoots the shooter.
He goes down. The cop kicks his weapon further away. I sprint up to the downed female cop. Another captain (I think he was with me behind the cars) comes up as well. She's bleeding profusely out of her thigh. We take our belts off and tourniquet her just like we've been trained (I hope we did it right...we didn't have any CLS (combat lifesaver) bags with their awesome tourniquets on us, so we worked with what we had).
Meanwhile, in the most bizarre moment of the day, a photographer was standing over us taking pictures. I suppose I'll be seeing those tomorrow. Then a soldier came up and identified himself as a medic. I then realized her weapon was lying there unsecured (and on "fire"). I stood over it and when I saw a cop yelled for him to come over and secure her weapon (I would have done so but I was worried someone would mistake me for a bad guy). I then went over to the shooter. He was unconscious. A Lt Colonel was there and had secured his primary weapon for the time being. He also had a revolver.
I couldn't believe he was one of ours. I didn't want to believe it. Then I saw his name and rank and realized this wasn't just some specialist with mental issues. At this point there was a guy there from CID and I asked him if he knew he was the shooter and had him secured. He said he did. I then went over the slaughter house...the medical SRP building. No human should ever have to see what that looked like, and I won't tell you. Just believe me. Please, there was nothing to be done there. Someone then said there was someone critically wounded around the corner. I ran around (while seeing this floor to ceiling window that someone had jumped through movie style) and saw a large African-American soldier lying on his back with two or three soldiers attending. I ran up and identified two entrance wounds on the right side of his stomach, one exit wound on the left side and one head wound. He was not bleeding externally from the stomach wounds (though almost certainly internally) but was bleeding from the head wound.
A soldier was using a shirt to try and stop the head bleeding. He was conscious so I began talking to him to keep him so. He was 42, from North Carolina, he was named something Jr., his son was named something III and he had a daughter as well. His children lived with him. He was divorced. I told him the blubber on his stomach saved his life. He smiled. A young soldier in civvies showed up and identified himself as a combat medic. We debated whether to put him on the back of a pickup truck. A doctor (well, an audiologist) showed up and said you can't move him, he has a head wound. We finally sat tight. I went back to the slaughterhouse. They weren't letting anyone in there not even medics.
Finally, after about 45 minutes had elapsed some cops showed up in tactical vests. Someone said the TBI building was unsecured. They headed into there. All of a sudden a couple more shots were fired. People shouted there was a second shooter. A half hour later the SWAT showed up. There was no second shooter, that had been an impetuous cop apparently. But that confused things for a while. Meanwhile, I went back to the shooter. The female cop had been taken away,and a medic was pumping plasma into the shooter. I'm not proud of this but I went up to her and said "this is the shooter, is there anyone else who needs them first". She indicated everyone else living was attended to. I still hadn't seen any EMTs or ambulances. I had so much blood on me that people kept asking me if I was ok. But that was all other people's blood. Eventually, (an hour and a half to two hours after the shootings) they started landing choppers. They took out the big African American guy and the shooter. I guess the ambulatory wounded were all at the SRP building. Everyone else in my area was dead.
> I suppose the emergency responders were told there were multiple shooters. I heard that was the delay with the choppers (they were all civilian helicopters). They needed a secure LZ, but other than the initial cops who did everything right, I didnt' see a lot of them for a while. I did see many a soldier rush out to help their fellows/sisters. There was one female soldier, I dont' know her name or rank but I would recognize her anywhere who was everywhere helping people. A couple people, mainly civilians, were hysterical, but only a couple. One civilian freaked out when I tried to comfort her when she saw my uniform. I guess she had seen the shooter up close. A lot of soldiers were rushing out to help even when we thought there was another gunman out there. This Army is not broken no matter what the pundits say. Not the Army I saw.
> and then they kept me for a long time to come. oh, and perhaps the most surreal thing, at 1500 (the end of the workday on Thursdays) when the bugle sounded we all came to attention and saluted the flag. in the middle of it all.

this is what I saw. it can't have been real. but this is my small corner of what happened.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Damn it ! Say it, We have had another Terrorist Attack

Ok, This is it !

If I hear one more word about Islam being a peaceful religion, my head is going to explode.

We have witnessed a new Terror attack on the soil of The United States of America. The perp, who committed the massacre at Fort Hood, does not even deserve his name mentioned, in the gibberish of such a language. He is now, Perp.

Perp recieved a Medical Degree at OUR expense. Perp reached the rank of Major. So, The drive by Media will examine what stresses the US Military Complex placed upon this peaceful Muslim man. No doubt he lived a stressful life, yeah, right.
He researched Suicide Bombers, but I guess he did not have the gonads to blow himself up. He planned this ahead of time. He did not get up this morning and say "I think I'll go shoot some soldiers".

Witnesses stated he said "Allah Akbar", prior to opening fire. How long has this been cooking? Is he a one man cell, or the one that drew the short straw last night.
This has pushed me to the edge. I am angry to the point of being ill.
When is America going wake up, realize we are at war with an unseen enemy, waiting for a moment to strike ? Can you imagine the feelings of all soldiers, in all theaters, when they learned of this massacre.

Our fearless leader, this morning, at a conference on a Native American Issue at the Dept of Interior, went two minutes into his speech, thanking this person, that person, promising more help to the Native Americans before he touched upon the Massacre. The Massacre, should have been the first thing out of his mouth, with anger and resolve. But not Obama, he doesn't want to offend the Muslim world by quite simply raising Hell. I can imagine President George W. Bush's response,both to the public and privately.

Yesterday, 20 year old woman, whose Iraqi father had decided she was to westernized, died from injuries sustained when he ran over her with a car, peacefully. Think of the 17 year old who is now a Christian who feared her life, but our court system ordered back to Ohio, where she feels the threat of death because she has converted to Christianity.

Pray for our Soldiers, the families, and our Country. We are under attack, but we make nice.

Mitchell E. Thurmer Signal Mountain

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thoughts on our Society

I have a lot of time to think being disabled. I listen to the Talk Radio Shows, watch Fox News, read Blogs and of course read several times a day.
Being born in 1956, I witnessed the turmoils of the 60's, the Vietnam War, (which I barely missed), and the other decades. I have no memory of a more stressful time in our History than right now.
I think the average American Citizen is under a stress level that has not been experienced to this degree than any other generation.
We live in a time of instant news, from around the world. Back in the Vietnam War days, I remember sitting in front of the TV and hearing Walter Cronkite give the daily tally of American Deaths, VC deaths. Now, we know about soldiers dying before the dust settles. Baghdad, where we have worked so hard to help establish a democracy, a free standing government, some idiots blow up themselves in two truck bombs and kill 155 people with untold injured.

Our finances are shot. The government has decided there has been no cost of living increase, therefore SSI and SSDI recipients get no Cost of Living Increase for 2 years. But Medicare is going up $10.00 a month, Medicare D about the same, so really we have gotten a cut in pay. And of course we find this instantly. The Congress voted in a raise for themselves and government employees are getting raises, I guess for the fine job they are doing.Gas prices are going up, fast, but we are reminded by the drive by media that it's alot less than last year. Who gives a hairy rats butt, money is money. We were in trouble then and we are in trouble now.

Health care is headed for a disaster, where someone like myself, who is not a contributor to society, may not receive the care I need. MS is an expensive disease to maintain and thanks to Medical Science, I am still walking around after 20+ years diagnosed.

Sick, Insane, worthless less than human animals are wondering the streets and killing kids, it's all over the news.

President Obama has played more rounds of golf so far in his term that W did during his entire term. Troops are dying in Afghanistan, while he decides if they need more troops, What a crock. Him and Miss Michelle live like royalty, flying around as if Jet fuel and all the security is free.
Chattanooga is basking in the VW plant building here,but, If people can't afford them, that won't last long. The local media is so eat up with the VW deal, the idea of looking if they can sell these vehicle is not mentioned. And let's not forget the Millions and Millions of dollars spent to bring them here. This plant was bought on the backs of the taxpayers. Does anyone wonder why Chattanooga is annexing more areas, they need more tax money.

No wonder so many people are on anti-depressants, We live in times like no other, how do you stay calm, unless you are on the "right" side and making money in some of the scams.
How's That Hope and Change working out for YOU ? Really look deep and ask that question

Mitch Thurmer
Signal Mountain

( This is a post to I have recieved emails from others who feel Exactly the same way, MT)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Talking to the Listeners

feel flattered that several Chattanoogan .com readers have requested that I post an opinion piece. I wonder sometimes if anyone reads my rants and it appears so.

I have several issues on my mind, so here we go.

Signal Mountain Red light cams and roving speeding cameras. I have stayed away from this issue for the fact that Chief Veal is a personal friend of mine. He is a man of integrity, but he is a Town employee.The pressure he is feeling is from above. The gentleman who put on the "safety" presentation was trying to "sell" an idea. I posted the income Red Bank received from their cameras, demonstrating what a cash cow they have in their fair town. It is simply amazing the amount of money they have received, with little or no labor required from the police department. That would be a dream job for an officer, reviewing videos all day.writing tickets. Monday thru Friday, 8-5, Take home cruiser, retirement, insurance, holidays off, all the other perks. Even with my disability, I could do that job.The citizens have no recourse, pay it or get a further citation, pay the price. I know of no one who has tried to fight it in Red Bank, They have you dead to right. Over $600,000 in 6 months is not bad, if Signal Mtn gets 25 %, they are rolling.Chief Veal will try to push back, but the Town Council and the powers that be will use him as a fall guy. He will take the heat and they take the money. Every officer has a take home car now, I honestly don't know how they will spend their days. Another note, Concerned citizens in a town up north which slips my mind, a group of 50 peaceful citizens surrounded a speed van, blocking the view. The van left. I am sure in Red Bank, They would have be escorted to the county jail, interfering with official police business. I guess civil disobedience is against the law.

One of the other contributors alluded that Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Haniity, and the other Talk Radio personalities are pushing for dangerous actions that their listeners may do. The freedom of speech is under attack by the White House targeting FOX news7. I am an avid listeners to these three patriots. I buy their books. The truth is always scolded, criticized, and pushed aside. There are Americans who still believe in the Constitution and free Speech. Wrongdoers, when subjected to the light of truth, scream discrimination. The "Chicago Way" of doing political business has come to Washington. I am not saying there was not corruption before,but it has grown by leaps and bounds. Glen Beck had a monologue the other day that struck home. With every issue that the govt is pushng, another person would say Why. This went on for 10 minutes. One Example, " we need health care reform now!" "Why" Because people are dying" "why" " Because they they don't have health care" "Why" " Because the govt wont act" "Why" " because the Republicans wont act" "Why" You get my drift.
Our Grandchildren and probably their children are saddled with Obama's "Emergency" actions.10 months in office, how is that Hope and change working for you ?

Bribery of the Social Security Recipients. I am on SSDI due to an illness, So is my wife We did not select this, nor did we want it. We were both on the corporate ladder of Major Corporations and had a very bright future. The Illnesses stepped in and slapped us in the face and we made sacrifices. This year, despite the govt spending money like it's going out of style.We received word that we would not receive any cost of living increases for at least 2 more years. I researched the Medicare site and their cost will increase and average of $10 per month. Medicare part D, for Scripts coverage will go up about $ 10 also. But the real kicker is the the co-pay for the meds, will go up also, with some meds moving into a different tier, which can greatly increase the cost per script. Bottom line, We are getting burned on Medicare. And with Obamacare coming, Who knows what will happen as we haven't seen the bill in it's final form. The Bribery that is sopposed to warm our hearts and endear our leader to us is the "proposed" $250 per recipient which yet has to pass Congress.

While on the subject of Congress, They have voted themselves a raise this year, increased the great Medical coverage they have.

Now to to the Obama's. It's the little thing that count. While trying to influence he I..O.C. with their charisma, They flew on two separate jet,s, to Paris. How about that saving and sacrifice

Mitch Thurmer
Signal Mountain

Monday, October 19, 2009

Social Security Recipts Beware

Social Security recipients are there because of two major factors. They either have retired and are drawing their handout and having medical care thru Medicare. The other group is the disabled. Thru no fault of their own, they are living on what the govt said they get and how to manage their medical care, of course remember, they know better.

The facts came out today. Medicare A/B is increasing almost $ 10 per month. I know Medicare D will follow it's annual increase.
The govt, in their wisdom has decided there is negative inflation, therefore for the first time since the annual cost of living increase was inacted, we get no increase. The total out come (final solution) is, we are losing money. I cannot help believe that is calculated and now, with the benevolence of our Supreme Leader, we May recieve a $ 250 handout to endear our Supreme Leader to our hearts and break even on Medicare A/B but not the evil drug expenses.

This is but one very small piece of a puzzle as large as the US Governement itself. I don't want to sound like a conspiracy nut, but, there are people paid, to study how to make changes and push the agenda in the direction desired. We are but pawns in a very large chessgame, with an end we do not desire.

Be aware

Mitch Thurmer
Signal Mountain

Monday, October 12, 2009

Where is the money for the Disabled, Obama recieved a Noble Peace Prize for this, must read.

I have a relative who has a wife and two young children. His Back is a wreck. I saw a MRI report from his last attempt to work, which ended in an Ambulance Ride to a Hospital. He cannot work any longer, period. He can't sit or stand for any period of time. He cannot lift objects of any weight. Too many years of heavy work in Sawmills and such have ended his career at 40 years of age.

His wife works for a local Hospice Service, going as hard as she can. The two children need medical care and last Friday, her Helath Insurance kicked in. She is paying almost $ 400 per month on the Insurance. The On job Injury, occured in Texas. The Workman's Comp has not paid the Medical Bills there and they are recieving ongoing threats of Lawsuits from there. No Attorney in Chattanooga is interested in pursuing the case in Texas for some reason I do not understand. They are living in a 1 bedroom effeciency in Sequatchie County.

She went to the local SETHRA Office and inquired about schedule 8 housing assistance, as they not going to make it. The Sethra Office says they have over 200 applicants for this assistance, but they have no money.

Well, I have gotten involved, heres the story.
SETHRA says they have not recieved any funds for the Housing. SETHRA covers 9 Counties in SE Tennessee. I asked the SETHRA rep where they get their funds. She advised me the Federal Government, HUD. I went to the HUD website, and researched funding for Schedule 8. The website advised that funds are sent to the "cities".
I called HUD's office in Knoxville. The lady I got on the phone did not want to even give her name. Finally she said something, but you could not understand it. She said, Money is available, thru the cities. I called, the City of Dunlap, and inquired about this information. The lady there, named Kathy, said The City, never has had that money, it all goes to SETHRA and they hanlde that.
I called Sethra back, could not get ahold of anyone and left another message for them to call. Of course, today being Columbus Day, I am sure all these offices are closed.

I noticed some glaring conflicts on the SETHRA site, which bother me.For an Organization which is out of money, why are they staffed and open ? If they can't do anything, where is the money coming from for the services.

Here is a list of their Services:
Community Corrections
Misdemeanor Probation
Community Services Team
Housing Team ( Who I talked to, two seperate people then)
Elderly Support Team
Executive Team
Fiscal Team
Youth Programs
Transportation team

Feel Free to visit their website at
It will explain how they work. I have a real problem when you have an organization taking Federal Funds, being Top-Heavy after looking at the Website.

If there is a situation where over 200 families are asking for help and no one is reacting, something is really wrong. The Obama Administration is spending money at a record pace. Why can't I get a simple answer to a question. Everybody I spoke with talked in circles and pointed at each other. It's not their problem. Well here's a newsflash, it is their Problem and I am going to turn up the heat.

Mitchell Thurmer
Signal Mountain.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Star Power fails the President, Michelle, and Oprah

Oh, the shock of it all. It was assumed that the Obama's presence before the International Olympic Committe in Copenhagen, Denmark, would cause the 2016 Olympic Games to be held in Chicago, would be an absolute slam dunk.

This morning on Fox News, The announcement site in downtown Chicago was being readied. A stage being errected, AT&T trucks everywhere, installing the needed miles and miles of high tech communications needed for the reporters, etc.. At this time, I haven't heard the expenses involved just in the preperation.( Update, see Below) There was even a giant Gold medal hanging around the neck of what appears to be a modern day abstract sculpture of a giant baboon.

I am sorry, I appreciare fine art and sculpture of true human beings, etc. This sculpture, made from medal, looks like a cross between a Transformer Character and some childs drawing of a monkey, converted to a metal sculpture. The Gold medal placed around it's neck, really had a strange look. Many protesters were villified for not wanting the Olympic games. Their favorite point was "Jobs not Games".

The recent crime video of the fatal beating of the 16 year old in Chicago could have weighed on the judges minds.

The Obamas thought the prestige and history making event of being the first President to honor the Olympic group would just cause the judges to be Star-Struck. Well, they may Royality here, in their own minds, but to these unbiased people, perhaps it was overexposure. The President, The First lady, suffer from a condition known as Celebrtyitius. If you speak amongst the masses, over 125 announcments, even the world can get weary of see you. Maybe the judges are as tired of seeing him as we are.

I would like to be a fly on the wall on Air Force 1, with Barack, Michelle, and Oprah. The knashing of teeth, the unbelief, the depression. Instead of returning as the "ONE" who makes all side with him, He has been defeated, and sent home. We have work to do and your'e not in it.

I am sure the throngs (12,000) that had assembled at the large baboon statue are in shock. The city spent 50 Million Dollars, yes, 50 Million, trying obatin the games. I guess there went the pot-hole repair budget.

Obama and Co now returns to the mundane life of a President fighting two wars, having to talk to the Commanders, evidentualy, deal with the Helth Care plan which is in trouble everywhere. The Public is fighting tooth and nail to stop the Health Care Overhaul, much to Obama's dismay. Even there, he thought his Telepropmter abilities would blow it thru. Now The Olympic Commitee has hurt him where it hust most, His enormous ego.

Congrats, the the I.O.C. on their not being star struck, not selecting Chicgo just because the Boss wants it. This may be not a chink but a gaping hole in Obama's shining Armor. He may have to adjust his taste for adoration, and accept the "Agony of Defeat" ( sports analogy ).

Americans with Brains will see this for what has happened. He can be defeated, it is not impossible. I can only hope, this armor defect, will be only the beginning.

Somebody is going to have to take all the decals "Chicago 2016" off the 747 that was specially prepared.

Have strength of heart my friends, this could be only the beginning. I bet Valerie Jarrett is having a stroke, all that Chicago property (slums) that was going to be used for this at ultra-premium prices is gone. She is going to have to fix them up and call in the Exterminators.

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Mitch Thurmer
Signal Mountain

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trying to Stay on topic

When you write a blog, the general impression is that you should devote your writing to a basic issue or condition. I have based my writings on the experiences of being disabled with Multiple Sclerosis. I have received emails saying I am getting off topic because I cover Politics, Life issues, Health care problems, and pretty much anything else that crosses my mind. The point is, everything I write is related to MS, everything.

MS drives my daily life, my contempt for waste in Government. I see a future which is going to be a daily struggle, much worse than it is now. I have written before about the titles you have to assume just to manage your life when you are dependent on the government for your very exsistence.

The Health Care issue is a disaster in the making. I won't cover it again, everyone knows the facts and what the Obama administration wants and desires. Americans are finally waking up, speaking out, and letting Washington know we are here.

I know, I am just a lone voice, speaking to probably just a few. I have tried to get my Blog expanded to a larger audience, but really haven't been sucessfull. Maybe one day, I will get noticed, discovered, whatever. I am a frequent contributor to and have received both positive and negative responses. I fully expect critics when I attack the establishment. It is a very good feeling when you write from your heart regarding your country and you get personal emails agreeing and supporting your views.

MS has given me the time, the frustration and experiences to fine tune my mind. I am very observant, paying attention to all the news and yes, connecting the dots. If you could find a white board big enough, you can chart out the Obamamites. It is very scary when you see the connections. This has all been a long time coming, planed and replaned.

I know the Country is in peril. Yes, I am off topic of MS, but really, I am RIGHT ON TARGET

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Big Brother is watching and taking your money !

My wife and I have shopped in Red Bank Off and on for years. I remember when Shoney's was there and that breakfast bar hasn't helped my fiqure. You could go to the old Cancun and get a great Mexican meal. I wondered the Isles of the appliance store at the corner of Ashland Terrace and Dayton Blvd several times, picking up repair parts or window shopping for a new range. I really liked their sidewalk and tent sales, but they weren't approved by the City.
See the connection. The three examlpes I gave off the top of my head are gone. But a new attraction has taken hold with a very different effect, Traffic Light ENFORCEMENT Cameras.
On Aug 12, 2009, My wife, Deanna, was traveling north on Dayton Blvd to the intersection where the Camera is installed at Signal Mountain Road. You know, the one where the great Hamburger Resturant used to be. She was in a line of perhaps five cars in the turn lane. It was warm day, Deanna was tired and played follow the leader thru the light. Yes, she did run the light. The car in front of her ran the light. The car in front of him ran the 3 second yellow, and the green Dodge pickup in front of her was in the intersection on a yellow arrow. I am not disputing the fact that yes, she was in the intersection when the red light had came on. Here's my problem.
We recieved her "citation"/Bill on or about 8/30 or so. It had been reviewed by an offiicer and signed by him. Thats the Police Officer job I want, staying in the cool office, drinking coffee, going to lunch at a regular time, and after my day is done, leave at a regular hour and play with the kids momma. Most Police Officers don't have this kinda job but who knows, maybe more in the future.
I studied the ticket, went online and saw the offense in Living color, steaming video on my computer at a website provided on the citation/bill. Next I did something different. Armed with my camcorder, I went to Red Bank. Beginning with Traffic Light 1, I studied and Taped each light. I recorded duration times, observed traffic patterens and spent almost 3 hours, even about 30 minutes across from the Police Department studying their light. All day no one asked me what are you doing, why are you taping, are you a terrorist with a beard, nothing. But that's another story.
My study after I came home and prepared it on computer yielded very little results, except one. Turn Arrow yellows are set at three seconds. This setting has been critized nationwide by a group headed by from Senator Dick Armey. They contend that the 3 second yellow creates a point of no return, where if you go, you get a ticket, if you stop, you risk a rear end collison, which has been documented,
You can do a Google search on Red Light Cameras and get a boatload of info.
I think I also found in my research the real reason for this, as in all things, Money. The City of Gallatin Tn put in Red Light Cameras. Their annual revenue from violations at lights and such was around $ 100 K. Well, after the installation in an effort to reduce injuries, in the public interest, their income last year was over $ 1,000,000, yeah 1 Million Dollars. But remember, it is for your own good, never to pad the coffers of city government. .
I examined one of the agreements that the companies have with these cities. It was on a sliding scale. The first year, the co gets say 62%, the next 58%, the next 52, you get the picture, and that from each citation/bill. And since these citation/bills don't go on your driving record, most people just go ahead and pay it.
If everyone benefited from this enforcement i.e. no one runs lights anymore, the company would go broke. They know this is not to happen. Can anyone believe Gallatin wants everyone to obey the law, I'll bet you a $ 1,000,000 not.
Some states have ruled these systems unconstitutional, since you can't question a camera. Like I said in my opening, I can not find a real valid reason to go to Red Bank anymore. I can find everything they have somewhere else, even Darr's Shooting Supplies is gone, ( oops, I own a gun ).
Redbankistan citizens will have to endure. But remember, those good looking Dodge Charger Patrol Cars had to be bought with something. I have talked to several people who have gotten these tickets, they did not object, go to court, anything, they just Obeyed. They thought it was great it wasn't going on their DL record, it's only $ 50.00
Mitchell Thurmer
Signal Mountain

Friday, September 18, 2009

Miss Michelle's Excellent Shopping Trip

We are living in a time like no other. Thursday afternoon, First Lady Michelle Obama decided that she need some special kale for a recipe.
This is The New York Times description of the event.
Here's how Michelle Obama handled this very predicament Thursday afternoon:
The Secret Service and the D.C. police brought in three dozen vehicles and shut down H Street, Vermont Avenue, two lanes of I Street and an entrance to the McPherson Square Metro station. They swept the area, in front of the Department of Veterans Affairs, with bomb-sniffing dogs and installed magnetometers in the middle of the street, put up barricades to keep pedestrians out, and took positions with binoculars atop trucks. Though the produce stand was only a block or so from the White House, the first lady hopped into her armored limousine and pulled into the market amid the wail of sirens.
Ok, here's the deal. Before anyone starts screaming, this is a little much. I would love to see an expense report on what this outing about one block away from the White House cost. Why couldn't she have sent a staffer to pick up what she wanted and the have the staffer send her a picture and or oral decription of the Kale. The citizens of this country are going thru very hard times, DUH ! This is not going to sit well with the general puiblic. When the President says we need to give, share, accept hard times his message is overrode by such Royal behavior.
Mitchell Thurmer

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Managing Your time with Multiple Sclerosis

Ever Since May 1990, when I was diagnosed with MS, I have been an Office Manager, Records Supervisor, Resource Manager, Pharma Contact, and Disability Advocate.

MS will do one of two things, either you become the things I have listed above or you simply follow the instructions of others. When diagnosed I decided I was first going to learn everything I could about the disease. After I felt like I had a handle on the problem, I moved on to how to best manage my situation.

After my inability to work 60 hours a week as required being a U-Haul salaried employee became apparent, I was forced to go on short term U-Haul Disability. Six Months later, I was told to file on Social Security for Long Term Disability. Ok, I did as told. Low and behold, I am accepted after the first filing. I was confused the next month when a check appears in my mailbox. I even called Social Security and asked them why I had the check. Little did I know what accepting the check would mean.

Don't get me wrong, I was thrilled to have been accepted so quickly, thanks to the great record keeping of my Neurologist. Then everything began. First U-Haul said I had been overpaid 1 month and held my benefits until the months paid back them. Thats was the moment I realized that I had to become all the things listed above.

I have to fill out paperwork every year for U-Haul to make sure I still have MS. The Doctors, much to their dismay, have to fill out their portion and mail it to the Disability Section. Now, I have to ask them to make me a copy for my files. If they don't return it in time and or word it correctly, No check at the end of the month.

I have maintained records on Social Security, Medicare, U-Haul, Met Life, Tenncare, and Pharma Companies. When Medicare D was passed, I was thankful, and still am. But, there's always a But. If you take alot of Meds or if 1 is really expensive, You will Hit the imfamous "DONUT HOLE" about mid year. Then you have no coverage for your meds, until You have spent $ 4500 out of your pocket. Well, I never have spent the $ 4500. What I had to do was contact the manufacturers of every medication I take and ask if they had a Patient Assistance Program.

I have found that Pharma Companies are really great. All but one, Eli Lilly, were more than happy to help. Some required a small payment, other, no charge at all. My Doctor even now as advised me that Eli Lilly has came up with a PAP for the Donut Hole as well. I keep detailed records on all my Med contacts, when the program has to be renewed, etc.

What I fear now, If Obamacare should come to pass, can the Pharma Companies afford to heep us ? Will they be penalized, controlled in what they can do ? Will they be fined because it is "unfair" to help us when our Medicare D is tapped out ?

I am sure whatever happens, the Medicare patients are going to suffer more cuts. I know that my record keeping is about to double, from every arm of the Gov't I deal with.

My advice to anyone who reads this. Keep very good records. I don't know what job you performed before you were met with MS or any other Disease, but you now have all the titles above.

Good Luck and Good Day !

Mitch Thurmer

Friday, September 11, 2009

Jus a little of Everything on 9/11/09

I waited with anticipation on President Obama's speech regarding Health Care.
It was just another Campaign Speech, rewound and reworked.
Congressman Joe Wilson was the most informative speaker of the night, no frills, no spin, just the truth. That man deserves a Medal of Freedom for standing up to the unapproachable Emperor. Americans have been trying to stand up to this man since the Tea Parties and Town Halls began. The entire administration acts as though we just don't exsist, or we are crazy. My other posts have resulted in some pretty strong kickbacks, insults, and wanting to know what planet I am from. Well, Third Rock from the Sun and the Greatest Nation on that Rock, The United States of America.
The last count I had was Obama had held 119 addresses to anyone who will listen to him since his Crowning. He must enjoy the sound of his own voice. If anyone ever puts a speaker with a replay button under his Offical Portrait that plays some of his speeches, I hope it comes with a recliner because the listener will be there a while.
On Monday, he will make an address on Wall Street, probably to take credit for the so called improvement in our economy. I was in Nashville today and happened to pick up a newspaper. The were 17 pages, solid, of Legal Notices regarding home foreclosure. I don't think we have turned the corner yet. On the way out, I saw closed businesses, empty car dealerships, boarded up windows, How's that change working out for Nashville now.
On this Anniversary of The Worst Attack on American soil, we must remember that the Terrorist and those who hate us in general do not want to make nice. They understand one thing, the blast of a 50 Caliber Sniper Rifle, when a US Marine takes out another Taliban, Alqueda, or whatever the next islamic nut on the Menu is. That they understand.
And one last thing before I go, I had predicted that during the Obama Speech to the cxhildren, a Healthcare question would come from the mouth of a child and it happened. I was called crazy for that one too. I did not have to look into a crystal ball to figure that one out, just look back at how these people operate, it should be obvious to everyone.
Also, Congrats, To SMMHS and Thrasher Elementary for not broadcasting the indoctrination to children special. I can't find out what other HCDE schools stood up but, good job for those that did.
Mitchell Thurmer
Signal Mountain
Joe, Congrats on TEN YEARS of doing this vital mission. I know their is a lot of work involved. Thank You for giving just us plain folk, a place to have our voices heard, much to the dismay of those who would rather everything come from the Left.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Obama to put the Kids to work selling Obamacare...

Next Tuesday, September 8, President is going to have a Nationwide "News Confrence" broadcast on C-Span and Thw White House website. The stated of purpose is to encourage children to stay in school and do well. I believe, as in previous "town-hall" type meetings, he will have a child planted, who with tears in his eyes, will say " Mommy and Daddy can't take me to the Doctor and I have been sick, they have no money or insurance, please help me Mr. president".
That will open the door for Obama to tell the children of this Nation if only all these mean spirited protesters would support him, that he knows best how to help this child. The White House has already sent out information to each State's Governor, explaining his veiled purpose. They in turn have sent out information to each school district, who can participate or decide not to.
Now, let's get to the root of everything, Money. After this educational broadcast, lets say each state reports to the White House which districts supported the President and showed his info, or opted out. When it comes time to hand out the stimulus money for a school, don't anyone realize if you did not support his "tv special", your request will probably go to the bottom of the pile of requests. I assure you someone in the White House is tracking all this and making a list and checking it twice.
I am sure out there in Internet land there are people skilled in subliminal messages. I hope the watch this over and over and look for long lasting statements that will stay in these childrens minds. I have believed from the get go, Obama has a reason, a plan, for everything he does, not just the obvious. On the news this morning it was reported that HCDE said it was the dcision of the principal as to weither the children view this program or not.
Parents, it is your decision. Many have said their child we be kept home that day.
Remember, there is a reason for everything.
Be aware, do not keep your guard down.
Mitchell Thurmer
Signal Mountain

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

SIgnal Mountain Tn School Mess

Just imagine, during very early construction, you are selected as the Principal of Hamilton County's, Signal Mountains' ,Flagship. During the construction phase, you observe the best of everything being brought in. Equipment is second to none. Electronic and high tech communications, multi media, and the premier quality of the products are amazing. The Mountain Education Fund is at your becon call, with their checkbook in hand. HDTV'S are in the hallway, High Tech is everywhere,
This is education utopia, and as Principal, you are looked upon as the Captain of this glorius ship.
One of your teacher/friends has a problem, his credintials have some "minor" problems, but being he is your dear friend, a teacher, and you even attending his wedding, it's ok to "bend " the rules a little and fix his problems, after all you are the Principal of SMMHS, who will question your authitory.The sad news is after the wedding, it came out the great teacher, who students really liked, was selling illegal prescription drugs obtained thru his wife, who worked at Walgreens.
The high obtained from being in such a position obscured the problems you may have caused for students due to this "minor" problem.
I have a grandaughter now in my opinion at much better school, who although a Junior, will face whatever remedies Gravitte has brought upon her.
I caught Hell from a lot of Chattanoogan readers, of course from Signal Mtn, when I complained about Mr. Gravitte allowing cell phone useage in school. I have a witness who has seen texting constantly going on in class, regardless of my critics, I stand by my source. I sincerely hope that Mr. Gravitte's replacement will be given a set of the rules of the HCDE and enforce them to the letter. One of which simply states, NO Cell Phones in school. Mr. gravitte did not have the authority to "bend " this rule as he attempted to bend others.
I hope the new principal conducts a full investigation of all the goings on, the presence and influence of the Founder's Fund, Friends of the School, Mountain Eduction Fund or whatever else today's name is. He needs to exaimine their place in this system, period, and decide who is going to run it, him or them.
Also, I have Info that PTA officials have positions within the school administration. If this is the case, they have access to sensitve student files, financial records and other paperwork which should be confidential except to HCDE employees with a security level to review them.
Mr. Gravitte is on paid leave, until they find another position for him in HCDE. I have never heard of someone being caught falsifying records, and being being retained and paid. In the real Coroporate world, Security escorts to the Door, with a file box of personal items period. What is the Deal? Once you go to work for these people they can't fire you"
Mitchell E. Thurmer
Signal Mountain

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Medicare Cuts, Really need some thought

I spend my spare time listening to Talk Radio, and only watch Fox News, to attempt to get the truth.
Being dependent on Medicare A,B, and D, also a recpient of SSDI, I depend perhaps too much on the Gov't for my very exstsence.
I have an unique situation, though not a pleasant issue, still very worrysome.

My father died at 58, with Colon Cancer, before public awareness was high. When diagnosed he demanded his brother and 4 sisters be checked. Well, His brother had it then, 2 other sisters had polyps. In the end a total of 4 have died of Colon Cancer since 1982.

Needless to say, I am at risk. I had my first Colonoscopy at 25 and have had one every 3 years since. I have had various polyps removed thru the years. One Doctor tried to talk me into an exam every 5 years instead of 3, I switched doctors.

If Obama makes his cuts in Medicare to pay for this explosion of spending, will I be cut back to 7 years or more. If they find a polyp, even a small one, do they have to leave it until "next time".

If they make cuts just on this one issue, how many thousand of lives can be affected, who knows.

Being that I will have no alternative to do as they say, will I face the possibility of an early death to a very preventable disease.

Everyone over 50 must have this done, it's not bad, believe me. The prep is uncomfortable, but the actual procedure is nothing. I have gotten off the table and gone to Cracker Barrel for Breakfast, due to the advancement in meds that bring you out quickly.

Please look at this one example and see if there is a condition that requires maintenance. Look, really hard. The "Death advisors" might be at your home for a reason that could have been prevented.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The US 127 Yard Sale and it's review, 634 miles

The World's Largest Yard sale and what it means to the local residents

U.S. Hwy 127 Stretches from West Unity , Ohio to Gadsden, Alabama. A total of 634 Miles.

U.S. 127 is not some 4 lane highway that moves along quickly, It moves through rural areas of states. Kinda gives you that homey feeling. Money, as in all things, seems to be the driving force behind this enterprise. Residents and small businesses along the route profit from dividng their road frontage into rentalable spots, That is the first income.Next, you have other residents who collect "stuff" all year for "the sale". Some towns, such as Signal Mountain, TN and Walden, TN have passed laws forbiding sales in their areas. But, when you clear that town or city limit, it's Katy bar the door. I live in a pure county area, open for all to set up. About 1/2 mile from me there is a gentleman who has a beautiful, large yard, he has been setting up tents for 2 weeks. Then there is the Lone Oak Civic Center/Fire Dept/And I even think there is a church meets there too, I don't know. They have all kinds of space and are more that happy to rent all they can.

The victims of this fiacso is the residents that live along US 127. I can't speek for Alabama or the other states. but this mountain is a great area to live in. The sale was only supposed to start last Thursday and end today because school starts, but it really got wound up about a week ago. Believe it or not I even saw someone selling a 2 holer seat out of an outside toilet, that would be nice to hang in you home, I guess.

For 1 week, It has been near impossible to get around up here. I was coming home yeasterday and got in site of my driveway, I jumped the ditch, drove down the bank, got my mail and defiantely got in my truck and parked as usual. The Traffic Friday Was Bumper to Bumper from here to the Signal Mtn Traffic Light. I had to go to the drug store and used the back trails to get


The headquarters for this sale is in Jamestown, Tn. I am sure it has become a cash cow for many. I would love to know how the powers that that be charge profit from this, I assure it is not out of the goodness of their hearts. Three years ago ago they tried a weeklong sale, weekend thru weekend, it did not work out.

They say when you complain, have a solution. Why not have it the fall of the year whe it's not in the 90's. also, run the route thru areas of sale. Like VERY rural areas where farmers would be happy to rent a 30 acre field, not in my front yard.

I guess I am the talk of the Mtn, I posted a yellow caution tape on stakes driven into the ground, surrounding the property. Two reason, One morning my first year here, I woke up to have a front yard full of vehicles, the next morning, was sitting on the back porch with my wife about8 o'clock drinking coffee when 4 people came walking around the house. That was it.

My yard looks like a crime scene, sorry, last time I chacked it was mine, not the Jamestown powers that be,,,

Have a good day, Mitch

And the Health care rages and My Fears !

And the Healthcare battle rages

Being the fact that I am the odd combination of Conservative and Social Security Disability Recipient (SSDI), my observations on the Obamacare bill are a little different.

I am totally dependent on the government for my survival, not to mention my wife, who is also a SSDI recpeient. Mine is due to Multiple Sclerosis and her's a combination of Meniere's Disease and Fibromyalgia.

I am an avid listener of Neal Boortz, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Fred Thompson, with a smattering of Monica Crowley mixed in. I am an avid, almost addicted to Fox News, knowing that I can believe what they say, nothing can be more obvious because I make it a point to watch one of Major Networks each evening during their nightly broadcast. By keeping them accountable, the bias and love affair they have for Barrack Hussein Obama is very obvious. Sometimes it is unbelieveable the stark difference that appears.

Alright, lets get to the Healthcare bill. I have two trains of thought on this. 1, the provisions and vague wording they have written can be interpreted in many ways, Which is really scary. You read the wording one way, and it is all good, If you read it from a controlling stand point, the American Public will become pawns, their lives and exsistence based on their age, are they worth being saved, etc.

The second thought I have is this is all a cover. Bring the full attention of the American People to something they will be consumed with, and underneath, pass all the legislation you want, changing everything. Then, without a fight, the Obamamites have slipped you a mickey and you liked it.

I have had critics read my opinions and critize me for being on SSDI and having enough since to take note and voice and opinion. They have said that they resent the fact I am on SSDI and have the gall to speak out against the very government that supports me. I DID NOT ask to be in the position I am in. I do have cognitive problems at times, but I have a right to a voice and a right to speak for myself.

A 1300 and growing page bill, with every commitee and his dog adding their goodies, has no end. I am concerned naturally about what cuts Medicare will face. For instance, I have to have an MRI every 3-4 years to compare disease progression in my brain. I recently had one and am very proud to announce that thanks for Betaseron ( Which I qualify as a hardship case on), has kept me from having no progression in the disease. They cannot undo the damage that has been done, nor can they prevent the worsening of my symptoms, but these people are angels. Betaseron runs between $1800 and $2200 per month. When I saw my co-pay under Medicare D, it was going to exceed $ 500 per month. I contacted Bayer/Betaseron and they did not bat an eye, $ 75.00 per for three months supply. They have saved ny life.

I want to know, not it Lawyer Language, what is the paln for Medicare A,B, and D.Our co-pays on fixed income. If the choose to cut our benefit d, Increase co-pays, we are thrown to wolves.
My doctor, who is Hell on wheels, urged me to write everybody, stop the insanity. He has a max percentage of 30% Medicare. He looked me in the eye and told me, I don't make money seeing you, I do it to help you. He makes his money on private insurage clients, period. He knew a female doctor who allowed her Medicare to go to 50%. she is no longer in practice.

He told me to stay in practice he may have to go to a retainer, like a Attorney. He threw a number up like $ 2500, that we would have to pay to keep him as our doctor. I will find a way if needed, don't know how, but I can't be withought a doctor. There is much in this bill we don't know and considering it's "urgency" that scares me to death. He has already rammed down bills, saying the world was going to end unless we act mow. We cannot believe this man any longer.

He is as slick as they come. He has hidden agendas, I know it. I don't believe their is an honest bone in his body..

I guess my speaking out will put me on the hot list in the White House, and quite frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.
Also, by the way, I receieved one of the emails that Major Garrett from Fox News brought up, much to the dismay of Robert Gibbs. And remember, Gibbs told Grrett not to make faces, bullcrap. Garrett is an excelent reported and if Gibss realizes the Love Fest is over with the press, he may not be able to kep his job much longer, Big Loss.

The very fact hat the White House would establish a website for people to Rat on Americans speaking their mind, is almost like the Third Reich, you squeal on the patriots, making them a target.

Well, I though about going to Flag. com or whatever it is and turning myself in as an American Patriot, what are they going to do? call me in for an SSDI audit every month? Probably.
They think they hold the cards, but the American Public has the keys to the Kingdon. I hope in 2010, every one of the Obamamites are voted out and replaced by conservatives. I am pissed and scared at the same time. I wish my communities would quit having Obamagasms over VW coming to town and stand up.The Federal Government, State of Tennessee, Hamilton County and The City of Chattanooga paid dearly for Chattanooga to be "chosen".

I am going to read the entire bill, If I can stay awake long enough.Then there are the ammendments coming from both houses, with their own twist on this.

But I firmly believe, this is a Smoke Screen for something else to slip under the radar. I pray there is a Conservative out there watching the ignored little back door sessions. Let's say the cut Med D down to nothing, My wife and I are destroyed at the hands of our own government.

One last VERY Important Point , Glen Beck mentioned he had 8 million radio listeners, 3.5 million TV watchers and various othere groups that follow his blogs and such. He assigned us a solem charge, pick one czar, and using the internet, review and verify everything this person has ever done. Considering our President has already aoppointed a confimed Communist to over see the "Green" movement, what other little dirty secrets have we yet to discover.

Let's do this in a professional manner, put out facts in a reasonable order, and when we are ready, forward the info return reciept requested. This could be end of the maddness.

I have given you my opinion on cash for clunkers, there are a lot of seniors who have paid what they had to get a vehicle as nice as I have seen the mechanics gleefully dispose of. Even if the senior had a 1968 Comet and paid 500 for a 1991 Lincoln President that was in great shape. Destroy the Comet, not a vehicle that is a getting 19 MPG and is in great condition. Why not just trade the Lincoln for the comet even and destroy the Comet. I guess that would have been too simple. If the Government was going to spend $4500, why not help someone. The damn government owned the vehicle they destroyed, alot of Americans couple have been helped...

Your Brother in Arms
Mitchell Thurmer
Signal Mountain

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Cash for Clunkers Program, Death by GOVT

Yesterday. My son Mark was interested in the Cash for Clunkers program and went vehicle shopping. They looked at some new vehicles and used as well. They had a 1996 Chevrolet 2 DR Tahoe, 5.7 litre V8, Type LT trim, Leather interior, Great looking and running vehicle. They did trade for 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 4.7 litre V8, Very nice vehicle and after I checked all the NADA info this morning, they got a very good Deal. This WAS NOT under the clunker program because they traded for a used vehicle.

I had asked Mark to find out what happened to the clunker vehicles under the program. For some reason, it made since to me to take the really good vehicles, which the govt had just put $ 4500 in to and given to the dealer, to send the good ones to some type of lot where those of us who are on Social Security, fixed incomes, or just plain poor could pick up a great vehicle for say $ 1000 and the money go back to the govt. I don't mean vehicles that smoke, rattle or are a piece of junk, good older vehicles that could for instance help a 16 year old get their first car without breaking the bank..

When he returned, with his trade, he told me ALL vehicles ran thru the program would have the oil drained out and a mixture of metal shavings, silica, and other chemicals put into the engine and ran until it destroyed itself. This morning I went to You Tube and saw repeatedly some very nice vehicles destroyed on video. The mechanics who did this really got a kick out of blowing the engines.

I am not an enviromentalist, but on more than one occasion, the prooduct added to the engine blew all over the ground, clouds of noxious gases were produced. Where is the EPA in all of this ? The ground is contaminated. Let you or I spill a quart of used oil on the ground and all Hell breaks loose.

I had thought about the program some when introduced. My wife and I have a 1994 Jeep Cherokee, purchased new, that has and continues to be a great vehicle. I recently had to re-tag it this year and the required emissions tester at the State of Tennessee station could not believe that it had so low emissions, she stated that it was better than some new vehicles she tests.

Our Cherokee has served us well, the paint looks new, really. Most people cannot believe it is a 1994. Our credit is bad, due to the State of Tennessee killing a State run Healthcare plan called Tenncare, where everyone was insured. (Sound Familiar). After Tenncare was killed, we were left with no insurance, and before you think I had free Healthcare, I paid premiums every month, ranging from $ 65 to $ 358, depending on their whim at the time. You did not dare ask why, because when you asked a question, you had just made an appeal and set in moition another nightmare. You would recieve a letter saying that your Tenncare would not be terminated right now, until after the hearing, just for asking a simple question. And now Obama tells me they can do a better job than the Medicare I am on, of course with cuts.

Back to the Cherokee. I have spent the last 2 hours watching gleefull mechanics applying the Death sentence to some really nice vehicles. Like I said, not all are worth keeping, but some SSDI recepients with really bad vehicles would have been very happy to buy some of these on a government financing of saying $ 1000 and the Govt would have gotten a little money back, but not Obamaworld. That would be too simple.

I am going to keep my 1994 Cherokee as long as I can. My wife loves it and would break my fingers at the thought of getting rid of her baby. I can do minor repairs. Some very well qualified mechanics have told me that engine should go in excess of 300,000 miles easy. My 1998 Ranger XLT Extended cab 4wd is the same way, it looks like new and runs like new. I will keep it until the wheels fall off, and then,probably repair it and keep going.

The real reason for the clunker program was to give the card dealers and manufacturers a shot in the arm, not for the enviroment or to improve mileage. It was a scam to sell vehicles and I guess make the highways more attractive with shiny new vehicles, making us all think under Obama's guidance, we are doing much better. Alot of people are adding vehicle payments they can not afford. What bailout comes next when they can't make the payments and the lots are full of repos. Sounds familiar there too, just look at the foreclosures.

The American people are thought to be gullible by our leaders. Just jump out there and help America, go more in debt, like Biden said, "spend money, pay taxes, it's patriotic".

The Tax cofers will increase due to sales taxes, the owners of their more effecient vehicles will drive more, increasing gasoline demand. Gas prices will go up, and so goes the spiral.

When I see all these new owners zipping down the road in the lawn mower with a cab and seats, I am going to wave. I have cold air, a good ride, 2 great vehicles. Being an old car guy, the destruction on video of some fine vehicles really bothers me. Something else could have been done. Another solution, if you saw an 70 year old woman driving her 1968 Buick to the store, she would have been very happy to have a 2001 Crown Victoria given to her with a working Air Conditioner.

This could have been a great idea, as usual, the gov't couldn't think it through and take the easy way out, The Crusher

Mitch Thurmer

Watch this video, bring the kleenex

Episode #165 - Death of a Clunker On You Tube

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Been Lost in the Haze !!!

I gotta tell you, MS has 1 symptom that is driving me nuts. Since 2005 I have had these Semi-Concious states where, you are just out. I can't remember crap, seriously.. I can't tell you what I did last friday. I was watching some of the kids and they said I fell in the hallway. I guess thats right, I am sore all over. Yesterday, went to one of the grandkids birthday parties out at Signal Mtn Golf Course, I don't think I got hot and remember it. Came home, was sitting on the back porch with Deanna, PeeWee and Tony. We decided to go into the living room. I sat down in the recliner and more or less just passed out. They left, I couldn't really communicate, Deanna said. I woke up at 7 and thought it was morning, made coffee, Deanna was stretched out across the bed asleep, exhausted. I woke her up thinking it was time to get up. Finally got my senses about me. Woke up this morning and thought it was Monday, until I kept wondering why the weekend Fox News crew was on.

The Neuro just looks at me when I tell him this stuff last week. It's normal I guess, Hell , I don't know anything anymore.

He tried to send me to pain management, they called last Monday and said I had an appt for tues. Of course, I did not remember crap about it and told the very nice lady I had been down that road once and had no intentions of going thru the hell of counting pills every day.

The one victim in all this is Deanna, I love her so much and all this is killing her.

Anyway, I know by now this Sunday, yep, thats right, I think.

Everybody hold hands, it's gonna be a bumpy ride, MT

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A day to think about ACTION

It's Saturday, a beautiful day here on Signal Mountain, High of 81. That means MS Mitch can get out and enjoy the weather.

I have thought alot about what to do about the upcoming Healthcare destruction, my Doctor's feelings about it, and opinion from my Darling life Deanna.

I am going to devote all my efforts writing every Senator in the United States. It may not do any good, but there has to be voices to their ears. They are not Royalty, regardless of how Obama and his Lady think of themselves.

We are not Serf's waiting on the generosity of a carriage passing by on a dirt road throwing out a damn chicken bone. We are AMERICANS, still, and we must show these people we are not Sheep to lead.

I wish everyone would bombard these Senators with Email, every day, every hour, telling them they are not above us, in any way. We must stop the 1100 Page bill that no-one except the CZAR's have read.

Let's Roll, I am Pissed


Friday, July 17, 2009

Obama Care Forecast,,,

My wife and I just left our Doctor today, who is a fine gentleman, who accepts Medicare.

He unloaded because he knows my standing on the Obama Care,
I want him to be sucessfull, He is a great doctor and deserves the best.
He told me he is not living the life of leisure, most Doctors as expected,he works hard and has a Heart as big as the building.

We got off on the changes that Obamacare (OC) would do.
Well, first of all, he advised me that he really doesn't see Medicare patients to make money.
He knows another Doctor who is running about 55% Medicare patients.
She operates in the RED,until July,She is going out of business,
she can't make it. He has to keep his Medicare patients on Medicare about 30%.

He said the conferences he has attended that OC group has held is suggesting
that Social Scurity Patients hire their Doctor every year
in a retainer type situation, like an attorney, somewhere about $ 2500.
Well, I would like to know where the Hell the OPC expects us Wealthy
SSDI patients pull $ 2500 out of our butts in the first place.

I know you are thinking, well, he can afford Comcast Internet,,Cable and Phone.
Let me tell you ow, If not for Fox news, Boortz, Rush, Sean,
and other that you can only get by paying for access,
I would be a Ostrich in the sand.

My wife hit the infamous Donut Hole in June, luckily, I think I may make it,
thanks to the generousity of Pfizer and other manufacturers.

Why do you think this Sotomayor mess came up right now,
to take pressure away from the 1100 page Health Bill. Think Damn it. Diversion
what the drive bys is working.

I urge everyone to write their Reps and Senators,
I am 53 year old. In his plan, 
SSDI patients are going to be expendable

We are on SSDI,
We are already on Gov Healtcare, 
We are in a pretty good systen, I cant image making it worse.

The time is band together, I am tired of having
others forcing their ideas down my throat

Time for an organized group, I am with you
Mitchell Thurmer

Signal Mountain, TN, 37377
Email me with your thought and ideas, we have got to do something. My Doctor said to hold Tea Parties and email every Senator we can.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I just had to share this info while we eat Vienna Sausage and crackers

Where did we all go wrong, We should have all lined up for Gov't jobs in the Obama White House. This is beyond belief, talk about stimulus.

How things have changed! If you’re one of the tens of millions of Americans facing certain destitution, earning less than subsistence wages stocking the shelves at Wal-Mart or serving up McDonald cheeseburgers, prepare to scream and then come to realize that the benefit package for these servants of Miz Michele are the same as members of the national security and defense departments and the bill for these assorted lackeys is paid by John Q. Public:

  1. $172,2000 - Sher, Susan (CHIEF OF STAFF)
  6. $90,000 - Medina, David S. (DEPUTY CHIEF OF STAFF TO THE FIRST LADY)
  7. $84,000 - Lelyveld, Catherine M. (DIRECTOR AND PRESS SECRETARY TO THE FIRST LADY)
  20. $36,000 - Armbruster, Sally M. (STAFF ASSISTANT TO THE SOCIAL SECRETARY)
  21. Bookey, Natalie (STAFF ASSISTANT)
Source: Mark Levin website / Canadian Free Press

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day at the Thurmer Household

We had a great 4th. Family arrived and we had he usual BBQ, various deserts, and I ate too much. It was nice to see everyone and all was well.

I could not keep from thinking about what the original signers of the Declaration of Independence went through. Their lives were in danger, their families were at great risk.
Their signatures Id'd them as rebels. Alot of Americans still did not support breaking from Mother England.

Today, Everything they fought for is at risk. The Obama administration is charging headlong toward socialism, period. Government takeover of private business, intrusion into everyday life. It is like the movie 1984 was the study paperwork for the Obama plan.

He is on TV everyday, announcing some new program, policy, spending plan, something. Even some of the deepest liberals are talking in groups about his fascination with public appearance.

I am sure, readers of my blog keep thinking, why is a MS titled blog so political. I will tell you why. Being disabled, On SSDI, MEDICARE, and other Govt programs, my life is controlled by politics and the whims of Obama for CHANGE.

I am very excited that Sarah Palin is coming to work in the lower 48. she is going to wake up the nation, a voice for conservatism. I hope that Rush, Neal, Sean, Glenn and the other Talk Radio Leaders, will embrace this woman and put her to work, with their guidance.

Come on everybody, lets get the Conservatives rolling, lets help them all we can.

Keep the Porch lite on folks, America needs to find the way home. By the way, I used the old fashion lighbulbs to light that porch.....

Good Luck out there......Mitch

Monday, June 22, 2009

Smoking, It's all about Money

Today, Commisar Obama signed into law changes in the cigarette business. Alright, lets put a pencil to all this.
First, he wants to lower the tar and nicotene in cigarettes, Now keep in mind taxes have gone up and will go up more. If you, like I smoke, you have an addiciton to tar and nicotene. When the level is lowered, guess what, you will smoke some more to feed your habit, therefore the government will recieve more funds in taxes due to our increased usage, The deficit that seem to be never ending will recevie increased income, helping to play for the "projects" Obama has proposed. Yes, a percentage will quit, somehow, but the others will find a way to pay.
Think about it, if all smokers laid then down tomorow, the government would go into a depression like never before, They depend on us, we keep the economy afloat, on our lungs.

This is another Obama scam, to pressure SIN tax on us, weither it be smoking, dipping, or chewing. Imagine the Cancer industry if everyone quit, the doctors would have to change to proctology.
They are counting on the inability to quit to fill the coffers.

I am going to try again, just to spite Obama and his wizards, I may get crazy it will be worth it.,

Have a good day, let's burn one, Mitch

I wonder if weed will be next, I hear it is great for MS
My Law enforcement friends and family will have a cow, but if Medical Marijuana works, lets go

Like, " Let's roll another joint, let's take another toke, It's ok to be calm , You don't how it feels, to be me" "Tom Petty"

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gun Permits, the thugs love this

want to applaud the politicians, Law Enforcement Supervisors, and the other anti gun supporters who have so vocally expressed where and where not CWP holders can carry their weapons.
If I were a gang leader, mugger, rapists, or in general bad butt, I would sit down with a map of Hamilton County and Chattanooga, Red Bank, etc, and map out exactly where I could do my activities and not fear a citizen shooting me. Remember, these laws don't apply to me. I will carry my weapons where I please, that's my chosen profession. Even the so called security gaurds are not armed, I have got it made.Me and my co-horts can follow the map and find victims without fear. It's like open season and the Game Wardens are armed with phamplets that say nice.
This is just another example of our society gone made.My permit is due for renewal this fall for $ 50.00 and I will gladly pay it. One thing that has bothered me is let's say I am going to the Smokies for a weekend. I leave Chattanooga and travel the 140 miles through interstates and back roads with my trusty 357 magnum. Being there is no guns allowed there, yet, when I get to the boundry should I throw it out the window? If so, I am going to make a check in station just outside the park and charge $20 dollars for me to check their guns. God forbid someone decided to hold them up in that zone as well. I am sure it will be on the THUG map too.It's a big place, crowded and with plenty of places of hide.

Lord help us all, everything is going to be illegal, except assembly to praise Obama...

Be carefull out there, Still packing Heat
Mitchell E. Thurmer

Chattanooga is getting a new VW plant, and Jesse Jackson has arrived

Now that we are better, kinder, wiser country with the election of Presiden Barack Hussein Obama, Reverend Jackson is suddenly more revelant. Despite the comment by Jackson that he wished to nueter Obama, he still knows what we all need.

The VW plant, which Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Hamilton County have purchased, is now a place to play the race card. No one, regardless of race, should be given a job there. Every applicant should be hired by there abilities, not their race. No balance of numbers, based on race, should hinder the owners from having the employees they need. If any race, and I mean any, is not qualified, educated. or has a bad work record, they should NOT be employed.

Reverend Jackson cannot expect any employer to hire anyone just to satisfy his statements. His opinions are just that, an opinion. He can make all the appearances he wants, stir the masses to action, Have marchers picketting VW's temporary office. The bottom line is VW will make their hiring policies to benefit them, no one else and rightfully so.

Also, on that note, Commisar Bredesen was quoted stating the State of Tennessee did not have the funds to "Buy" another GM plant. It appears GM is not trying to hide the fact that their plants are available to the highest bidder.

Reverend Jackson will no doubt be going to GM plants and Chrysler plants to strive for Racial balance. I think these companies have enough problems without having to listen to his babble. I can't wait to hear VW's response to Jackson. I am sure he was lured here as well because of us Southeners and our Racial views.

Maybe his time would be better spent near 4th avenue at midnite, trying to talk to all the shooters, the numbers prove that.

Mitchell Thurmer