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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gun Permits, the thugs love this

want to applaud the politicians, Law Enforcement Supervisors, and the other anti gun supporters who have so vocally expressed where and where not CWP holders can carry their weapons.
If I were a gang leader, mugger, rapists, or in general bad butt, I would sit down with a map of Hamilton County and Chattanooga, Red Bank, etc, and map out exactly where I could do my activities and not fear a citizen shooting me. Remember, these laws don't apply to me. I will carry my weapons where I please, that's my chosen profession. Even the so called security gaurds are not armed, I have got it made.Me and my co-horts can follow the map and find victims without fear. It's like open season and the Game Wardens are armed with phamplets that say nice.
This is just another example of our society gone made.My permit is due for renewal this fall for $ 50.00 and I will gladly pay it. One thing that has bothered me is let's say I am going to the Smokies for a weekend. I leave Chattanooga and travel the 140 miles through interstates and back roads with my trusty 357 magnum. Being there is no guns allowed there, yet, when I get to the boundry should I throw it out the window? If so, I am going to make a check in station just outside the park and charge $20 dollars for me to check their guns. God forbid someone decided to hold them up in that zone as well. I am sure it will be on the THUG map too.It's a big place, crowded and with plenty of places of hide.

Lord help us all, everything is going to be illegal, except assembly to praise Obama...

Be carefull out there, Still packing Heat
Mitchell E. Thurmer

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