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Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh My God, This woman had 20 GUNS !

I saw this morning on the Drive-By media television program, that a 63 year old lady had been in a standoff with Chattanooga SWAT.
Evidently, there had been a report that she had discharged a gun outside her home, earlier that day. Based on an absence of information, we have to assume she would not "comply" and come outside as "ordered". When she would not comply, Chattanooga SWAT responded to the desperate standoff. After 3 hours and intense negotiation ( I assume ), talks failed and tear gas was shot thru the windows of her home. She then surrendered and complied.
The major story is, she had guns. Not 3, or 5 but 20 ! This is the kicker.
I think it is still legal to own guns. As long as they are not stolen or illegal, you know, altered. I don't know, based on an absence of information, if the guns were left in place or somehow were confiscated. Maybe there will be more info later.
I know a 63 year old is just as dangerous as a 23 year old when pointing a gun at someone. Living on 5th ave, she probably felt she needed the weapons to protect herself. It was publicized in the past year or so that Chattanooga PD had stated they could not protect everyone. Some others even suggested that the public arm themselves. Since President Obama was elected Gun sales have increased over 10%. That turned out to be a stimulus. Maybe the 63 year old lady has invested in these guns to provide stimulus.
How many guns do you have in your house and how many does the Media and Law Enforcement think is too much?

Mitch Thurmer

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