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Thursday, June 18, 2009

My up to date MRI today.

My new Neuro, Dr. Gibson wanted a new MRI to see what might be causing my new peoblems. I went to Earlanger today and stuck my head in the Boom-Box. It went well, took 2 1/2 hours. Either I have a lot of brain and Spinal Cord to map, or they had a problem trying to find it..Ha

Anyway, for 19 years, I have had a lot of MRI's, maybe 12. As soon as I get the co-pay taken care of, probably be time for another test of some kind. And lets remember, Obama said and the CBO said that SSDI recepients probably will not need a raise until 2013. The cost of lving has not increased according to them, (RIGHT).

Gas prices are rocketing, I spent $ 130 today on meds at the Drug Store, and that is with Medicare D. Also, last year, the premiums went up $ 9 a month for Deanna and I. I need to run a total in what we have spent on meds and premiums this first 6 months.

But remember, we don't need no stinking raise. In the famous words of Marie Antoinette, "Let them eat Cake !". As Obama and Michelle jet around the world, Date night in NY, a trip to Paris, to go shopping, using her own jet to go and return. Don't forget, her mother, the one that lives in the White House, was there also. Talk about a fairy tale life all of a sudden. I bet she has pinched herself so many time, she is dripping blood.

Anyway, wanted to let everybody know they were looking for my MS Brain today.

Remember, all you SSDI Recpients, LIFE IS GOOD!


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