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Thursday, June 11, 2009

I am in the mood to write !

You know, sometimes when you wake up in the morning, You just have to vent, again.

It seems like I am doing this alot lately. My mind races at night, finding it difficult to sleep. Sometime I wake up and can't go back to sleep. The movie in my head just keeps rolling. It's not dreams, I am awake. I think about everything. I don't need to make a list. just turn on Fox News, listen to Rush, Sean, Mark Levin, and you will know what I am thinking about.

I also am stuck on what all of this is going to do to Deanna and I. Nationalized Medicine is the next Obama EMERGENCY requiring immediate action. Thats ok, don't read the thing, just sign it, hurry. Just like the stimulus must be passed now, don't read it, we are always right. The world was going to end the next day if they did not hurry. Now look where we are. Obama can no longer blame all this on George W. Bush, this is a mess Obama has created.

Government is already in places it has no business. Take for instance the regulation of medications and tracking each of us by the State of Tennessee. They also know what is best for us, don't question, just follow.

I wish I had gotten involved in Politics when I was younger. I would love to be a screaming voice of reason, a squeeky wheel. I could be the thorn in the side of the bureaucrats. But, I am reduced to my blog and posting my opinions on But, the bad part about that is, the editor/owner of the site, selects and rejects what you send him. There is no gaurantee that your opinion/rant will be posted. I assume some of my more viral writings are too much for prime time. Don't even think about criticizing the powers that be in Chattanooga, the Scenic City.

At one time, Chattanooga was a bustling manufacturing city. The residents earned a higher than average living and as they say, the Middle Class prospered. Then the enviromentalist appeared. The air was too dirty, those nasty factories with all those cars, are too much. You cannot see the precious Lookout Mountain skyline with the smog.

Down came factories, out went the jobs. The air is much cleaner. Most of the jobs now are tourist, festival, and other meaningless endevors. We do have a lot of Insurance Co headquarters here and I don't know why. Maybe us fried chicken, greasy food, tobacoo smoking, overweight, beer guzzling southerners make a good test group to figure out when we are going to die. Insurance Co's are big on trying to figure out how many years they may to pay you on a claim before you croak.

Well, I have vented some, feel better, and am going to get a shower and clean up. It's time for Neal Boortz, Rush at Noon, Hannity at 3 and Levin at 6. You can listen online as I do at AM doesn't come in great up here on Signal Mtn and the Computer sounds great.

Have a wonderful Day and keep your head down.

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Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

Hi Mitch! I hope you are having a good day! If you get the chance stop by my Blog and pick up your award. I really feel you deserve it.