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Monday, June 8, 2009

Extra Medical Expenses because it's DRUGS

Today I went to see my new Neurologist. When he came to the hospital and saw me, I was really impessed, today not as much,
First impressions are usually the indicator of things to come. When I hit the door, I had a bad feeling. When I made this appt, they sent me a 6 page package to fill out, I even went as far as designing a form to list meds on and added it to the package. I got it on 5/4/09 and faxed it back that day, complete. Today, I just happened to put in my briefcase, just in case. Well, sure enough, she needed my copies, they could not find hers. Then later she found that they had recieved them.
Anyway, got in the exam room and the Neuro came in. We talked about pain, current meds, legal problems with the POLICE when drving, and how it all works. Guess what, He did not know that driving on these meds is D.U.I. in Tennessee.
He told me in the Hospital that he could handle all the meds. Now, He tells me he wants to send me to Pain Management to handle my meds.
That means, A co-pay for him, a co-pay for the Drug Police ( Pain Management ), and a co-pay for my Primary Provider. So, we are going from one to three, just because, and he admitted it, They are all scared of the STATE OF TENNESSEE. The state is monitoring every script they write in a huge database. If they get on the wrong side of these people, they will be audited until they can no longer practice medicine for the inspectors standing in the halls.

The STATE has placed such a deep fear in the doctors it is unbelieveable. He told me, the STATE is trying to make them unpaid POLICE OFFICERS.

I have been to the circus at Pain Management once before, I would rather have my fingernails removed with a pair of pliers, but it looks like I have no choice.

When I made a comment that I was going to be paying more to everybody, the Neuro said, " you have to do what you have to do ".

Obama is getting to make it all worse with National health care, God help us all.


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