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Saturday, June 6, 2009

D-Day, Terrorism, and the World we live in.

65 years ago, Allied forces moved onto the beaches of Normandy. Today, many of these heroes are buried beneath the green grass of French soil. All these men, knew how important their contribution was. The did not think of themselves as heroes, just men fighting for the freedom of an oppressed continent. This set into the moition the defeat of Nazi Germany, paved along the way in the blood of Americans.
Today, we face enemies both abroad and on our own soil. These enemies are cowards, cloaked in darkness and faces hidden from view. This is a religious war. A war based on the extreme beliefs of Islamic Terrorists. They have one goal, to kill Americans anywhere, as the opportunity permits. When you fight a force that has no concern for their own survival, based on a concept that death resulting from killing the enemy is a blessing, there is but own fact. Kill them before they kill you. These is no debate, no reaching out. All that will come from attempting to communicate is an ambush.
President Bush knew this fact. For 7 years, he prevented any American blood to be spilled on our soil. His efforts, the brave efforts of our military, resulted in alot of Terrorist acheiving their goal of death. This is the facts. We are at war. No amount of feel good will prevent another attack. We need to go into Afghanistan with the assumption that everyone is a terrorist. As the old Marine Corp T-shirt says, "Kill them all, Let God sort them out."

I fear we are being lulled into a deep false sense of security. President Obama honestly believes that after his series of "addresses" to the Muslim world, we can rest easy. Wrong....
These people, and I use that term loosely, believe that he is weak. The next grand plan is probably being developed while Obama goes out on date night with Michelle. By the way, their last getaway to New York cost taxpayers more than $ 100.000.

We cannot rest, dreaming that Obama is going to somehow make nice with everyone. I hope and pray somewhere in the Pentagon, some rogue general is paying attention and planning very large strikes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, N. Korea, Indonesia, and any other country that is a threat to the United States of America.

Afghanistan and Iran can become lakes for all I care, glowing at night for the next 1,000 years.

Come on folks, lets all support strength. I would much rather be feared than loved in the Islamic World.

Good Day and Godspeed, Mitch

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