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Monday, June 22, 2009

Smoking, It's all about Money

Today, Commisar Obama signed into law changes in the cigarette business. Alright, lets put a pencil to all this.
First, he wants to lower the tar and nicotene in cigarettes, Now keep in mind taxes have gone up and will go up more. If you, like I smoke, you have an addiciton to tar and nicotene. When the level is lowered, guess what, you will smoke some more to feed your habit, therefore the government will recieve more funds in taxes due to our increased usage, The deficit that seem to be never ending will recevie increased income, helping to play for the "projects" Obama has proposed. Yes, a percentage will quit, somehow, but the others will find a way to pay.
Think about it, if all smokers laid then down tomorow, the government would go into a depression like never before, They depend on us, we keep the economy afloat, on our lungs.

This is another Obama scam, to pressure SIN tax on us, weither it be smoking, dipping, or chewing. Imagine the Cancer industry if everyone quit, the doctors would have to change to proctology.
They are counting on the inability to quit to fill the coffers.

I am going to try again, just to spite Obama and his wizards, I may get crazy it will be worth it.,

Have a good day, let's burn one, Mitch

I wonder if weed will be next, I hear it is great for MS
My Law enforcement friends and family will have a cow, but if Medical Marijuana works, lets go

Like, " Let's roll another joint, let's take another toke, It's ok to be calm , You don't how it feels, to be me" "Tom Petty"

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