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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chattanooga is getting a new VW plant, and Jesse Jackson has arrived

Now that we are better, kinder, wiser country with the election of Presiden Barack Hussein Obama, Reverend Jackson is suddenly more revelant. Despite the comment by Jackson that he wished to nueter Obama, he still knows what we all need.

The VW plant, which Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Hamilton County have purchased, is now a place to play the race card. No one, regardless of race, should be given a job there. Every applicant should be hired by there abilities, not their race. No balance of numbers, based on race, should hinder the owners from having the employees they need. If any race, and I mean any, is not qualified, educated. or has a bad work record, they should NOT be employed.

Reverend Jackson cannot expect any employer to hire anyone just to satisfy his statements. His opinions are just that, an opinion. He can make all the appearances he wants, stir the masses to action, Have marchers picketting VW's temporary office. The bottom line is VW will make their hiring policies to benefit them, no one else and rightfully so.

Also, on that note, Commisar Bredesen was quoted stating the State of Tennessee did not have the funds to "Buy" another GM plant. It appears GM is not trying to hide the fact that their plants are available to the highest bidder.

Reverend Jackson will no doubt be going to GM plants and Chrysler plants to strive for Racial balance. I think these companies have enough problems without having to listen to his babble. I can't wait to hear VW's response to Jackson. I am sure he was lured here as well because of us Southeners and our Racial views.

Maybe his time would be better spent near 4th avenue at midnite, trying to talk to all the shooters, the numbers prove that.

Mitchell Thurmer

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