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Thursday, June 18, 2009

My head is going to EXPLODE, too much DATA

It should be a peaceful Thursday afternoon. Oscar is resting comforably on the couch, the house is cool.
It is a really hot day with 100 % humidity. Typical Tennessee summer, with a pinch of extra warmth. When I was not affected by MS, I enjoyed these days. As a young lad of 14 or so, I had a bicycle with a steering wheel on it. Yes, that is true. I had a banana seat and a sissy bar. It was blue metalflake and a cheater slick on the back. At first, because the slightest movement made a turn, I wrecked a few time. As time went on, I really got good on this cool bike. We had moved out to the country. We lived in Friendsville, Tennesssee, on the lake. Mom and Dad built their dream home with 400 foot of deep water frontage. I would leave in the morning and explore all the backroads near the lake until dark. Heat was not an issue and I was tanned and looked good.

Anyway, the point of all that is comparing life in 1971 to now. The world and our Government have gone mad. At all points, something bad is going on. North Korea is sailing ships just to get us to move on them, Blow them out of the water, there. Iran is in upheaval, a good thing. Help the opposition, send them 1,000,000 M-16's and ammo, kill the entire government, there. Obama is going on TV daily. Every day he is spending a trillion here 50 Billion here. I have heard all this so much, 500 Billion sounds like pocket change, pretty weird since I have $ 20 in the bank. Impeach him, OBiden, Pelosi, Reid, and every other Democrat. Maybe a peaceful taking over of the govt by the Conservatives and the Military, There. ( Alright, don't call the Secret Service, this is Satire even though Robert Kennedy Jr blames Talk Radio for all the bad things. Cancel the Stimulus, take the money back, stop Tarp, take the money back, Pull out of GM and Chrysler, let them do whatever they will without us, there. Declare ACORN a Terrorist Organization, seize their assets and put the leaders at Gitmo, There. Cancel the closing of Gitmo, go get those damn idiots eating Ice Cream in Bermuda and put them back in their coveralls, there. Also at Gitmo, take away their special diet, prayer rugs, koran, and everything else, open the roofs up and let them work on their tans. Serve Pork BBQ three times a day and keep sending more there everyday, there. All the BBQ will scare the terrorist worst than our army.

North Korea, when they have another parade with all those soldiers doing the chicken step, accidentally drop 100 2,000 lb bombs on their parade grounds, problem solved, there.

I cannot list all this. But one thing is for sure, it's a damn start.

I am severly PO'D, read my lips, I am tired of it all and the time for action is NOW.

Power to the People



Anonymous said...

Power to the People, indeed!

Mitch Thurmer said...

The SSDI recepients, entitlements, etc are view as a drag on your society. My brothers and sisters, get ready for attacks, and I mean attacks to demean us because we have a disease we did not want... Fight, raise hell, this is our only option.

As the movie said" I am mad as Hell and I am not going to take it anymore" Also, I am waiting for ABC to come to my homw and do a 2 hour braodcast about my life and views, yeah right...