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Thursday, January 21, 2010

An Email to my Cousin in Mass, who is a Conservative

Dear Joanie...

Please, Communicate to your Conservative Friends the gratitude all of us feel. A mighty blow has been struck, almost like the shot heard round the world at Concord. I saw the Bama this morning in an interview with George Stephanopolis on State Controlled Media saying the public is mad. He went on to say that the last 8 years were the root of it all. The man's ego will simply not allow him to admit he is the cause. Bush Bashing until the end, he will keep this up for three more years. He also said that he hasn't communicated enough to the American people. Crap, he hsa had 49 news conferences, 150+ interviews, even on billboards wearing some company's leather jackets.

What a load of crap. The public is so tired of seeing him, they don't even pay attention to what he says. If not for Fox news, no one could make out he is saying in his droneing on and on.

I am going to a Tea Party 1/30, where all the Republican candidates will be present to state their positions and then meet and greet for 2 hours. I have already met with one of them. Tommy Crangle, who is a retired engineer, has been to Iraq 6 times and was in charge of restoring the power grid. Because of my opinion pieces he invited me to have breakfast with him last week. After a 3 hour meeting, I am solidly behind him. You can check him out at

If there is a forum like up there, get involved. He said that alot of people follow me, that's why he wanted to meet me. I had no idea that people were talking about me.

You can do so much up there you did not know about.
By the way, I am listening online to your station out of Worcester, WTAG
Glenn Beck comes on at 9AM then Rush Limbaugh at 12

Lets Roll my Deat Big Sister
From your little politically active little brother
Love Mitch

Saturday, January 9, 2010

If you use a Credit/Debit Card online, READ THIS

I feel it is my responsibility to tell everyone about what has happened.

I have used my Debit Card online for years to pay for Utilities, Comcast Bills, etc. Normal Transactions which I felt secure on. On 12/29/2009, I noticed 2 events. First, I noticed my Firewall blocking activity from somewhere. Second, I saw 2 pending transactions on my account for $1.01 each. They appeared to be from payment systems.

Further research showed they were actually Adult Website Payment Systems. After online research, I found phone numbers for these people, I use that term loosely.

When I called, 1 even had the gall to ask for my Card Number ! I told them "Hell NO". The "lady" said to "calm down", I again went off, telling her to not to tell me to calm down. Anyway, she told me the Login name used, something like Energy99 or something. I couldn't really understand her anyway.

I called the "other" and pretty much the same deal, except this time I got a "confirmation number", I bet thats a good one.

First, I swear on my Mother's Grave, I have NEVER went to Adult Sites or attempted any of this crap. I can't find any transaction that I have done that is the least bit questionable. Either my Firewall failed somehow or something was obtained, I don't have a clue.

I always have checked my Bank Account every day, seeing what pending and such. I urge everyone, check your activity daily.

My Bank has advised me not to worry. First we killed my card and ordered a new one.
They will refund these charges, Thank God. The Bank advised this happens alot. Beware, watch everything.

Those of us on fixed incomes are especially damaged by this activity. I hope that someone, somewhere, will go after these predators.

I question what I will pay online in the future, so should YOU!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Damn Bus Drivers

This morning, at 11:48 AM I met a Hamilton County School Bus heading North on Taft Highway, Signal Mtn, Dropping off kids in the snow.

The TDOT had not pre-treated the road this time, snow was laying and it was pretty slick. I met the bus about 100 yards after he had dropped of student and was still loaded, I could see the kids standing up.

This Driver was talking on the cell phone, his right hand to the ear and left on the wheel.

I want to know if this allowed, and if not, Enforce it !, If it is, somebody needs to think. This driver needed 100% concentration on the job at hand. I was driving a 4WD pickup and knew very well the road condition.

HCDE can't control the cell phones in the schools, They need to at least control what a driver with a busload of kids is doing.