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Friday, January 8, 2010

Damn Bus Drivers

This morning, at 11:48 AM I met a Hamilton County School Bus heading North on Taft Highway, Signal Mtn, Dropping off kids in the snow.

The TDOT had not pre-treated the road this time, snow was laying and it was pretty slick. I met the bus about 100 yards after he had dropped of student and was still loaded, I could see the kids standing up.

This Driver was talking on the cell phone, his right hand to the ear and left on the wheel.

I want to know if this allowed, and if not, Enforce it !, If it is, somebody needs to think. This driver needed 100% concentration on the job at hand. I was driving a 4WD pickup and knew very well the road condition.

HCDE can't control the cell phones in the schools, They need to at least control what a driver with a busload of kids is doing.

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