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Sunday, December 20, 2009

A new Chapter for my Hopes, a voice, Finally

I am going to attend my first Tea Party Meeting. It is hosted by a group, Campaign for Liberty, they have a chapter here in Chattanooga. My last posting to drew the usual attacks from the Libs, but some very encouraging words from others. I have been told about this grassroots effort and Damn It, I am going to do something.

Back in school, you were taught typing with the following. "Now is the Time for all good Men to come to the aid of their Country."

In present time, can you imaging the uproar of allowing children to type such a patiotic statement. Now more than ever, the above is true. We must come to the aid of this Republic. I know I will be classified as a closet blogger, sitting in the dark with an M-16, typing and clutching my Bible. The attacks will come. We must stand up and be counted. I do fear the rath of the Government. They control my very exsistance with my SSDI check, Medicare, and everything else. I can dragged to countless examination after examination. Activison might be construed as a job, with no pay. If I am able to raise Hell why can't I work. I can see it now.

I can not be silent, na dI will take this chance, for the good of us all.


firingpin said...

Keep the evil government out of my Medicare! .... no cognitize dissonance here...

firingpin said...

lack o' proofreading syndrome... "cognitive"