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Friday, December 18, 2009

Of the People, By the People and For the People, I think NOT

What ever happened to our Representative Government.

It is very plain, a Large Majority of the Citizens of the U.S.A. oppose, Climate Change (Fake), Cap and Tax, National Healthcare, Stimulus on Stimulus, Higher Taxes, and basically, everything the Administration has done since day one.

Why, are the Elected Represenatives ignoring the very people who elected them ? In Bannana Republics such as Venezuela, this is what goes, but not in the U.S.A.. We are becoming a weak, passive, herd of Sheep who allow those who believe they know better to run our lives. And if we dare not speak up, We get what we deserve.

It sickens me, everyday it is so open, what they are doing. They are not hiding what actions are occuring in Washington. They have the gall to stand up in front of us and tell us what will be.

Weither it be the Tea Party Party, The Republican Party, or whoever, a group must stand for the Constitution.

Look in the Mirror, who do you see. We can organize, right here in Chattanooga. We must band together somewhere, why not here ? Do any of you fear the local Government ? Do you fear being denied the Right of Free Speech by the local Administrations. I hope Not. I hope and pray we could begin a peaceful organization right here, right now, to mobilize and speak back. We must expose the lies and corruptions and the loss of our Cherished Freedoms.

I welcome any thoughts, anytime, we must do something. Complaining is a form of change, but only a thought. We will be discounted as nuts, Revelutionaries, Right-Wing Lunatics, the Lunatic Bible and Gun Toters. Freedom of Speech, The Right to Assembly. The Right to Bear Arms, The Right to Practice Religion, These are Freedoms at Peril. The Government is enslaving your Children, Grandchildren and beyond with their ( To Borrow an overworked word from our President) Unpresidented Spending.

Let's speak together, as a voice for the truth in the U.S.A.. The time has come.

Mitchell Thurmer
Signal Mountain


firingpin said...

If you don't want to be thought of as a wingnut it may be best not to act like one. I don't have the stomach to wade through most of your blog entries, but from what I can see you are some sort of birther/deather/Obama is a Muslim Communist Fascist type...who is collecting government assistance while wholeheartedly damning that same government. This kind of alternate universe thinking is nauseating.

Mitch Thurmer said...

Firingpin I just wanted to tell ask you, How is "Hope and Change working out for you ?"And the references you made for our supreme leader, I think stick. I will always beleive he is a Muslim. Our Drive by Media elected a damn American Idol. Whe the queen flies to France on her "own" plane 3 hours ahead of Air Force one, That makes me mad as Hell, Bank on it