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Saturday, January 9, 2010

If you use a Credit/Debit Card online, READ THIS

I feel it is my responsibility to tell everyone about what has happened.

I have used my Debit Card online for years to pay for Utilities, Comcast Bills, etc. Normal Transactions which I felt secure on. On 12/29/2009, I noticed 2 events. First, I noticed my Firewall blocking activity from somewhere. Second, I saw 2 pending transactions on my account for $1.01 each. They appeared to be from payment systems.

Further research showed they were actually Adult Website Payment Systems. After online research, I found phone numbers for these people, I use that term loosely.

When I called, 1 even had the gall to ask for my Card Number ! I told them "Hell NO". The "lady" said to "calm down", I again went off, telling her to not to tell me to calm down. Anyway, she told me the Login name used, something like Energy99 or something. I couldn't really understand her anyway.

I called the "other" and pretty much the same deal, except this time I got a "confirmation number", I bet thats a good one.

First, I swear on my Mother's Grave, I have NEVER went to Adult Sites or attempted any of this crap. I can't find any transaction that I have done that is the least bit questionable. Either my Firewall failed somehow or something was obtained, I don't have a clue.

I always have checked my Bank Account every day, seeing what pending and such. I urge everyone, check your activity daily.

My Bank has advised me not to worry. First we killed my card and ordered a new one.
They will refund these charges, Thank God. The Bank advised this happens alot. Beware, watch everything.

Those of us on fixed incomes are especially damaged by this activity. I hope that someone, somewhere, will go after these predators.

I question what I will pay online in the future, so should YOU!

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