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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day at the Thurmer Household

We had a great 4th. Family arrived and we had he usual BBQ, various deserts, and I ate too much. It was nice to see everyone and all was well.

I could not keep from thinking about what the original signers of the Declaration of Independence went through. Their lives were in danger, their families were at great risk.
Their signatures Id'd them as rebels. Alot of Americans still did not support breaking from Mother England.

Today, Everything they fought for is at risk. The Obama administration is charging headlong toward socialism, period. Government takeover of private business, intrusion into everyday life. It is like the movie 1984 was the study paperwork for the Obama plan.

He is on TV everyday, announcing some new program, policy, spending plan, something. Even some of the deepest liberals are talking in groups about his fascination with public appearance.

I am sure, readers of my blog keep thinking, why is a MS titled blog so political. I will tell you why. Being disabled, On SSDI, MEDICARE, and other Govt programs, my life is controlled by politics and the whims of Obama for CHANGE.

I am very excited that Sarah Palin is coming to work in the lower 48. she is going to wake up the nation, a voice for conservatism. I hope that Rush, Neal, Sean, Glenn and the other Talk Radio Leaders, will embrace this woman and put her to work, with their guidance.

Come on everybody, lets get the Conservatives rolling, lets help them all we can.

Keep the Porch lite on folks, America needs to find the way home. By the way, I used the old fashion lighbulbs to light that porch.....

Good Luck out there......Mitch

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