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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Been Lost in the Haze !!!

I gotta tell you, MS has 1 symptom that is driving me nuts. Since 2005 I have had these Semi-Concious states where, you are just out. I can't remember crap, seriously.. I can't tell you what I did last friday. I was watching some of the kids and they said I fell in the hallway. I guess thats right, I am sore all over. Yesterday, went to one of the grandkids birthday parties out at Signal Mtn Golf Course, I don't think I got hot and remember it. Came home, was sitting on the back porch with Deanna, PeeWee and Tony. We decided to go into the living room. I sat down in the recliner and more or less just passed out. They left, I couldn't really communicate, Deanna said. I woke up at 7 and thought it was morning, made coffee, Deanna was stretched out across the bed asleep, exhausted. I woke her up thinking it was time to get up. Finally got my senses about me. Woke up this morning and thought it was Monday, until I kept wondering why the weekend Fox News crew was on.

The Neuro just looks at me when I tell him this stuff last week. It's normal I guess, Hell , I don't know anything anymore.

He tried to send me to pain management, they called last Monday and said I had an appt for tues. Of course, I did not remember crap about it and told the very nice lady I had been down that road once and had no intentions of going thru the hell of counting pills every day.

The one victim in all this is Deanna, I love her so much and all this is killing her.

Anyway, I know by now this Sunday, yep, thats right, I think.

Everybody hold hands, it's gonna be a bumpy ride, MT

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