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Saturday, July 18, 2009

A day to think about ACTION

It's Saturday, a beautiful day here on Signal Mountain, High of 81. That means MS Mitch can get out and enjoy the weather.

I have thought alot about what to do about the upcoming Healthcare destruction, my Doctor's feelings about it, and opinion from my Darling life Deanna.

I am going to devote all my efforts writing every Senator in the United States. It may not do any good, but there has to be voices to their ears. They are not Royalty, regardless of how Obama and his Lady think of themselves.

We are not Serf's waiting on the generosity of a carriage passing by on a dirt road throwing out a damn chicken bone. We are AMERICANS, still, and we must show these people we are not Sheep to lead.

I wish everyone would bombard these Senators with Email, every day, every hour, telling them they are not above us, in any way. We must stop the 1100 Page bill that no-one except the CZAR's have read.

Let's Roll, I am Pissed


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