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Friday, July 17, 2009

Obama Care Forecast,,,

My wife and I just left our Doctor today, who is a fine gentleman, who accepts Medicare.

He unloaded because he knows my standing on the Obama Care,
I want him to be sucessfull, He is a great doctor and deserves the best.
He told me he is not living the life of leisure, most Doctors as expected,he works hard and has a Heart as big as the building.

We got off on the changes that Obamacare (OC) would do.
Well, first of all, he advised me that he really doesn't see Medicare patients to make money.
He knows another Doctor who is running about 55% Medicare patients.
She operates in the RED,until July,She is going out of business,
she can't make it. He has to keep his Medicare patients on Medicare about 30%.

He said the conferences he has attended that OC group has held is suggesting
that Social Scurity Patients hire their Doctor every year
in a retainer type situation, like an attorney, somewhere about $ 2500.
Well, I would like to know where the Hell the OPC expects us Wealthy
SSDI patients pull $ 2500 out of our butts in the first place.

I know you are thinking, well, he can afford Comcast Internet,,Cable and Phone.
Let me tell you ow, If not for Fox news, Boortz, Rush, Sean,
and other that you can only get by paying for access,
I would be a Ostrich in the sand.

My wife hit the infamous Donut Hole in June, luckily, I think I may make it,
thanks to the generousity of Pfizer and other manufacturers.

Why do you think this Sotomayor mess came up right now,
to take pressure away from the 1100 page Health Bill. Think Damn it. Diversion
what the drive bys is working.

I urge everyone to write their Reps and Senators,
I am 53 year old. In his plan, 
SSDI patients are going to be expendable

We are on SSDI,
We are already on Gov Healtcare, 
We are in a pretty good systen, I cant image making it worse.

The time is band together, I am tired of having
others forcing their ideas down my throat

Time for an organized group, I am with you
Mitchell Thurmer

Signal Mountain, TN, 37377
Email me with your thought and ideas, we have got to do something. My Doctor said to hold Tea Parties and email every Senator we can.


Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

I am so with you on this subject.. I wish I had the answer but I don't. I think about this subject all the time and try to come up with solutions. I have written the senators and congress but all you get back is a letter thanking you for writing them and that they agree with you but nothing ever gets done. If I think of a solution I will let you know but there has to be a solution. It's just a matter of finding the answer.

Mitch Thurmer said...

Thanks Tara, You would think the NMMSS would be at the forefront, they always ask for donations and I appreciate their help, but they need to be politically active, maybe we all need to jump on them, what do you think, you could email your MS contacts and get it started. I tried signing up my blog to a big blog site, haven't heard back, Have a good day my sister in arms