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Friday, October 2, 2009

Star Power fails the President, Michelle, and Oprah

Oh, the shock of it all. It was assumed that the Obama's presence before the International Olympic Committe in Copenhagen, Denmark, would cause the 2016 Olympic Games to be held in Chicago, would be an absolute slam dunk.

This morning on Fox News, The announcement site in downtown Chicago was being readied. A stage being errected, AT&T trucks everywhere, installing the needed miles and miles of high tech communications needed for the reporters, etc.. At this time, I haven't heard the expenses involved just in the preperation.( Update, see Below) There was even a giant Gold medal hanging around the neck of what appears to be a modern day abstract sculpture of a giant baboon.

I am sorry, I appreciare fine art and sculpture of true human beings, etc. This sculpture, made from medal, looks like a cross between a Transformer Character and some childs drawing of a monkey, converted to a metal sculpture. The Gold medal placed around it's neck, really had a strange look. Many protesters were villified for not wanting the Olympic games. Their favorite point was "Jobs not Games".

The recent crime video of the fatal beating of the 16 year old in Chicago could have weighed on the judges minds.

The Obamas thought the prestige and history making event of being the first President to honor the Olympic group would just cause the judges to be Star-Struck. Well, they may Royality here, in their own minds, but to these unbiased people, perhaps it was overexposure. The President, The First lady, suffer from a condition known as Celebrtyitius. If you speak amongst the masses, over 125 announcments, even the world can get weary of see you. Maybe the judges are as tired of seeing him as we are.

I would like to be a fly on the wall on Air Force 1, with Barack, Michelle, and Oprah. The knashing of teeth, the unbelief, the depression. Instead of returning as the "ONE" who makes all side with him, He has been defeated, and sent home. We have work to do and your'e not in it.

I am sure the throngs (12,000) that had assembled at the large baboon statue are in shock. The city spent 50 Million Dollars, yes, 50 Million, trying obatin the games. I guess there went the pot-hole repair budget.

Obama and Co now returns to the mundane life of a President fighting two wars, having to talk to the Commanders, evidentualy, deal with the Helth Care plan which is in trouble everywhere. The Public is fighting tooth and nail to stop the Health Care Overhaul, much to Obama's dismay. Even there, he thought his Telepropmter abilities would blow it thru. Now The Olympic Commitee has hurt him where it hust most, His enormous ego.

Congrats, the the I.O.C. on their not being star struck, not selecting Chicgo just because the Boss wants it. This may be not a chink but a gaping hole in Obama's shining Armor. He may have to adjust his taste for adoration, and accept the "Agony of Defeat" ( sports analogy ).

Americans with Brains will see this for what has happened. He can be defeated, it is not impossible. I can only hope, this armor defect, will be only the beginning.

Somebody is going to have to take all the decals "Chicago 2016" off the 747 that was specially prepared.

Have strength of heart my friends, this could be only the beginning. I bet Valerie Jarrett is having a stroke, all that Chicago property (slums) that was going to be used for this at ultra-premium prices is gone. She is going to have to fix them up and call in the Exterminators.

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Mitch Thurmer
Signal Mountain


Lisa Emrich said...

Hi Mitchell,

I have only recently begun following your blog, and I likely will not have much to comment upon. But I did want to speak up as one individual in response to a statement of yours - "The Public is fighting tooth and nail to stop the Health Care Overhaul,..."

I happen to be one person in the public who truly hopes and expects that, FINALLY, there will be meaningful reform to benefit those individuals who have no other place to turn, those who are trapped within their situations, and those who have lost faith in the federalist system (as it now exists and is exploited by corporations) to be able to protect the interests of the individuals.

Mitch Thurmer said...

Dear Lisa, Thanks for your comments. Yes, there needs to be some changes, I can testify to that. Just the Govt doesn't need another industry to control, especially one that is 16% of our GNP .I appreciate your comments, This is what the USA is all about, Free Speech !

Write anytime., Thanks, Mitch

Mitch Thurmer said...

Dear Lisa, I wanted to clarify something. I am trapped as well. Medicare A,B,D. SSDI, Deanna is on SSDI for Meniere's Disease and Severe Fibomyalgia. I want change as well. Not the kind of change they are speaking of. We are not getting a COLA for 2 years, the cost of living has not gone up, Yeah Right. I know there is waste, too much red tape, yeah it needs work. Cutting the benefits of those who need it worse is wrong. Insuring Illegals is wrong. It is one big mess. I am independent enough I do not want something crammed down my throat. I am scared, yes a 53 year 6'3" man is scred. All we can do is speak out. The MS scoiety is absent from the discussion, of coure, don't anger the bamker that helps you out. Everything is so interconnected. I have been called everything in the book. But, I will speak out, at least I still have that write. I have a fear that Social Security may say, well you are able to write these opinion peices, get a job at a newspaper. Retribution for being local. Believe me, somewhere in the marble halls of our governemnt, we are being monitored, our discussions picked apart. I simply don't care. If I have no voice as an American, I have nothing. The govt takeover of everything has been tried by different regimes in modern history. We are witnessing one now. President Obama stated recently once he got his Health care Overhaul done, Social Security was next, what a warming thought. I am sure my well being will be at the top of their list. Us Boomers are just getting into the system. Congress tapped into SS a long time ago. They needed it for something and we live on ad IOU. I wonder if my Utility Company or groacey store would take an IOU from the Gove? Year right.

Keep writing and reading, just be carefull, read between the lines. I have a book Suggestion for you I just finished. "Culture of Corruption" by Michelle Malkin, the best $13,00 you ever spent at Walmart. It really show the web that has enveloped Washing....

Have a great day and Kepping reading , watching, and above all, don't fall into the lockstep. Question everything, that is all we have left.

Sincerely, Mitch

Mitch Thurmer said...

By the way, sorry for the bad spelling. I did not review it. My mind runs faster than my fingers.
Too bad my spell check is so selective on what it works on and not. I have a 6 year old computer. It was a Corvatte when I bought it, it now is a AMC Gremlin
Have a great day to all, Mitch