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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thoughts on our Society

I have a lot of time to think being disabled. I listen to the Talk Radio Shows, watch Fox News, read Blogs and of course read several times a day.
Being born in 1956, I witnessed the turmoils of the 60's, the Vietnam War, (which I barely missed), and the other decades. I have no memory of a more stressful time in our History than right now.
I think the average American Citizen is under a stress level that has not been experienced to this degree than any other generation.
We live in a time of instant news, from around the world. Back in the Vietnam War days, I remember sitting in front of the TV and hearing Walter Cronkite give the daily tally of American Deaths, VC deaths. Now, we know about soldiers dying before the dust settles. Baghdad, where we have worked so hard to help establish a democracy, a free standing government, some idiots blow up themselves in two truck bombs and kill 155 people with untold injured.

Our finances are shot. The government has decided there has been no cost of living increase, therefore SSI and SSDI recipients get no Cost of Living Increase for 2 years. But Medicare is going up $10.00 a month, Medicare D about the same, so really we have gotten a cut in pay. And of course we find this instantly. The Congress voted in a raise for themselves and government employees are getting raises, I guess for the fine job they are doing.Gas prices are going up, fast, but we are reminded by the drive by media that it's alot less than last year. Who gives a hairy rats butt, money is money. We were in trouble then and we are in trouble now.

Health care is headed for a disaster, where someone like myself, who is not a contributor to society, may not receive the care I need. MS is an expensive disease to maintain and thanks to Medical Science, I am still walking around after 20+ years diagnosed.

Sick, Insane, worthless less than human animals are wondering the streets and killing kids, it's all over the news.

President Obama has played more rounds of golf so far in his term that W did during his entire term. Troops are dying in Afghanistan, while he decides if they need more troops, What a crock. Him and Miss Michelle live like royalty, flying around as if Jet fuel and all the security is free.
Chattanooga is basking in the VW plant building here,but, If people can't afford them, that won't last long. The local media is so eat up with the VW deal, the idea of looking if they can sell these vehicle is not mentioned. And let's not forget the Millions and Millions of dollars spent to bring them here. This plant was bought on the backs of the taxpayers. Does anyone wonder why Chattanooga is annexing more areas, they need more tax money.

No wonder so many people are on anti-depressants, We live in times like no other, how do you stay calm, unless you are on the "right" side and making money in some of the scams.
How's That Hope and Change working out for YOU ? Really look deep and ask that question

Mitch Thurmer
Signal Mountain

( This is a post to I have recieved emails from others who feel Exactly the same way, MT)

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