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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Damn it ! Say it, We have had another Terrorist Attack

Ok, This is it !

If I hear one more word about Islam being a peaceful religion, my head is going to explode.

We have witnessed a new Terror attack on the soil of The United States of America. The perp, who committed the massacre at Fort Hood, does not even deserve his name mentioned, in the gibberish of such a language. He is now, Perp.

Perp recieved a Medical Degree at OUR expense. Perp reached the rank of Major. So, The drive by Media will examine what stresses the US Military Complex placed upon this peaceful Muslim man. No doubt he lived a stressful life, yeah, right.
He researched Suicide Bombers, but I guess he did not have the gonads to blow himself up. He planned this ahead of time. He did not get up this morning and say "I think I'll go shoot some soldiers".

Witnesses stated he said "Allah Akbar", prior to opening fire. How long has this been cooking? Is he a one man cell, or the one that drew the short straw last night.
This has pushed me to the edge. I am angry to the point of being ill.
When is America going wake up, realize we are at war with an unseen enemy, waiting for a moment to strike ? Can you imagine the feelings of all soldiers, in all theaters, when they learned of this massacre.

Our fearless leader, this morning, at a conference on a Native American Issue at the Dept of Interior, went two minutes into his speech, thanking this person, that person, promising more help to the Native Americans before he touched upon the Massacre. The Massacre, should have been the first thing out of his mouth, with anger and resolve. But not Obama, he doesn't want to offend the Muslim world by quite simply raising Hell. I can imagine President George W. Bush's response,both to the public and privately.

Yesterday, 20 year old woman, whose Iraqi father had decided she was to westernized, died from injuries sustained when he ran over her with a car, peacefully. Think of the 17 year old who is now a Christian who feared her life, but our court system ordered back to Ohio, where she feels the threat of death because she has converted to Christianity.

Pray for our Soldiers, the families, and our Country. We are under attack, but we make nice.

Mitchell E. Thurmer Signal Mountain

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