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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Climate Change Hoax and The Sate Controlled Media

The rising discussion which seems to be absent even in Chattanooga about the Climate Change Hoax, is gaining ground. The State Controlled Media has not even mentioned the emails from the Scientist which created this hoax. The also ignored issues such as Rev. Wright, Bill Ayres, 90 days to decide on Troop Levels, and the fact that a Terror Attack was perpetrated at Fort Hood.

This is the largest Hoax in the History of Science. The emails which were revealed, described how that the original data, from which these men of science had formulated their theories, were destroyed. They claimed, they needed the space. The also discussed that the information and errors could not be revealed to the world. The world has been suckered. Anything that causes the redistribution of wealth should always be viewed with a critical eye.

After the initial claims were made by the Men of Science (MOS) that the world was entering another Ice Age, the world listened. Then, the MOS said no, the world is getting hotter, and the world listened. The climate change hoax, created the opportunity for governments and others to profit greatly. Fees, penalties, and cleanup charges began to amount. Then, the ultimate fee, Cap and Tax as well as Carbon Credits have surfaced. Just ask Al Gore.

Even our current President has side stepped the issue of the revealing of the MOS emails. He is going to Copenhagen next month, to placate the world and continue this Hoax. He will agree and continue his leveling of the playing field for the World. The United States, as a leader, is going to be brought down, not raising others with this hoax. If this information had surfaced on President George W. Bush's watch, the news cycle would be covered, 24 hours, on the State controlled Media. Congress, would have called for investigations. Textbooks are going to have to be re-written. This changes everything.

Why do you suppose that the UN would swallow all this ? Power and control.

The Pursuit of Happiness:
Howard Hayden and other scientists have also reported that big money is behind pushing the global warming propaganda. The cause of the recent global cooling? The sun was reported to have little to no sun spot activity in the past few months. It has been the most spotless year since 1954. The sun is the cause of warming and cooling trends. Top environmental scientists are also reporting that the solar system as a whole warmed during this recent warming trend.

Most recently the government has been found lying and making up data, now being spun as mistakes, about this year’s global temperatures to make it seem like a warmer year rather than the colder year it has been.

My Granddaughter from SMMHS and I discussed the above. She was shocked. All these years she has been taught that the Climate Change Hoax was real and the Polar Bears were all drowning. Well, she is know informed and hates being lied to. Maybe we should all ask for refunds on our EPB bills and other utilites on taxes, surcharges, and fund for "Green" Power. Also, read more in the Wall Street Journal.

Mitch Thurmer,, Signal Mountain

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