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Monday, October 19, 2009

Social Security Recipts Beware

Social Security recipients are there because of two major factors. They either have retired and are drawing their handout and having medical care thru Medicare. The other group is the disabled. Thru no fault of their own, they are living on what the govt said they get and how to manage their medical care, of course remember, they know better.

The facts came out today. Medicare A/B is increasing almost $ 10 per month. I know Medicare D will follow it's annual increase.
The govt, in their wisdom has decided there is negative inflation, therefore for the first time since the annual cost of living increase was inacted, we get no increase. The total out come (final solution) is, we are losing money. I cannot help believe that is calculated and now, with the benevolence of our Supreme Leader, we May recieve a $ 250 handout to endear our Supreme Leader to our hearts and break even on Medicare A/B but not the evil drug expenses.

This is but one very small piece of a puzzle as large as the US Governement itself. I don't want to sound like a conspiracy nut, but, there are people paid, to study how to make changes and push the agenda in the direction desired. We are but pawns in a very large chessgame, with an end we do not desire.

Be aware

Mitch Thurmer
Signal Mountain

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