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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trying to Stay on topic

When you write a blog, the general impression is that you should devote your writing to a basic issue or condition. I have based my writings on the experiences of being disabled with Multiple Sclerosis. I have received emails saying I am getting off topic because I cover Politics, Life issues, Health care problems, and pretty much anything else that crosses my mind. The point is, everything I write is related to MS, everything.

MS drives my daily life, my contempt for waste in Government. I see a future which is going to be a daily struggle, much worse than it is now. I have written before about the titles you have to assume just to manage your life when you are dependent on the government for your very exsistence.

The Health Care issue is a disaster in the making. I won't cover it again, everyone knows the facts and what the Obama administration wants and desires. Americans are finally waking up, speaking out, and letting Washington know we are here.

I know, I am just a lone voice, speaking to probably just a few. I have tried to get my Blog expanded to a larger audience, but really haven't been sucessfull. Maybe one day, I will get noticed, discovered, whatever. I am a frequent contributor to and have received both positive and negative responses. I fully expect critics when I attack the establishment. It is a very good feeling when you write from your heart regarding your country and you get personal emails agreeing and supporting your views.

MS has given me the time, the frustration and experiences to fine tune my mind. I am very observant, paying attention to all the news and yes, connecting the dots. If you could find a white board big enough, you can chart out the Obamamites. It is very scary when you see the connections. This has all been a long time coming, planed and replaned.

I know the Country is in peril. Yes, I am off topic of MS, but really, I am RIGHT ON TARGET

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