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Friday, September 11, 2009

Jus a little of Everything on 9/11/09

I waited with anticipation on President Obama's speech regarding Health Care.
It was just another Campaign Speech, rewound and reworked.
Congressman Joe Wilson was the most informative speaker of the night, no frills, no spin, just the truth. That man deserves a Medal of Freedom for standing up to the unapproachable Emperor. Americans have been trying to stand up to this man since the Tea Parties and Town Halls began. The entire administration acts as though we just don't exsist, or we are crazy. My other posts have resulted in some pretty strong kickbacks, insults, and wanting to know what planet I am from. Well, Third Rock from the Sun and the Greatest Nation on that Rock, The United States of America.
The last count I had was Obama had held 119 addresses to anyone who will listen to him since his Crowning. He must enjoy the sound of his own voice. If anyone ever puts a speaker with a replay button under his Offical Portrait that plays some of his speeches, I hope it comes with a recliner because the listener will be there a while.
On Monday, he will make an address on Wall Street, probably to take credit for the so called improvement in our economy. I was in Nashville today and happened to pick up a newspaper. The were 17 pages, solid, of Legal Notices regarding home foreclosure. I don't think we have turned the corner yet. On the way out, I saw closed businesses, empty car dealerships, boarded up windows, How's that change working out for Nashville now.
On this Anniversary of The Worst Attack on American soil, we must remember that the Terrorist and those who hate us in general do not want to make nice. They understand one thing, the blast of a 50 Caliber Sniper Rifle, when a US Marine takes out another Taliban, Alqueda, or whatever the next islamic nut on the Menu is. That they understand.
And one last thing before I go, I had predicted that during the Obama Speech to the cxhildren, a Healthcare question would come from the mouth of a child and it happened. I was called crazy for that one too. I did not have to look into a crystal ball to figure that one out, just look back at how these people operate, it should be obvious to everyone.
Also, Congrats, To SMMHS and Thrasher Elementary for not broadcasting the indoctrination to children special. I can't find out what other HCDE schools stood up but, good job for those that did.
Mitchell Thurmer
Signal Mountain
Joe, Congrats on TEN YEARS of doing this vital mission. I know their is a lot of work involved. Thank You for giving just us plain folk, a place to have our voices heard, much to the dismay of those who would rather everything come from the Left.

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