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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

SIgnal Mountain Tn School Mess

Just imagine, during very early construction, you are selected as the Principal of Hamilton County's, Signal Mountains' ,Flagship. During the construction phase, you observe the best of everything being brought in. Equipment is second to none. Electronic and high tech communications, multi media, and the premier quality of the products are amazing. The Mountain Education Fund is at your becon call, with their checkbook in hand. HDTV'S are in the hallway, High Tech is everywhere,
This is education utopia, and as Principal, you are looked upon as the Captain of this glorius ship.
One of your teacher/friends has a problem, his credintials have some "minor" problems, but being he is your dear friend, a teacher, and you even attending his wedding, it's ok to "bend " the rules a little and fix his problems, after all you are the Principal of SMMHS, who will question your authitory.The sad news is after the wedding, it came out the great teacher, who students really liked, was selling illegal prescription drugs obtained thru his wife, who worked at Walgreens.
The high obtained from being in such a position obscured the problems you may have caused for students due to this "minor" problem.
I have a grandaughter now in my opinion at much better school, who although a Junior, will face whatever remedies Gravitte has brought upon her.
I caught Hell from a lot of Chattanoogan readers, of course from Signal Mtn, when I complained about Mr. Gravitte allowing cell phone useage in school. I have a witness who has seen texting constantly going on in class, regardless of my critics, I stand by my source. I sincerely hope that Mr. Gravitte's replacement will be given a set of the rules of the HCDE and enforce them to the letter. One of which simply states, NO Cell Phones in school. Mr. gravitte did not have the authority to "bend " this rule as he attempted to bend others.
I hope the new principal conducts a full investigation of all the goings on, the presence and influence of the Founder's Fund, Friends of the School, Mountain Eduction Fund or whatever else today's name is. He needs to exaimine their place in this system, period, and decide who is going to run it, him or them.
Also, I have Info that PTA officials have positions within the school administration. If this is the case, they have access to sensitve student files, financial records and other paperwork which should be confidential except to HCDE employees with a security level to review them.
Mr. Gravitte is on paid leave, until they find another position for him in HCDE. I have never heard of someone being caught falsifying records, and being being retained and paid. In the real Coroporate world, Security escorts to the Door, with a file box of personal items period. What is the Deal? Once you go to work for these people they can't fire you"
Mitchell E. Thurmer
Signal Mountain

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