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Friday, September 4, 2009

Obama to put the Kids to work selling Obamacare...

Next Tuesday, September 8, President is going to have a Nationwide "News Confrence" broadcast on C-Span and Thw White House website. The stated of purpose is to encourage children to stay in school and do well. I believe, as in previous "town-hall" type meetings, he will have a child planted, who with tears in his eyes, will say " Mommy and Daddy can't take me to the Doctor and I have been sick, they have no money or insurance, please help me Mr. president".
That will open the door for Obama to tell the children of this Nation if only all these mean spirited protesters would support him, that he knows best how to help this child. The White House has already sent out information to each State's Governor, explaining his veiled purpose. They in turn have sent out information to each school district, who can participate or decide not to.
Now, let's get to the root of everything, Money. After this educational broadcast, lets say each state reports to the White House which districts supported the President and showed his info, or opted out. When it comes time to hand out the stimulus money for a school, don't anyone realize if you did not support his "tv special", your request will probably go to the bottom of the pile of requests. I assure you someone in the White House is tracking all this and making a list and checking it twice.
I am sure out there in Internet land there are people skilled in subliminal messages. I hope the watch this over and over and look for long lasting statements that will stay in these childrens minds. I have believed from the get go, Obama has a reason, a plan, for everything he does, not just the obvious. On the news this morning it was reported that HCDE said it was the dcision of the principal as to weither the children view this program or not.
Parents, it is your decision. Many have said their child we be kept home that day.
Remember, there is a reason for everything.
Be aware, do not keep your guard down.
Mitchell Thurmer
Signal Mountain

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